Julian Hall’s Death

I guess most people are aware by now that Mr. Julian Hall has passed away after his illness took a term for the worse.

I’m really in a bit of shock now. I knew Mr. Hall was sick, and was aware he had gotten worse over the last week and a half. But it’s still a shock, especially in the wake of Mr. Nelson Bascome’s sudden passing.

In my dealings with Mr. Hall, even when we haven’t seen eye to eye, I’ve certainly been impressed by his intellect – something that even his biggest critics would concede. His passing is a great loss to Bermuda – his critics I’m sure would concede that too.

The next week I’m sure will be full of moving tributes to both Mr. Bascome and Mr. Hall, tributes far more moving and important than anything I can write here at the moment.


13 thoughts on “Julian Hall’s Death

  1. I’d like to add my condolences as well. I knew Julian quite well and for more than half my life.
    I recently met some of his children again (I met them as toddlers) and was impressed at what lovely people they turned out to be.

    I was drinking when we first met and he always called me his little brother, as a joke. When I quit drinking, he extended the joke further and lightheartedly said he had to distance himself from such horrible behaviour and started calling me “cousin”… and would do his best to embarrass me horribly every time he came up to Oasis to treat us to his glorious baritone, singing “My Funny Valentine”, a song that has and will always conjure up memories of him. Once he had the microphone, he would announce loudly that the crowd should applaud his cousin in the booth and tip him 15% of their annual income, a joke we both stole from one of the comics we hung out with at the Comedy Club. He would never drop the joke, even when pressed, that we were related. They’d come to me and ask and I’d tell them that I was the white sheep of the family.

    I didn’t always agree with him politically, in fact, the only cross words we ever had were about politics, but he was a friend and he will be missed.

  2. A great loss to Bermuda? Maybe. He rattled the cage certainly. Did he change things? Perhaps. IMHO a lot of people get a lot of credit, in Bermuda, for not too much substance. What he did do was make things lively. What he did do was live in the in-between spaces of Bermuda society. He was artful, concieted, clever and often told it like it is. Of course people who say it like it is in Bermuda are broadly ignored, so you can’t say that was a contribution. He knew how to have a good time and have a good conversation. He could sing beautifully. He was a shameless flirt and flatterer. He could speak well which now days is quite rare and is not found in Bermuda politics. He was a freak and for Bermudians that means they were a little afraid of him in life and will turn out for his funeral in droves. Bermudians secretly love a real freak. It will be packed to the rafters. Hopefully some rich lover will spring for a big party. If so I will sadly miss it.

    Julian’s life was a template or resonator of all Bermuda’s fears, rages, greeds, resentments and negligences. His every step seemed to sing of our anxieties, when his choices pushed him up or pulled him down. He was an opportunist but played that role as well as it could be expected, in a county of opportunists. If people criticized him it was often because he had played their game a good deal better than they did.

  3. Civil, in all honesty you last sentence sums it up.

    I had many run in’s with him but he knew the law and used his mind to outwit many. I worked with his step father Lynn for many years ( correct me about the relationship). Lynn was a great Officer and gentleman. The spark that lights the fire.

    One of Julians greates achievements in my view was that he really did make people think and search their inner feelings of everything.

    May he rest in peace and may the past be just that.

    Terry Cabral, the Rummy.

  4. Steve/pete – I would have thought you would have a bit more respect for this thread. And I question – yet again – your need to use multiple aliases.

    As for Professor Gates arrest, that isn’t exactly a Bermuda issue and as such I doubt many Bermudians would even be aware of it. Should I have more time I will write on it – or alternatively feel free to write such and post it to me or JEWEL as an open mike piece (or on your own blog).

    I have edited out the personal attack part of your comment.

  5. Arresting Gates was a bonehead manoeuvre … as was Obama’s characterisation of the Cambridge Police force as “stupid.”

  6. first off, “my fellow white bloggers”?

    Pathetic clownery… again.

    secondly, I personally hadn’t heard about Professor Gates until this morning.

    thirdly, has there been anything from your fellow black bloggers on it?

    or are you using this as just another way to attack white people for your own racist agenda?

  7. UE….

    Fancy laying that claim at Vance/Steve/pete seger’s door. Shame on you.

    As the thread is already f….d, (courtesy of the Candian branch) I won’t f…k it up further.

    RIP Mr Hall. Sometimes – just sometimes – I have a feeling you might be in a better place.

  8. I just realized that Julian Hall died and I am saddened. I came to know Mr. Hall and have much regrets that I let so much time go by without contacting him just to say, “hi.” I will tell him that now though and pray that he is at rest. He was an astonishing person and one that I am so blessed to have known.

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