Doing Some Experimenting

I figured that with the emergence of Bermuda JEWEL I needed to do some cleaning up of my site, you know, healthy competition and all, even if I am one of the people behind JEWEL. So I’m trying a few new themes for the site, and this one I quite liked. Please give some constructive criticism, and if need be I’ll return it back to the format I had up before hand.

In particular, apart from the obvious new design theme, I’ve added some features including the blog stats, top ten posts and clicks (these seem to be a combo of the most recent/active clicks and historical totals), and I’ve expanded the number of recent comments list.

I have also added a new ‘page’ on Moderation Policy & Contact Information.


37 thoughts on “Doing Some Experimenting

  1. Jonathon , your existing format is fine ,just as it is.
    As a senior I find it easy to read whereas this new one is difficult for old eyes.
    I can appreciate you might want to have a header that matches your blog title
    but, at first glance,it looks too similar to Breezeblog.
    Thanks for continuing to blog during your studies – I am sure many of us appreciate
    that and also the sound reasoning in your writings. Best of luck.

  2. Okay – Taking into consideration that the black theme and small gray text wasn’t the easiest to read (though I thought it looked good) howabout this instead?

    I keep the banner and all my new kit, and I think it’s easier to read.

  3. Yeah, I haven’t quite figured out how to widen it yet, but I’m experimenting with it still.

  4. You mean the square shaped thing that appears by your comment? Those were on the original site too – they have some use in determining when people are using multiple aliases.

  5. What does the Clicks represent? Clicks from this site (ie hyperlinks that you’ve posted)?

    I like the layout but think the width could be expanded a little bit more. Maybe I’ll test it from the Crackberry too…

  6. I think ‘clicks’ refers to what links, both from the blogroll and from hyperlinks, have been clicked on, but its not all that clear.

    There is another option I could use for the format, but it kind of messes up the banner and other aspects of the layout. As far as I can tell the format options are split between flexible widths and fixed widths, and this one seems like the best available option. I would like to expand it an inch both ways, but I reckon this is okay for now. How does it look on the Crackberry?

  7. Well, I figured I would start the ball rolling on these things – but you (Denis) are much more skilled at these things than I am. At least its a bit of an improvement on the old format. Maybe I’ll change it once a year or two…

  8. Hahaha, no. If I can figure out how to redden up this site I will. There was a ctually a nice theme, red and black, but its format didn’t work for me. I need to find someone who actually knows computer programming to help design my site properly.

  9. Much improved in the Blackberry browser if only for the simple reason that the first things you see on the page is your most recent post. Unfortunately previously you had to wade through the list of links before reaching the content. So props on choosing a more accesible WordPress theme 🙂

    I think the red colouration helped to identify your blog, like Omen Murky just pointed out, the softening of the colours may make people think your idealogies may also be migrating, heh.

  10. I tell you what, I’ve set up another blog, its what I’ll use from now on to test themes out so this site tiself doesn’t get all confused like.

    Could people go look at it and let me know if (a) it’s easily readable like; (b) loads up on you’re Crackberries alright; and (c) how’s it look?

    I’ve just posted a quick whatnot on it so one get’s an idea of how post’s will look. It’s just a random piece I’ve typed up that I may use for JEWEL later.

    The address is

    It’s got the nice black and red theme that I like, but I need to work on getting the title nicer like.

  11. Re your blog layout.
    Header is much better, main page OK but the small red on black side column lettering is still difficult to read.

  12. Edwardo, buy an RG or Bda Sun……moan moan moan………

    Guess you want your $5000 in 10’s……………………………..

  13. I like it, Jon… it’s nice, clean, and tasteless! BWAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha!!!

    Just kidding, dude. It’s easier to read and easier on the eyes.

  14. Uncanny.

    I don’t like the “red’ layout as much as this one. This “green” one is bright, classy & sophisticated… don’t change a thing!

  15. starman seems like you got a pretty appropriate avatar 🙂
    The tesst site look is pretty cool, readability good, photo perhaps too large in height but that’s just my own design preferences coming out. Will look to check on the Blackberry later on.

  16. Well, I think I’ll leave the new design as it is for now as it seems to have recieved some good reviews on most counts (readability, presentation, crackberry…).

    I still like the other formats, and will use them for some other purposes.

  17. I just noticed that while there’s a section for Recent Comments and one for Top Posts there’s not one for Recent Posts itself.

    Of course considering adding this feature already adds to what could be a bloated sidebar, but it was a prominent feature on the old site layout. Perhaps it could be added and the Top Posts column reduced to 5 rows?

  18. Good point. When I changed the overall layout I lost all the previous settings, and I guess I got distracted with adding settings I had never used.

    I have put the Recent Posts up, and reduced the Top Posts to five as suggested. I am thinking of moving the Recent Posts up to just below the Recent Comments though.

  19. I would like to, but this layout doesn’t allow it. The old layout was a ‘three column’ one which allowed me to do so, this one is a two column one. There is a certain trade off involved unfortunately.

    They develop new layouts every so often, and I am hoping I’ll be able to transfer to a better three column layout eventually. Alternatively, I can learn programming, shell out some money, and make it exactly how I would like. But I’m more partial to the lazy and free aspect right now to be totally honest.

  20. Is there any way for a poster to modify their comment once it’s been published? I know I’m sloppy and hit “Submit Comment” way too quickly, and then see typos or missing words in things I’ve written.

    I understand the difference between a board and a blog, but if there was a way to enable this feature (here and on JEWEL, too), it would be excellent.

  21. If its okay with you I’ve let the comment post as I am sure others may have the same concern.

    As far as I am aware it is not possible to ‘preview’ the comment in this format, but I will review that all the same. What is possible is for people to contact me, or post a correction to their comment, and I can go and edit their posts on their behalf. I currenty do this for obsence language and editing out personal attacks.

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