Taking Stock

It is now almost a week since the story about the Gitmo Uighur detainees broke. This incident is, without question, one of the biggest newsworthy and political stories for Bermuda since at least Hurricane Fabian, and even then some. And in many ways this story is still developing.

It’s no secret that this story has triggered massive discussion on Bermuda’s various blogs, the radios and workplaces. There are a lot of issues to get ones’ head around, and I think its important to try and take stock of the various issues this story has touched on. I’m going to try and put out what I see as the pros and cons of this incident and its related issues.


Four people who have been in limbo for several years, and arguably unfairly so, have been relieved of their inhumane living situation at Gitmo.

Bermuda has acquired significant political capital with the USA, easily our most important economic, cultural, and political partner. This may be used for a combination of purposes, be it cleaning up the mess the USA left behind when they closed their military bases, greater security for our IB sector, or something else, or combination of purposes.

Our political power structure, as outlined in the Constitution, is being widely discussed, both in whether the incident was Constitutional and how a No Confidence Vote works. The same can be said, to a lesser degree, for our Immigration Act. It’s always a good thing for people to learn more about the legislation that structures our political system.

This issue has united a cross section of usually opposed groups, a rarity for our nation, and one that has a potential to help develop a concept of us as a nation and a people.

People have mobilised to express their opposition (and support) on this action, and exercise their right to demonstrate such. Whether I agree with a demonstration or not, I personally find the fact that there are demonstrations quite refreshing. Demonstrations are also a hugely important learning experience for those involved, and empower people as active and participative citizens, something I am always supportive of.

The incident has given an opportunity to discuss democratic reforms of our political system, both in the structure and practice of government, as well as our relationship with the foreign powers, particularly our colonial relationship to the UK and our neo-colonial one with the USA.

Bermuda has received praise from human rights groups in the West, and praise from individuals, some of which have expressed an interest in becoming tourists as a result.

Bermuda has received massive free international advertising that may boost our tourism.


Our Constitution would appear to have been violated.

Bermuda has received massive negative advertising, with some individuals vowing never to be tourists out of fear of terrorists.

The ensuing discussion has shown that some people subscribe to a authoritarian democratic system, in the sense that they are happy to participate actively in our democracy for the five seconds it takes to fill out a ballot, and are willing to surrender their right to actively participate in politics in the mean time. One could argue that this legitimatises psuedo-democracy.

While criticism of the incident has truly spanned racial and political groupings, its practical expression has illustrated ongoing divisions in this area, as well as risks further polarisation along these lines.

The incident has unleashed some xenophobic and islamophobic tendencies within our people.

The incident has illustrated our neo-colonial relationship with the USA and the relative impotence of Britain.

So, where does that leave us?

Its not possible to just tally the pros and cons of this issue and just say that there are more pros than cons, so lets move on. There are some very different weights involved to the various pros and cons that make such an angle impossible.

For me, and for the bulk of individuals who have expressed opposition to this incident, the main problem is the fact that our Constitution has been violated. That is a very, very serious issue. While I, and a minority of others, are pro-independence, I recognise that for better or worse the Bermuda Constitution is THE Constitution of Bermuda, and up until the time that we are independent (or the Constitution amended), we must abide by the existing framework laid out in this Constitution.

Personal relationships and political allegiances have been frayed over this issue, largely over (what to me is a red herring) issue of the incidents humanitarian value, but also over a mistaken view that opposition to the Leader equates to opposition to the Party. I have also been disappointed by certain aspects of what I see as rather bad political spin coming from individuals I held in higher regard.

I feel compelled once more to stress that I cannot ignore the fact that the incident equals a violation of our Constitution, and this warrants a those who acted unconstitutionally to be held accountable accordingly. As for the decision, I fully understand that it is a good thing that these four people are no longer in limbo, and any attempts to return them to that state should be resisted by all progressives. However I believe we made this decision on the basis of developing political capital with the USA, and nothing more. As much as I abhor that, I fully recognise the benefits it has for our country, and I can sympathise with it as such.

For me, I intend to explore the issues of democratic reform, primarily in attacking support for authoritarian democracy (for want of a better name for now – LOL!). I also intend to explore the aspect of independence, not so much as it relates to the UK, but our neo-colonial relationship with the USA and how much would formal independence be simply cosmetic. For me these areas are perhaps the best fruits of this mess of an issue, and I hope to do them justice.

On a final note, I’ve been thinking about this No Confidence Vote that the Opposition UBP has tabled. Initially, and in the anger of the moment I came out in support of this motion, arguing that having violated our Constitution Dr. Brown had justified his removal as Premier and Party Leader. Having reflected further on the issue, I’ve decided that I was wrong, and that I do not support the motion of No Confidence.

I realise that a lot of people are going to go ‘WTF?’ as a result of my change of mind. I need to stress that I DO think the Constitution was violated, and I DO think that Dr. Brown needs to be made accountable for violating the Constitution. I just don’t think that a No Confidence motion is the appropriate one. Having referred to my manual of parliamentary procedure (I have consulted both Roberts Rules of Order and Demeter’s Manual, and yes I know those are for the US system but I don’t have the UK one), I think a more appropriate move would be a Motion of Censure. To me such a motion serves as a parliamentary reprimand and a warning. It effectively says that the House finds the person to have acted unconstitutionally and their actions will be under greater scrutiny – further violations would result in a No Confidence Vote.

I realise I am not as versed in parliamentary procedure as some, so I hope that those with better knowledge can correct me on this issue. Does such a motion exist under the UK system which we use? And is it more appropriate than the No Confidence option? While I am wary about the PLPs election chances under the current situation and Leader, I hope that having appropriately rebuked the Premier for a violation of the Constitution, the Party itself will resolve the Leadership question appropriately and at the soonest possible opportunity.


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  1. The “honorable” Dr. Ewart Brown long ago passed the point where a censure would be appropriate for his actions. The Electorate, the Opposition, and I suspect even the Backbench and the Cabinet have lost confidence in the man and they need to vote accordingly. Brown must go!

  2. jonny – Who do you propose should “censure” Dr Brown? The Governor? Yeah. Good luck with that. Other sitting members of the House? They’d have to know what he was up to first…

    Out of curiousity how do you feel about the fact that it appears that the people of Bermuda and the House were misinformed (lied to?) about the security status of these individuals?

  3. I would rather it came from the backbench, but in this case I think it would be appropriate for the UBP to rescind their No Confidence motion (which I don’t think will pass at the moment, although that is open to change, re public pressure) and replace it with a motion of censure. The Governor could theoretically take the Premier to court – I believe the Supreme Court would handle constitutional questions. I don’t see that one as likely.

    As for the gaffe about security, I think that needs a motion of censure as well. Although I think a parliamentary inquiry would be the first step on that issue. And yes, too many motions of censure would set the groundwork for a viable motion of no confidence.

