Emancipation Day

Today is the Emancipation Day, and there are events being held to commemerate this day at the Botanical Gardens, from twelve noon to 8pm this evening. I have copied and pasted the outline of events from the Governments official site of the 400 year celebrations.


Saturday, August 1st, 2009

12noon – The Day opens with a Processional of Bermuda’s community groups with historical roots – including the St. David’s Native Community, Bermuda African Association and the Bermuda African Dance Company, Parish Councils, Friendly Societies, Gombeys and community bands: North Village Band, Somerset Brigade Band. The intent of the processional is to pay homage to those who have gone before. This will be followed by welcome speeches by our Dignitaries.

1pm – 6pm
On the Stage in the Main Ring
Performances by: Rev. Dionne Douglas, JDJ singing group, Mt Zion Men’s Choir, Bermuda School of Music’s Steel Pan Orchestra, Multi-Unit Band, coordinated by Capt. Dwight Robinson, Ivan Outerbridge’s Capoiera performance
Historical Interpretations throughout the Gardens – coordinated by Shangri-La Durham-Thompson
6.15 – 7.30 A new play by Dr. Kim Dismont Robinson, directed by Alan Smith
On Celebration Lawn 1.15 – 5.30
A Narrative stage featuring talks by Dr Clarence Maxwell, Dr. Quito Swan, Dr. Jolene Bean, Kristy Warren and the St. David’s Native Community
Displays by: the Bermuda Archives, Bermuda Maritime Museum, Bermudian Heritage Museum, Human Rights Commission, CURE, Friendly Societies
A Film Festival
Book displays: Brown & Co., Bermuda Youth Library, True Reflections
In the Sensory Garden
Storytelling for children by Shernette Caines, Florenz Webbe Maxwell, Ruth Thomas
In the Jack King Building
Demonstrations of Bermuda Traditional Dishes, Fish Chowder Challenge Finals
In the JJ Outerbridge Building
Bermuda Crafts

AND MORE…………………….


One thought on “Emancipation Day

  1. Thanks for the link Jonathan.

    I always thought I read the local rags and looked at the local web sites, but clearly I do not.

    I wonder how many others didn’t know about this programme of events.

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