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Regular readers of Bermuda’s blogs and news will be aware that last week former Senator Davida Morris was reported in the RG as announcing the creation of a new blog, Bermuda JEWEL. The reasons for the creation of this blog may be found in the threads on Progressive Minds, as well as a desire to further critical thinking and a critique of the Bermudian political status quo. It is my pleasure to announce that the new site is now up and running, and I encourage readers to go and check it out at

Due to the format of the WordPress system it was not possible to operate the new site in the same manner as the Progressive Minds site, at least as regards content creation. However, comment moderation is off (but moderated by the three admins and regulated as per that sites policies), and anyone wishing to create content may write it up and email it to Bermuda JEWEL and it will be posted.

In Ms. Morris’s article she mentioned her opinion that the youth of Bermuda are increasingly becoming disillusioned with the political status quo and increasingly desiring a new Party. As I think some people may have misunderstood her position, I thought I would offer my interpretation of her comments. She of course is more than able to clarify on this issue herself.

I don’t think she was calling for a new Party. How I read it was that she was giving a warning to the PLP that if these issues (which she outlined in her article) are not addressed, the Party risks eroding its current support, as well as losing the support of increasing layers of the youth. In some ways this is the reason for creating JEWEL. It was felt that in order to correct some of the problems within the current state of the Party it was no longer possible to do it necessarily from within the Party. This by no means should be interpreted as ‘turning ones back’ on the Party. Fixing the problems must involve both external critique and internal action, but it should not be limited to work solely within the Party. Many of our problems as a people should and can be dealt with outside the Party, and in some ways the Party itself can be an obstacle to success in these areas. It is hoped that JEWEL can help our people, as well as help correct the direction of the Party.

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