  4. the gaffe?

    “A gaffe is a verbal mistake, usually made in a social environment. The mistake may come from saying something that is true, but inappropriate. It may also be an erroneous attempt to reveal a truth.”

    This was not a gaffe. This was an intentional, blatant lie.

    Mrs. Correia’s comments on the potential pro’s of this situation, in the face of “There’s no quid pro quo” could be called a gaffe.

    Saying that these men had been vetted by the police when he knew that they hadn’t been?
    That is a lie.

  5. So basically Jonny, you are saying in practise this guy would have to go way over the edge more times than is probably even possible in a political career before it would be appropriate for the House to vote to remove him. The Westminster system has been set up to protect the electorate from this kind of abuse. The time has come for our elected representatives to use the powers provided to them by our Constitution and protect us from further transgressions by this leader who has proven time and again that he is a renegade with no respect for the Bermudian people or the Bermudian laws!

  6. Fair enough – however I was of the understanding from Ms. Cox’s comments in the RG article that there may be some confusion on Dr. Brown’s part. I do accept though that it was certainly another mess up, and if done intentionally, certainly deserves censure.

  7. Hi Tips, I am saying that the vote of no confidence is unlikely to succeed, at the moment. Circumstances can certainly change that over the next few days. A motion to censure however would be likely to succeed, in my opinion. This may trigger something as a result. If anything, it does weaken the Premier and put him ‘on notice’. It also serves as a basis for a no confidence motion in the future that would have a better chance to pass. A motion to censure, should it pass, while not formally a motion of no confidence, would require the support of PLP MPs, without making them feel they would be enabling the fall of a PLP government.

  8. Confusion?
    He was the only one who knew about this. Surely they’re not implying that he didn’t know that the police hadn’t been told and thus couldn’t possibly have vetted them.
    Is there any possible way that it WASN’T intentional?
    How is it possible that he didn’t know that these men weren’t vetted? That he didn’t know the police hadn’t been told?

  9. I don’t disagree. I think it is probable that he actively ‘misled’ the House. However, on the basis of Ms. Cox’s statements, it seems he could try and argue otherwise. Not that the police hadn’t been told, but that he mistook the police report.

  10. I agree there is a very good chance that a no confidence vote will fail. But I also think a censure vote would have a similar chance of failure. Personally if I was a PLP MP I would be more likely to vote to get rid of my boss than to cast a vote to say he’s a complete and total cock-up. At least if you succeed in removing him from his position he can’t take revenge on you anywhere near as easily. I also disagree that a censure vote would put him on notice any more than he already is or that it would make it easier for a no-confidence vote to succeed in the future.
    MP’s of Bermuda – vote against your conscience and the will of those who elected you at your own political peril! Many of us will not forget the results of this and will not let our neighbors forget it either.

  11. jonny – how could he ‘mistake’ a Police Report that deemed the individuals “high risk” due to a lack of information provided to the BPS?

  12. The four former prisoners, who are ethnic Uighurs, arrived in Bermuda last Thursday morning after an overnight flight from Cuba. Dr. Brown told the House of Assembly the following day that Mr. Jackson had done a security check on the men, stating: “Let me say that there is absolutely no report anywhere that concludes that Bermuda is at any kind of risk. As late as this afternoon, Bermuda’s Commissioner of Police, having assessed these people, told Minister Burch that he considers that there is absolutely no security risk.”

    At a subsequent press conference, Dr. Brown reiterated: “Our Commissioner of Police has indicated that there is a zero security factor.”

  13. CO, I do not believe he made a mistake, but I think he could argue that he did. That’s all I’m saying. He can for example pass the buck onto Senator Burch.

    Tips, I disagree. A motion of censure is more likely to pass than a no confidence vote. Depending on the size of the majority voting for censure, from his own Party, I believe you will find it may have certain implications.

  14. It is a real reach, but I am starting to believe the statement someone made that he could eat a baby on stage at the flagpole, in front of a crowd, and no one would bat an eye.

    I am beginning to wish he would just go ahead and do what he wants to do and get it over with. I doubt anyone would oppose him.

  15. A PLP member voting to reprimand him would be almost certain political suicide. The only way they would vote to get him out of there would be if there was someone leading in the wings ready to take his place and he was guaranteed the vote of no confidence… again almost certain political suicide.

    I have to admit he has it locked. I would be very surprised if there was any change. As I said a couple of years ago, Brown is going no where until he says he is.

  16. suppose the racist gazette played up the fact that the ubp leader at the time (dunkley) had a company and employees that imported drugs – then the deputy leaders husband got arrested for drugs and that the spokesman was a convicted drug felon and then the leader before that quit the party calling his own party racist – the ubp would crumble under such media manipulation

    much of what is going on is the result of the constant attack that the gazette/white power structures levels against the plp

    if brown goes – no matter who replaces him – this whole cycle will start again until the gazette gets the ubp back in power – at which point kim swan is gone and gibbons becomes premier

    pls blk people – don’t fall for those old ni**a trx again – smarten up

  17. The Premier himself was recently accused of racism after he mistakenly sent an e-mail meant for his Director of Communications Beverle Lottimore to white tourism activist Tony Brannon declaring he was �tired of listening to and taking crap from people who look and sound like� Mr. Brannon.

    Days later Mr. Scott declared in an advertisement in local media that the tone of the e-mail had not been racist, citing quotes from Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. He also apologised for using the word �crap�, and cited a list of grievances against the media, saying �this is not the way to unite us�.

    While not discussing that incident directly on Friday night, Mr. Scott said the current hypersensitivity towards race in Bermuda has led to claims of incidents carrying racial overtones when they are �really not necessarily caused or even an effect of that condition�.

  18. There is also the possibility, though seldom used, I think that a motion can be introduced from the Senate, is there not? A motion of censure from an independent Senator would help reduce the perception of voting on a UBP motion, and I understand it is also possible to introduce a secret ballot? And yes, it would help if there was perhaps someone standing ready in the wings, in such a way that a motion of censure would save face for all parties, while ensuring the constitutions are upheld. All hypothetical though.

  19. Inhumane? What are you atlking about. I* suggest you take that up with the US and why they were there. Your picture painting is …well maybe a self portrait of what you wish it was.

    I think you’ve had to much scutch and not enough blackrum……

    Oh well…there goes the world right into your face.

    Off to Iraq for four days. Wonder what you do and can do in four days…..Hell beats Front and Court…..

  20. the rg was saying that alex scott was a racist the way they call brown a racist – just watch – no matter who the plp put in power they will attack

  21. You get his first post? What does it have to do with this?

    These facts aren’t skewed by the media, they’ve been proven.
    This has nothing to do with the UBP nor race.

