The Gambling Bill

I remain opposed to the introduction of gambling in Bermuda in any form, including the cruise ships. so I am happy that the bill to allow the cruise ships to operate their casinos in Bermudian waters has been defeated yesterday. I believe that there are other cruise ship and tourist options that Bermuda should be pursuing as opposed to the traditional mass (or is it crass?) tourism that we have been reinforcing and that has done so much harm to many of our sister islands in the Caribbean, economically (in the sense of equity), ecologically and culturally.

What is particularly galling though is the manner in which the bill was put to the House of Assembly with what can only be described as a calculated gamble to pass the bill by deceit. The direct manipulation of the PLP’s very own Whip to deceive both the Opposition Party and those PLP members who are known to oppose the bill, combined with the public statements of placing the bill on the backburner while the RG reports that Dr. Brown actively contacted those members (including in the UBP!?) of the House he thought would support the bill, is just plain dishonourable. Deception may very well be a legitimate tactic in war – and even politics – but this action further undermines the credibility of the Leadership.

I think its becoming increasingly clear that Dr. Brown no longer commands the majority of MPs, and his support amongst his own Cabinet is increasingly shaky. One imagines his support with the the Party as a whole is increasingly eroded by continuous farces such as this gamble. It may well be that the PLP is indeed in transition, or soon to be, and a Special Delegates Convention could indeed be forced if Dr. Brown continues to risk his Leadership in such dishonourable plays. Whether what replaces Dr. Brown – should he be replaced – will be any better, or simply not as bad, is an open question at this moment.


6 thoughts on “The Gambling Bill

  1. HI Johnny,
    love reading your posts, very measured and honest.
    Don’t always follow your politics.
    A question…
    Why are the Islands to Bermuda’s south our “sister” Islands?

  2. Hi there, Jonny,

    I’m rather hoping that Dr Brown finally has to answer for the lying and cheating that he tells us is “for the good of the Bermudian people”.

    I, too, oppose gambling/gaming for Bermuda. I dare to wonder whether Dr Brown is in the employ of people in that business who have their eyes on Bermuda. His deceit and daring and desperate attempt to force this issue onto the Bermudian people suggest that he is under pressure himself.

    Something is up. There’s a stink in the air. Why would Dr Brown want to seize the corporations of St George and Hamilton? Is it for the real estate, the Par-la-Ville Parking Lot (and possible hotel site)? Can it be that the Par-la-Ville hotel backers did not invite the Corporation to the signing ceremony because Dr Brown told them the property was his? (Dr Brown seems to consider himself above Government, above his Cabinet, above Parliament, certainly above all the people who need to be deceived for their own good.)

    And on to the Gitmo Chinese Muslims. You know, and I know, that the US Government (and the CIA) have a file on Bermuda and on Dr Brown. I’ve never heard Dr Brown say “They have nothing on me …” The US Government knew (and knows) full well that the British had/have the final say over giving any Uighars the right to come to Bermuda, live in a nice house there, get jobs, get pensions, get citizenship. If for no other reason than the citizenship would be “British” and Dr Brown cannot hand out British citizenship! Seems to me that Dr Brown, himself, might have been promised something nice for going along with this travesty. Could it be that US criminal charges against certain people close to Dr Brown might vanish? If I was the CIA, I’d try that!

    For God’s sake, check the family silver!

  3. One needs to ask the question whether the 10 PLP members who voted for this Bill, are themselves dishonourable.

    If they are happy at the Premier’s deception of the House and his Party, one questions whether they should be in the House at all.

    We here quite frequently from one contributor, just how honourable certain PLP Ministers people are.

    I don’t think so – not any more.

  4. Barking Mad said:

    Could it be that US criminal charges against certain people close to Dr Brown might vanish? If I was the CIA, I’d try that!

    Sara says:

    I certainly hope if Dr. Brown does get something from U.S. that it benefits Bermuda, not just himself. If he dodged our tax haven bullet, then in the end, it may be a good thing for Bermuda even though the Uighur situation was handled in what appeared to be a deceiving manner.
    The mere thought that any trade off with the U.S. would benefit only his family makes me shudder. Even though I don’t like him being the premier and his ways, I can’t even bare to think he would stoop that low. The thought actually makes me nauseated.

  5. So, the question in the final analysis is, what – if anything the PLP will do about this?

    Brown won’t resign, indeed I am not sure why people think he would. He has a different value base to the rest of us and sees no wrong in what he does. Means to end etc. Rules meant to be broken and so forth.

    I also have a feeling that the party will rationalise this to suit and let Brown continue undisturbed. It makes a mockery of course of the system, and worse still the MP’s who now look truly like puppets.

    It also leaves a taint around the party, but David Burt will put some spin around this whole thing and “it will pass”.

    But – in fairness to them – if they are happy with that, so be it.

  6. So far, the PLP spin machine appears to be waiting; perhaps for Monday’s meeting.

    “Where Bermuda Stands
    Submitted by PLP on 10 July 2009 – 5:34pm.

    Today, some members of the House of Assembly voted their conscience. Other members voted their politics. Now, the cruise ships companies know where Bermuda stands and can plan accordingly. We will continue to work vigorously to attract cruise ship births at Hamilton and St. George’s, but, there may very well be consequences to these actions. Premier Brown:

    I invited the vote on the Bill being reported to the House today. This matter has been on the Order Paper for some time and there was nothing to be gained from the uncertainty of holding it over. Cruise lines and tourism partners interested in this Bill needed to know where Bermuda stands on the issue. We owe it to them to say yes or no and to be clear.

    Today’s vote was clear and the uncertainty is removed. Those cruise lines and tourism partners now know where things stand and can plan accordingly”.

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