Vexed Bermoothes Dormancy

I just wanted to comment briefly on the decision of Vexed Bermoothes to cease active blogging for the immediate timebeing.

To be quite frank I was quite taken aback in reading that post. I hope that the blogger decides to return to active posting shortly.

When I started this blog I decided to orient it as a rival to the then active which ran as an independent pro-UBP blog, or at least that’s how I percieved it. The rivalry was friendly, and helped stimulate my own postings, as well as gave me an objective – to post as well and as frequently but from an alternate point of view. When decided to suspend operations my friendly rivalry changed to a focus on Vexed. Both blogs are well written and well informed, and helped me focus this blog. I enjoyed reading them and occasionally writing posts in direct response to theirs.

I have long been a supporter of a plurality of positions and voices in any sphere, be it in a regular meeting or in the lively to and fro of Bermuda’s blogs. I find interacting with alternate points of view – while actively engaging with them – as beneficial, both in clarifying and evolving my own positions and as empowering for all those willing to participate in the action.

Bermuda’s blogs have evolved quite a bit over the last few years, and are now dominated I think by the two main forums of Sucks and BIAW. The development of the Bermuda Jewel blog, a collaborative blogging project adds a further diversity to Bermuda’s blogs. Its too early to tell exactly how the online evolution will reflect – or initiate – changes on the ground, but it seems clear that there is a growing desire to develop a new politics away from the status quo poli-tricks of both Parties.

While my own blog will have a lower active posting rate at the moment due to my academic commitments, I am confident that Bermuda Jewel will more than complement for any inactivity here, as well as with Vexed. I hope to resume fully active posting shortly, and I hope Vexed also returns too – as well as for even more blogs to develop.

2 thoughts on “Vexed Bermoothes Dormancy

  1. You can only flog a dead horse so many times.

    I can see why Vexed and Christian would just get burnt out. Just reading about some of the nonsense that goes on is stressful enough, writing about it has to be worse. You are internalising it, carrying it with you and sticking your head in the sand to have a few moments peace becomes impossible, as you know things will not get any better. But if you did not want to be a political activist and perhaps only a commentator, there is a huge difference. Discussing the interesting ins and outs of politics and the government system as a hobby is one thing, uncovering layer after layer of deception, greed, incompetence and unethical behaviour being carried out by the leadership of your island home is completely different and ultimately depressing. I do not blame them.

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