    It’s about the fact that the people of Bermuda have been disrespected over and over in this thing, starting with the lack of consultation, through the “There’s no quid pro quo, but look at all the stuff we’re getting”, and ending (I hope) with the fact that Dr. Brown lied outright to the House and the people of Bermuda.

    We deserve better than this.

  22. Jonathan,

    First let me address your statement that “this issues has united a cross section of usually opposed group, a rarity for our nation.” On on hand you are calling Bermuda a nation, and on the other you are saying that Dr. Brown should have followed Section whatever in the Bermuda Constitution which makes it very clear that we are not a nation. We are a colony of Great Britain, plain and simple.

    Then you say that the issues has united a cross section of Bermuda. Another “mis-statement”. Those protestors did not make up a cross section of Bermuda, rather it looked more like the make-up of the UBP – 95% white and 5% black. That demonstration had nothing to do with with Dr. Brown’s decision to offer asylum to the Quighurs, instead, it was used by the UBP as a means to regain power. Once you find out the names of the people who were on “the committee” that organised the march, you will understand more, that is if you take your blinders off.

    As far as violating the Constitution, did Rosa Parks violate the US constitution when she sat down on that bus? Did Martin Luther King violate the US Constitution when he did what he did? Did Nelson Mandela violate the South African Constitution? Remember the Bermuda Constitution was crafted in 1968 when segregation was still legal in Bermuda. By the way, did Phil Perinchief violate the Bermuda Constitution when he burned the Union Jack? Yet, he is one of the most outspoken persons on Dr. Brown’s violation of the Bermuda Constitution.

    As far as public pressure is concerned, I can assure you that contrary to the belief of your posters, Dr. Brown has very strong support. They don’t blog on “Catch A Fire” or “Bermuda Sucks” or “Bermuda is Another World”, but rest assured they will make their voices heard at the appropriate time.

    By the way, as far as the Press release from the Police is concerned, I can assured you that they got it wrong a couple of times, asking the media to ignore the last release, but use this one.

  23. By the way, as far as the motion of no confidence goes, it is my information that there can be no vote of confidence in an individual, it must be a vote of no confidence in the Government. But you’re the expert, not me.

  24. “For me, and for the bulk of individuals who have expressed opposition to this incident, the main problem is the fact that our Constitution has been violated. That is a very, very serious issue. While I, and a minority of others, are pro-independence, I recognise that for better or worse the Bermuda Constitution is THE Constitution of Bermuda, and up until the time that we are independent (or the Constitution amended), we must abide by the existing framework laid out in this Constitution.”


    Can you expand on your statement while pointing to specific sections of the constitution and explain how it was violated? Everyone keeps saying that laws were broken and the constitution violated, but the only propose this anecdotally. I’d like someone to explain it in detail.


  25. Ms Furbert is correct.

    The vote of no confidence cannot be in a particular individual. Kim Swan’s motion is against “the government led by dr Brown”. It could be “the government led by Jack Sprat”. the Point is that a motion of no confidence cannot be against a particular individual.

    I refuse to believe that PLP MPs will vote themsevles out of government based on their dislike or disaffection for Dr. Brown.

    Further, there are emails circulating and an article in today’s paper by Kim Swan saying this is about a change of Leader, not change of Govt. Not true. If this motion carries, then the government will be dissolved.

  26. Ms Furbert.

    This has gone on long enough. You are outright lying about the racial makeup of the people that were at that rally. I was there, standing not too far from yourself in fact, and it was by conservative estimates 25% to a third black. BUT that matters not the least, because BERMUDIANS come out to protest! You can try to make this a race thing but you guys have overplayed your hand. The videos and pictures being sent around and the people like myself that were there are debunking YOUR racist views. People that saw the truth with their own eyes can now see how virulantly you and others of your ilk will go far as to outright lie in order to make every issue into a race thing. And that time, of being able to use that card willy nilly is done. If you spent less time trying to judge the colours of the protestors faces you might have heard what we were trying to say.

    What I saw in the midst of those people when I looked around was joy. People were happy to see that they were united with other bermudians in something for once. Joy that they were getting a chance to be heard for once. Keep trying to take that away to suit your own purposes. Go right ahead. Your game is not working anymore. This is the PLP party, not the Brown party.

  27. Funny, Ms. Furbert, the last time I heard your estimate on the radio is was 80/20%…

    As for the UBP, I doubt they are even prepared to run the country(I could be wrong), they just want the most unpopular, irresponsible and controversial premier removed and someone better from the PLP in, are you not able to read? Wait, of course you can, you just need to keep your pay cheques coming, I got it, never mind then, carry on.

    And I don’t think it was a big secret that this protest was about Dr. Brown, you must work close with Zayne, you guys have it all figured out.

    But by all means, let go of your hatred of whites, let it all out here, I hope it makes you feel better. I’d hate for you to have to keep that bottled up inside.

  28. You heard it here folks. LaVerne Furbert has suggested we all go and violate laws we don’t believe in because we’re part of a movement for change!

    You see, this is exactly the problem. This wasn’t one incident it is a growing string of incidents that show disrespect for established rules, processes and procedures.

    The thing is, many of the things the government of the day have been violating are things they’re entirely empowered to modify to how they desire. However that isn’t good enough because we’re still running government like we’re opposing something.

    It is ridiculous to have our government act like this. If Brown has a problem with the Bermudian constitution HE has the power to change it by calling a referendum on independence. Yet, he won’t do that because he knows he does not have popular support on that issue. Not having popular support means the majority of Bermudians stand by our present constitution which means he’s violating it by going his own route.

    The examples you speak of are of people who were standing out against racial oppression. This isn’t one of those cases. Bermudians are no longer oppressed, we’re not forced to do anything and can go independent if we so please simply by voting to do so. Let’s remember, Brown didn’t just keep the UK in the dark, he kept his own government and his own people in the dark. That’s what has me riled up the most because he’s acting like he knows all when he’s proven numerous times that his ideas could use a lot more consultation with others.

    It gets to the point where people just tune out because you can only see things your way and can never see anyone else’s point of view. Just a little while ago you were going on and on about the party constitution and how they can’t violate it the way Brown helped to in the past because it isn’t right. You said it wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now. By your arguements above, why wasn’t it right then and now? Why can’t party members oust Brown how they please regardless of the constituation, especially if they feel oppressed by Brown. Why is this case different?

  29. Those protestors did not make up a cross section of Bermuda, rather it looked more like the make-up of the UBP – 95% white and 5% black. That demonstration had nothing to do with with Dr. Brown’s decision to offer asylum to the Quighurs, instead, it was used by the UBP as a means to regain power

    Ms Furbert – Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. Personally from where I was standing the crowd looked to be perhaps 80/20… but what’s 15% when trying to skew the numbers right? In any case, it doesn’t really matter. Because the black folk in the crowd who I spoke to are in no way UBP supporters… including myself. In fact, like myself, I have seen some of them at PLP rallies in the past. In fact, at least one of the organizers is a life-long, die hard PLP supporter. Why do you seem unable (or unwilling) to get past the fact that there are some who simply will not blindly follow!?

    Furthermore, through your spin tactics you are actually driving home the fact that when this Government is challenged it resorts to racial tactics – which only work on the individuals they always would have worked on. It’s cheap, it’s disgusting and oh so predictable.

  30. “If this motion carries, then the government will be dissolved.”

    Nonsense. According to the relevant provisions, the Governor does not have to dissolve the Government, as I’m sure you’re only too aware. I recognize that it serves your purpose to mislead on this point, but facts are facts.

  31. Ms. Furbert,

    The motivations you are projecting onto the crowd (as well as the, quite frankly, disgusting, racist things you’ve said about us) are just plain not true.

    There is no UBP plot. If you were to ask every single member of that crowd (who were NOT baying for blood, nor were they trying to lynch Dr. Brown and I would pray that you find peace enough in your heart to apologize for saying such vile, racist things about your countrymen) they would have told you that it is NOT about the UBP and IS, in fact, about Dr. Brown’s handling of this situation. This is the final straw for a lot of people, including many hard core PLP members.

    Please stop. There is NO threat to your party with this, no possible chance that the UBP are going to win the next election…

    Unless, perhaps, Dr. Brown and his cronies keep this sort of shenanigans happening…

  32. If most people are saying “brown must go” and not “PLP must go” then no one should be in support of the Opposition motion because it is unconstitutional to have a motion against a particular leader.

  33. Ms Furbert/ Ken/ Steve/ etal…

    Please answer this question directly: (ie, preferably 100 words or less without attempting to smokescreen what are some pretty basic questions – references to Rosa Parks aside)

    The PLP backbenchers actions the other day in trying to bring about a no confidence motion was labeled as “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” by the Party and it was noted that they would be discplined. In light of the fact that the Premier has now through his actions violated the Bermuda Constitution, how would you suggest he be disciplined (other than to award him the Nobel Peace Prize)?

    If you do not think he should be sanctioned are you therefore suggesting that the Bermuda Constitution (regardless of WHEN it was drafted) is less important than the PLP Constitution?

  34. when we look back in history its hard to fathom how a handful if brits could take over a hug country like india, or a hndfulof bis men could keep the slave trade going for hundreds of years, or a minority of whites keep apartheid alive for decades years in a blk country – we are seeing it here.

    co and alsys – understand that if this very vocal but mostly white and fairly small group of people can fire a man who is the democratically elected leader of a country – they they can do it to anyone – ur son, father uncle etc.

    and i can assure u that if they succeed – the next day white bda will walk around that island as if they are kings because they got there wish and they will know that they are indeed in charge as usual

    the plp was elected by a majority who knew dr. brown was the leader – for these whites to think they can have who they want in charge is an example of ingrained white entitlement – they want what they want and they’ll use dopey blks to get it – they always have

  35. “If most people are saying “brown must go” and not “PLP must go” then no one should be in support of the Opposition motion because it is unconstitutional to have a motion against a particular leader.”

    But Ken, Dr. Brown doesn’t mind “bending the rules” of our constitution. So why should we not follow our glorious leaders example?

  36. If most people are saying “brown must go” and not “PLP must go” then no one should be in support of the Opposition motion because it is unconstitutional to have a motion against a particular leader.


    The actual words of the Constitution (thanks to Pitts Bay at BIAW)


    “Tenure of office of Premier and other Ministers

    59 (1) If the House of Assembly by the affirmative votes of a majority of all the members thereof passes a resolution that it has no confidence in the Government, the Governor shall, by instrument under the Public Seal, revoke the Premier’s appointment:

    Provided that before so doing the Governor shall consult with the Premier and may dissolve the Legislature in accordance with the provisions of section 49(1) of this Constitution instead of revoking the Premier’s appointment.”

    “Governor’s special responsibilities

    62 (1) The Governor, acting in his discretion, shall be responsible for the conduct (subject to the provisions of this Constitution and of any other law) of any business of the Government, including the administration of any department of government, with respect to the following matters—
    (a) external affairs;
    (b) defence, including armed forces;
    (c) internal security;
    (d) the police.

    (2) The Governor, acting in his discretion, may by directions in writing delegate, with the prior approval of the Secretary of State, to the Premier or any other Minister designated by him after consultation with the Premier such responsibility for any of the matters specified in subsection (1) of this section as the Governor may think fit upon such conditions as he may impose.”

    the default provisions of S.59 – the vote of no confidence – is the removal of the Premier, not the dissolution of Parliament.

    Removing EFB would not result in a dissolution of Parliament and if the UBP can make that clear.

  37. 1. You calling me and CO dopey? Nice way to try to win an argument dearest.

    2. If my brother, father et al lied to the people he was serving and consistently used his position of trust to the detriment of those he was elected to lead… he’s broken my trust too and I’d be asking for his resignation also. Wrong is wrong, mate.

  38. Hi LaVerne, I call us a nation because that is what we are. We are not YET an independent nation, but my point was that as a step towards independence the development of a consciousness of ourselves as a nation, and not an assemblage of ethnicities (which we would still be, but also with a transcending national identity) is key. And as much as I support independence, I recognise that we are not yet so, and until that date we must abide by the existing Constitution. Developing support for independence requires sober discussion and not petty confrontations. I actually think this issue could have been used for the benefit of raising independence support had Dr. Brown put it to the people before the Uighurs arrived, explaining his support for the move and how the UK was opposing it, and so on. We probably wouldn’t have gotten the Uighurs and as much political capital with the Yankees, but we would have gotten some while at the same time increasing independence support. Right now, while it does heighten an understanding of our Constitutional arrangements, at the same time it is counter-productive for independence support.

    I disagree with your comparison of this constitutional violation with those of Rosa Parks (who actually would have reaffirmed the US Constitution) and Mandela, et al. I see what you are saying, that some laws are ethically wrong and as such are illegitimate. In this case I don’t think you can make that argument. I can see how saying that the current constitutional arrangements are wrong and need changed, but this is not the way to go about it methinks. And Phil would have not been in contravention of the Constitution but instead the Criminal Code as per it covers treason and subversion – but I think that an argument could be made more in defence of it as per freedom of expression.

    I do not claim to be an ‘expert’ on legal matters at all, as I clearly stated – LOL! But from my reading of the Constitution and the Immigration Act, I disagree with the immigration argument and support the view that the move was unconstitutional. I also interpret the Constitution as regards the No Confidence Vote in that the Governor may either dissolve parliament OR appoint an MP as Premier that he thinks would command the majority of the House. However, as stated, I think a motion of censure or an inquiry would be the better option than the no confidence vote.

    STEVE – Thanks for clearing up those other posts – I figured it out around 2am my time to be honest, and you do have a point. However I do think it is mistaken to misrepresent the opposition that has been put into place here as overly White or a UBP plot. I do agree that race is a factor more than the demonstrators will accept, but not so much as to legitimate the spin that is being put out on it. Whites were already feeling polarised and alienated by Dr. Brown’s leadership, and as much as they tend to support the UBP, it is no surprise that Whites would be out supporting a demonstration calling for Dr. Brown’s departure. That much is true. However, I think you will find that opposition, or disapproval, to this issue (Dr. Brown’s action) is a lot more widespread than the compostion of the initial demonstration would indicate.

  39. “However, I think you will find that opposition, or disapproval, to this issue (Dr. Brown’s action) is a lot more widespread than the composition of the initial demonstration would indicate.”

    i think the opposite – most plp supporters were angry at dr. brown at first but as the combined opposition has ganged upon him the see what is going on and are actually getting turned off by their white neighbors hounding them too come out and support – and as usual over on facebook young white bermuda has reared its racist head again – this will not turn out well

  40. Yes, I don’t deny that it possible that you are right, that the argument being put by certain PLPers may have that effect. However, even if that is the case, I similarly think that the spin is alienating factions within the PLP. This may lead to a new equilibrium.

  41. the govenor has confirmed that laws have been broken and the move of the 4 was indeed illegal.




  42. ” and as usual over on facebook young white bermuda has reared its racist head again – this will not turn out well”

    Good thing you can spread your hate from TO with no fear of reprecussions.

    As I don’t have Facebook can you please copy and paste these racist quotes from young white BDA? And please do not and try to alter them in anyway to fit your agenda (as I have already pointed out several lies of yours), as everyone else I know does have FB and can prove whether it is true or not.

  43. steve – the fact that the PLP is alienating their own supporters by somehow re-casting them as in collusion with whites or UBP supporters for that matter is an insult and shows just how little the PLP think of their own supporters… which does not bode very well for anybody.

  44. Steve, wow. Way to judge people by the colour of their skin. It’s clear you have made up your mind on how you think I and others like me think. But doesn’t the fact that at least 150-200 black Bermudians came out to support this even cause you to pause and think about your position a bit? I’m white and I certainly don’t want the UBP in power. They have a long way to go and a lot of the wrong people for the job.

  45. i can bet you co alsys that in 40 years u will look back and realize that u were used – i’m willing to bet that history will judge dr. brown to be a great man and that his decisions although unpopular at the time will pay dividends for years to come…but hey – do ur thing

  46. here’s a picture from the protest – there are 25 people in the picture 22 whites 3 blks – in a country that’s 65 % blk what does that ratio say about the “widespread” support


  47. Jonny,

    Your post we are responding to is one of your best. I would wonder at your “pro” thought that all this exposure in the international press might improve tourism. I’m pretty sure even Chinese Muslims are not going to come visiting.

    Election before last there was a knock at my door, and it was Paula Cox and (I guess) a campaign assistant (I lived in her district at the time). My little dog barked as I opened the door (he barked at everybody) and Ms Cox said “I guess he wouldn’t vote PLP …” and she and her colleague turned and walked out of my garden. What she meant, I think, was that because of the way I looked “I guess you wouldn’t vote PLP …”

    Now, that’s not the way to drum up support for the PLP. The fact of the matter was that I was not at all impressed with the UBP candidate running. I also had long felt great respect for Paula Cox’s father and had admired her own success in the law. I was liking (from afar) Tony Blair’s New Labour in the UK and bright, young Ms Paula Cox seemed promising.

    But Paula Cox thought that my little dog (meaning me) wouldn’t vote PLP and turned away without another word. She lost a good deal of credibility with me at that moment.

    There’s a vote of No Confidence in Ewart Brown on Friday (tomorrow) and if the vote goes against him, I believe the Governor might be able to invite some other person to form a government (which would almost certainly be PLP, and why not).

    Don’t turn away this time, Paula Cox. Stand up in the House and oppose the Brown dictatorship … and I think the majority will stand with you.

    This is not a make or break moment for Bermuda to my mind … I think Ewart Brown has already broken it … but a Paula Cox government that excludes completely Ewart Brown (and David Burch) might just get to glue the pieces back together so that Bermuda can make do while (probably) many, many years go by till Bermuda is respected and respectable again.

    It won’t be easy, Paula Cox, but if I still lived in your district I would vote for you. And I think many others would too. Be courageous! For Bermuda!

  48. Hey Observer,

    My thought on the issue about potentially increasing tourism is simply that our name is out there as are some pretty pictures of the island, thanks to the international press we are getting. Some people will be put off by this (and as far as I’m concerned, good riddance, don’t want such ignorant people’s money), but I think the UBP are being a bit reactionary and scaremongering on that issue. Some people may also be attracted in coming here as a result of our action (welcome) and may offset those ignorant people. But the bulk of people will just have the idea of Bermuda in their heads now, and this should help in the long run.

    Don’t know what to say about the canvassing experience you had. She should have still canvassed you in my opinion, and to not have done so (if what you say is correct and I have no reason to not believe you) only helps reinforce the divide. When I’ve been canvassing I gotta tell you dogs did not make it easy. I’m good with animals, but not everyone is, and I have found there are some historical and cultural reasons why some Blacks have an aversion to them, as if knocking on peoples doors, and Whites at that wasn’t hard enough. Just my opinions though. I would usually crack a corny joke that the dog wouldn’t vote for us if it barked at us (different if it liked us!), and use that as an ice breaker for the conversation. I guess at some times one goes into a triage state though. However, if you were there, and she saw you, she should have talked with you. Don’t know what else to say.

    As to a leadership change, well, I know a lot of people think Ms. Cox would be a great Premier. I am pretty much indifferent on the issue really. I am mindful of the Blair-Brown situation in the UK. When and if she becomes leader, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but really, I’m of the opinion that the differences would be more cosmetic, and not trigger substantial policy change for the Party as Government. Perhaps I’m wrong.

  49. “but a Paula Cox government that excludes completely Ewart Brown (and David Burch)”

    another classic example of white entitlement – we know whats best 4 u

  50. Insiders and outsiders have been intensely trying to figure out what motivated Dr. Brown to attempt such a blatantly unconstitutional step.

    The light bulb has come on: Remember some years ago, Dr. Brown was forced to renounce his US citizenship because the Bermuda Constitution prohibits anyone who pledges “…allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power…” from being an MP or Senator. As Dr. Brown’s local political career is waning, he is no doubt looking for regaining the perks of US citizenship. What better way than laying claim to performing humanitarian service to US homeland security?

    We can foresee the good Doctor waving all the letters of congratulations from US leaders as he makes a plea to regain US citizenship. It would fit with his ambition to become president of Howard University.

    Also, look for him to engineer an “honorable” exit from Bermuda politics, if he can.

  51. Steve, your an absolute A**….

    Thats a picture of of protest sign. I feel you are really trying create something.How much do they pay you really. Mabe you are a Dolphin and your ears and sonar have been damaged by the construction at the west end. Ah!! Got it…that where the monies going to the hearing impaired, into a trust fund for Dolphins only.


    I also hear that the price of Cherico is going to go up….shucks..no more peez ann ryce…..just bannana braid…..

    I need a rum…….

  52. episodes of caution:

    in the 50s when the dockworkers finally had some unity under joe mills- the stevedores divided then by claiming that joe was a crook – the union split and the wages remained low

    in the 60s when belco workers had some unity – management said that ottie was a thief and again split the union – wages remained low

    in 1998 the gazette embarked on a decade long smear campaign to paint the plp as crooks – so if plp supporters haven’t caught on yet – they deserve what they get – and i don’t mean that in a rude way – but it will show that they are in a perpetual state of arrested development and they like it that way

    when slavery ended – half of the slaves took off ready to eagerly start life as a free man/woman

    half of them cried and wanted to stay on the plantation cuz they were afraid

    the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks can’t are both right.

    which one’s bda going to be?

  53. To some extent your right about the renouncing but his wife is a US citizen, and he would have no problem geting a waver on a ‘Brown Card’. It’s whom yah know……

    Don’t worry Click. Clocks don’t Click, they tick tock….

    Click is when you leave the room and your the last one to turn off the light…..or if you get ‘hung up’ on…..bawahaaaaaaaaa

  54. Offline

    Posts: 291

    “People know me by my cymbal…..” – Animal

    Re: Walter Roban’s Racist Screed
    « Reply #13 on: Today at 02:16:59 PM »

    This found its way into my inbox this morning. Apologies if it’s posted elsewhere. Typical Laverne vitriol.

    Sent: Thu Jun 18 07:14:43 2009
    Subject: FW: Please circulate this EVERYWHERE

    Dear Friends,

    The author of this hateful e-mail is the husband of Sara Tomlinson, the
    lady that you all saw of television the other night interrupting my
    interview with Tari Trott. I have been made to understand that Sara
    Tomlinson is the daughter of William (Bill) Cox. Although Mrs. Janice
    Battersbee was the spokesperson on Tuesday, that demonstration was
    organized by members of the United Bermuda Party and they “used” Mrs.
    Battersbee to get their message across. They also wrote her speech.

    I should have also mentioned the Mr. Tomlinson is employed by Wendell

    LaVerne Furbert


    You must agree that your single most important mission today is to get
    Brown out of office.

    His exit is a requirement for the government of Bermuda ( PLP or UBP )
    to get our country back on an even constitutional keel. Otherwise abuse
    of the rule of law is here to stay – certainly as long as Brown and his
    racist henchman are in place.

    You are all going for a vote of no confidence in Brown’s leadership on
    Friday ( we hope ). That’s great. You do know you have only ONE chance.
    This is it. If you mess this up it’s over. And I mean over. The problem
    you face with this vote is that loyalties run deep in PLP MP’s. They
    know that Brown is wrong. But they are not prepared to jeopardise the
    PLP party. Even for a crook like Brown. Please therefore consider this
    unconventional bilateral approach to the problem we have. You will have
    to figure out the constitutional ramifications/details ………..

    Formally approach the MP’s of the PLP, individually and collectively,
    from a collective UBP position and propose the following from a signed
    statement committing to the following:

    1. A recognition that it is not the PLP that is the problem at this
    critical point in our country’s history – it is Brown that is the

    2. Reiterate that point – it is not about the PLP it is about Brown. UBP
    will join the PLP in a vote of no confidence and the UBP will absolutely
    commit to work with the Governor to form a future PLP Government that
    retains the current status quo of politicians i,e, PLP remain in
    government, just with new leadership. Make a statement to this effect.

    3. It is not about party politics at this critical time it is about the
    country declining further into a dictatorship. It is TOO dangerous and
    fragile a time to mess this up.

    You may then get no-confidence votes of PLP MP’s. The very grave danger
    is that PLP MP’s may have told you they will support the UBP
    no-confidence initiative but on the day won’t have the testicular
    fortitude and would prefer to abstein rather than prejudice the
    immediate future of the PLP. If you promise to deliver a continued term
    for the PLP you may yet define a deeper support for the no-confidence
    initiative from PLP MP’s than even you imagined was possible.

    This is the only way, in my view, that you have a cat’s chance in hell
    of getting Brown out. Remember Smith’s North and the cheap words of
    support …….. you need to guarantee this result not hope it will work
    out. Please don’t waste this last chance – you do not have time to mess
    around – just deliver it.

    Ms. Furbert,

    I believe you are one sick and twisted fanatic. What do you hope to achieve by outing people who disagree with you and revealing their places of employment? Are you trying to incite some form of repercussions towards these individuals? The sad thing that this isn’t the first time that you have done such a descpicable action. I rememeber you outing the wives of both Mr. Wells’ and Mr, Dennis’ in your attempt to kiss up to Dr. Brown’s. You belong in a Mugabe/Putin type society. Not a democratic Bermudian one. What is so hateful about that email? She holds the same concerns about the way the leadership conducts itself. But no in your twisted view of the world you automatically take it as a, “I hate black people and they shouldn’t lead,” type of vibe.

    For once in your life don’t be a coward and answer my question. What do you hope to achieve by such deplorable actions as your email above? Are you hoping that she is persecuted due to her political beliefs or worse attacked due to your innher hatred that you hold so tightly for any PLP opposition or whites in general. You claim racism but you are now one of the bigeest purveyor of such sentiments.

    JS please do not censor or edit any of this post. If Ms. Furbert is able to throw around baseless accusations of racism towards, which is a personal attack, then this post should not be censured either.

  55. @ steve – seriously, are you COUNTING the number of people in a picture now? I’ll play the game. I came up with 7 black folk. LOL. But seriously. Counting people. And to think that I used to think a picture was worth a thousand words. A picture is a picture. The words are up to the viewer. Clearly.

    Funny, I don’t remember you replying to any of my direct questions on posts above. Your math leaves much to be desired is it safe to say that your english sucks as well? j/k

  56. Posts #35 and #45 are the ones that I am referencing… No response from yourself… Just more spin.

  57. “which one’s bda going to be? ”

    Well, we’ll see whats left. Then only the strong will survive. Since Bermuda is not a “slave” state or country, I think the choice is very easy.
    Now run and have some lunch or is it dinner where you are.

    Oh thats right, Greens is just across the square………

  58. 9PS – I did some minor editing of your post, I trust you will agree I have not radically changed it. The other post appeared to be virtually identical, and as this one was mroe substantial I figured this one would go through alone. I should also note to readers that the original alleged email quoted in this was already published online at BIAW.

    I do not think that LaVerne is necessarily racist, although, like any Bermudian she certainly has some racist tendencies, which is nothing surprising concerning our society. I do not believe it is her intention to provoke any repercussions to the individual in question; I believe her point is simply to highlight what she believes to be evidence of a UBP plot.

    As I have stated elsewhere it is obvious that the UBP, or, rather traditional supporters of the UBP would partake in a demonstration such as this. I do not dispute that. However I dispute that they are plotting as I believe LaVerne does – rather they are going to be against Dr. Brown regardless, and the current event serves as further confirmation for their reason to oppose. This does not in any way mean that the current action should not be opposed by PLP supporters too. The demonstration is not UBP or anti-PLP as far as I can tell. But the demonstrators have articulated their position quite clearly, that it is a protest about the process.

  59. casual observer – i don’t know u – and vice versa – i do respect some of the things u’ve said on the blogs – others i don’t – rather than go over everything u’ve asked – i’ll say this – i’ve known dr. brown since i was a student at howard university and he was on the board of trustees – i know him go be a good person and the people who i know who know him feel the same way – i’ve known many of the plp and ubp leaders both alive and dead and besides from sir john most politcal leaders i respect and respected have been plp – when i look back over dr, brown’s life i see why he has done what he has done and i respect him for it – if u don’t so be it – u do u – bdan history teaches us that much of white bda cannot handle a certain type of blk person – its’ a fact – but mark my words – if dr. brown is replaced – the next plp leader will become the target of the same combined opposition – i saw it w/ ottie simmons, lois brown evans, freddie wade and on – and they weren’t even in power yet – but as they say, if u don’t learn the easy way – u’ll learn the hard way

    oh and i looked at several pix of the march on flickr – i still saw mostly old white folks – in a majority blk country a cross section should have more blks than whites don’t u think – but hey – u do u

  60. Jon,

    You should apologise to all Bermudians after portraying us as having the same racist tendencies as Laverne. That is extremely insulting.

    Laverne is in a class all on her own. Let her stay there. Racism from her, or anyone, is not worthy of comparison nor emulation.

    I expected better from you. You should be above the spin cycle.

  61. “steve” – I never once said that there was an even breakdown of blacks and whites. There wasn’t. And it’s a shame. Because behind closed doors many blacks are saying the same thing as their white counterparts. That they’ve been lied to, disrespected and that enough is enough. And those aren’t UBP-supporting blacks either. Those are everyday black folk who marked andX next to the PLP candidate in the last election like they had done in so many elections before.

    I do not want to see a UBP government in power. I think the UBP are incapable of leading. All I want and deserve is a PLP government with a leader who will not lie and run roughshod over the laws of the land. Because beyond PLP and UBP, black or white, we are all Bermudian and as I have said many times in the past, we will sink or swim together. Personally, I don’t like getting my face wet.

    Your history with Dr Brown and the PLP is nice and all. It’s 2009. I hate being lied to and/or disrespected by anybody of any colour/race/nationality.

    Nice spin. Heartwarming stormy. Are you or are you not capable of answering a direct question being put to you:

    The PLP backbenchers actions the other day in trying to bring about a no confidence motion was labeled as “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” by the Party and it was noted that they would be discplined. In light of the fact that the Premier has now through his actions violated the Bermuda Constitution, how would you suggest he be disciplined (other than to award him the Nobel Peace Prize)?

    If you do not think he should be sanctioned are you therefore suggesting that the Bermuda Constitution (regardless of WHEN it was drafted) is less important than the PLP Constitution?

  62. Protest about the process…….

    Well Johnny, I know you weren’t around in 1977 but I guess the above quote would cover it all.

    Heck, I look at it this way. Ther’s no Hamilton per sey to burn down. Lets see what happen in the parishes.

    Arrowroot anyone?

    Basically, your calling for protests from the PLP.

    How subtle of you. Come on Johnny, we should be burning mortages not bridges.

    Gotta run…I feel another song cummin horn…….

    The Bee Gees again…..I started a joke that started the whole world laughing, but I did’nt know, that the joke was on me.

    Oh well, so much for stem cell research…anyone know how to get a blackberry out of my ass?

  63. LOL – Hi RenMan – I am of the belief that our society is still deformed by race and it deforms all of our people in various and profound ways. Some more than others, and it is expressed differently too. A key factor would be our experiences in our formative years. And of course our own racial identity and how we’ve experienced life as a result.

    Just a note to Steve – Yes, you are right that the RG and others will no doubt try and attack the next PLP leader and so on, well, after a small honeymoon period and all. However, people are able to form their own minds these days, you know, after reading through all the available information and engaging in informed discussion on the issue. As far as I understand it, our goal is to encourgage our people to reach a stage where, through application of critical thought, freedom of expression and other human rights, we are able to make up our own minds. And as such, we cannot be led, but lead ourselves. Otherwise all we’ve done is adopt a new master-slave relationship, just a slightly less obvious one than the traditional White master-Black slave. Remember of course that back in Massa’s day there were actually Black slave masters too. We don’t need a modern day form of that either. Just some thoughts like.

  64. People who identify as a race ARE the problem. That’s what you’re not getting.

    And I thought you were studying biology. You need to pay more attention. Linnaeus’ thoughts about humans being categorized into different “races” has been disregarded for decades now.

    We’re all only humans, well, most of us. I won’t point out the exceptions who’ve figured out how to blog and post.

  65. Sorry. I’m a man of science. Sociology just doesn’t cut it for me, but I take your point.

    What you have to realize is that as long as there are those who seek to define OTHERS by some sort of perceived ethnicity, there will be a problem. Particularly when this defining is used to wield power and influence.

    People are either decent, or not. People defining others by ethnicity? Not decent.

    FWIW, I have an EXTENSIVELY blended family and background. Family is family, no matter what their pigmentation level.

    And since 100,000 years ago we were all african, it’s kind of silly to still be fussing over it. But then, too may people really haven’t evolved emotionally enough to realize this.

  66. Hi Jonny,

    Might I just reply to Steve’s comment about whites knowing what’s best for blacks regarding a new government without Ewart Brown and David Burch in it?

    Bermuda needs a new government, it needs to be rebuilt from the inside out. Ewart Brown and David Burch carry a good deal of baggage.

    Perhaps Paula Cox doesn’t dislike the right people for you, Steve?

    Steve, is it all black or white with you? A white man cannot suggest anything at all regarding a black man? “Hey, don’t step backwards, there’s a loose rock on top of that cliff.” By that reasoning, I suppose a black man should not be able to give a white man advice. Or does it not work that way? How about the concern of one Bermudian for another? Or does that not work in your world? Do “Bermudians” no longer exist? Who is a Bermudian then?

    Might Ewart Brown have sold Bermuda to the neo-colonialist USA? Bermuda is already so very, very small. As Little America it will be even smaller. America will press down its thumb a good deal harder than the British have.

    Common sense says “Rebuild!” It’s nothing to do with knowing better than black people what is good for them. The rocks ARE loose!

  67. “Nice spin. Heartwarming stormy.”

    cas ob – i actually wasn’t trying to spin – i’ve observed bda politics long enuff to know that few people ever change their stripes politically – the winner is usually which party can get out their supporters to the polls – just as u hear blks behind closed doors saying one thing – i hear another – only time will tell

    as far as race – my issue is not w/ one race or another – it’s with a segment of bda society some of whom happen to be white – as i have said ad nauseum – i have many white american friends, white cdn friends and so forth –

    i’ve seen the white male majority attack u on bda sux in spite of the grace u displayed there – but if at the present time u feel that u share some values w/ them – so be it – u do u – and vice versa – time will tell who is right – past behaviour is the most accurate indicator of future behaviour

  68. i’ve seen the white male majority attack u on bda sux in spite of the grace u displayed there

    yeah, but you’ve also consistently attacked the white male that’s stood by her side against these “attacks”, based on nothing but the colour of his skin.

    Which leads me to believe, based on your “past behaviour” that you will continue to spin, lie, troll and defame when it suits you.

    How are we supposed to take anything you say seriously, based on your “past behaviour”?

    How are we supposed to believe you don’t have an “issue…w/ one race or another” when you say things like “based on your melanin content” and attack with “you hate black people” when I point out the truths?

  69. Don’t forget folks tomorrow is the big day.

    A special stall will be set up on the grounds of the Cabinet in the South East corner adjaacent too Front and Court.

    A coalition of islanders will be there offering all sustinance from Brownfish Cakes, too Hard Boiled Minister Egg Roll Overs.

    Since it will be warm and humid a special stall will serve drinks. I cannot reveal the operators names at present ( a special SDO has to be obtained by midnight)…but I hear that it has nothing to do with Goslings, Barritts, or James Water Service.


    Detz rite….BERMY JUICE….it cums hin shree deelishus flayvows…….detz rite


    BERMY JUICE…….Helps keep your Ex-pat content down also.

    Life is funny eh? Be there or Union Square………….

  70. “steve” – so still no attempt to have an actual conversation and directly address my question about the constitution?

    Oh yes I have had to stand up for my beliefs a number of times. Online and in real life. Yes you have observed a number of those online exchanges. I stand on principle and principle alone. That’s why I’ll be there tomorrow and I hope that all like-minded Bermudians regardless of colour are there as well…

    You can check out the footage later on youtube… should probably work on those math skills first though 😉

  71. “so still no attempt to have an actual conversation and directly address my question about the constitution? ”

    i’m not dismissing this – but u’ve seen how often i write on these blogs – it’s obvious that we see things differently and will not change each others minds – i think that its ridiculous that in 2009 bdans love to be a colony – but hey that’s their democratic right – me personally i find it absurd – i applaud dr. brown for thinking outside the box – if it weren’t for leaders like him things like the civil rights and anti apartheid movements would have not been successful

    i’m not trying to be evasive or rude – but at this point in history if i’m arguing w/ people over whether we should have asked britain for permission to do anything – then we’ve already lost – and if u don’t see that that march has more to do with white bda axes to grind and is not the kumbaya moment that u seem to think it is – then that’s on u –

    i’m setting up a march for all the blk men in casemates

    good luck with being the last colony on the planet – its a good look – id rather be free – like dr, brown 🙂

  72. Ah!!!! Your in Casemates…..Dr. Brown is Free….Cool.

    See you at roll call 6am. Then I have to leave to go to the Westagte Festaville…..West Gate, Cabinet/Parliament grounds………

    Hell someone has to have a laugh. CO, I’ll leave it up to you. Nice to see Cahooters that are still straight shooters………:+)

  73. here’s dr, brown’s credentials:
    earned an M.D. from Howard’s College of Medicine,
    a Masters of Public Health from the University of California
    Brown received the Physicians Recognition Award from the American Medical Association
    the Grassroots Health Award from the Sons of Watts California
    the Community Leadership Award from the Dubois Academic Institute the NAACP’s Pacesetter Award.

    Brown became a director for the Marcus Garvey School, a K-8 school in Los Angeles, which named him Humanitarian of the Year.
    He was also a professor in the Department of Family Practice at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science.

    here’s the governors creds:

    Richard Gozney is a career diplomat who has a degree in Geology and who briefly taught at a school in Kenya.

    yeah let’s ask him WTF to do.

    wake up people – yeesh

  74. Yeah. That’s what it’s about, “Steve”.

    It’s not about the fact that NO ONE was consulted. It’s not about the fact that he’s offering British Citizenship without consulting the British. It’s not about the fact that he lied to the House and to the people of Bermuda.

    Nope. It’s just about whether we should have to ask.

  75. Steve…

    Just as you have said things ad nauseum, so have I. Once more, therefore, for the record.

    “If you are a member of a club and you don’t like the rules – get out of the club” – but do it properly. That way, you never ever have an argument that is sustainable.

    Maybe Dr Brown and the hard core PLP don’t think that way – maybe they are frustrated because they know they can’t win the Independence argument by playing straight.

    Heh – look on the bright side. Maybe – just maybe – PLP voters should have gone along with John Swann in ’95?

    Principles always get in the way of practicality- don’t you find?

  76. credentials are irrelevant when it comes to protocol.

    The rules say that consultation had to happen. It didn’t.

    Or do you think that Dr. Brown’s credentials legally qualify him to give these men British Citizenship? Community leadership awards and an MD qualify him to give away something that he’s not allowed to give?

  77. A note for Steve, if I might …

    Dr Ewart Brown is most likely well-qualified to fix one who is ill. I cannot imagine Dr Brown’s courses covered politics, diplomacy, transportation and tourism. The Governor’s course in Geology, likewise, would not teach him how to be a good diplomat. Dr Brown and the Governor have, of course, learned on the job.

    The question is … What have they learned and how well have they done?

    It seems to me that Dr Brown has not learned that Bermuda has a Constitution. If he wants to change that Constitution, he can request a meeting with the parties in Bermuda and Britain and take it to the people as well. One doesn’t just assume autocratic rule and ignore the Constitution. If a UBP leader had done this, there would have been an uproar and, I think, you would have been at the demonstration, Steve. And rightly so.

    I really dislike Dr Brown’s “I know better than you all do what is good for you” attitude. It is disappointing that Bermuda’s leader feels he must act in secrecy to get things done (his way). Seems he doesn’t trust his Cabinet, his Party or the people of Bermuda. How does the man sleep at night?

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