The Leadership Question

Well, there is more information about the PLP leadership question in todays media, in both the RG and the Bermuda Sun. Also, I’ve had an opportunity to get a better understanding of the incident as well. the following links will take you to the relevant newspaper articles on this issue:

Former Rivals To Challenge Brown (Bermuda Sun)
This is more personal than political (Royal Gazette)
Skulduggery & Chicanery – Walter Roban (Royal Gazette)

So, what are my thoughts on all this? Well, its no secret that I have some rather different ideological positions than Dr. Brown, and I do think that his actions have alienated some growing segments of the Party’s support base. However, I also think he has the best leadership qualities of all the MPs – I just wish he used those qualities for a more traditional labour position.

Having said all of that, I do not agree with the way that the Leadership question has been posed by this incident. While there are certainly some amusing, almost karmic aspects of this move, in that it is almost identical (but tactically poorly executed) to the ‘palace coup’ of 2003 that saw the end of Ms. Smith’s Premeirship, I have said before that I opposed that tactic back in 2003. It wasn’t right back then, and its not the right way now. As much as I was dismayed at the triumphalism of Ms. Smith’s administration, there were channels within the Party to challenge her leadership, and these should have been used instead of the unconstitutional (by the PLP constitution) removal of her as leader. Wrong is wrong, regardless of who is behind it.

While Ms. Cox stands to benefit the most from any leadership challenge to Dr. Brown, from what I know of her character, she would not want to come into the leadership by such unconstitutional means. I highly doubt she would be supportive of this move.

Ultimately, I do not think that Dr. Brown will be deposed of the Party Leadership as a result of this incident. What it does mean though is that his authority is now in question, and will have to adopt a more consensus style within the Party, and that is only to the better of the Party and Bermuda as a whole. Additionally, it means that his long-term position as Party Leader is more or less undermined. It has been widely said that he plans to step down in the 2010 Delegates Conference and that Ms. Cox would become Party Leader at that time. This is now more definite than ever, and may even be accelerated to the 2009 Delegates Conference as a result of this incident. That however is open to discussion, and a week, let alone several months, is a long time in politics.

I think the best outcome of this incident though is that it will further the ongoing discussion of the Party by its members and supporters, and bring much of the criticisms into the open. We can expect a more frank discussion o the Party from now on. This is for the better, and indeed reduced the chance for factional skulduggery and palace coups and strengthens the Party. And with an all but irrelevant Official Opposition, it is to the Party’s and country’s benefit to take on that role as well.

So I stress, I support open and frank discussion of the leadership question, and I hope that the leadership is open to such constructive criticism. But I oppose any (Party) unconstitutional attempts to remove the leadership. There are legitimate constitutional means to effect a leadership challenge, and that is what should be supported.


20 thoughts on “The Leadership Question

  1. The worst thing about Browns legacy is arrogant elitism. Thoa Dill David Burt Laverne Furbert Julian hall the most hated man in this island prostitute politics and dismiss working class blacks with there ignorant snobbish attitudes. Elitism was used by the UBP and the PLP had to follow suit to win the Government.
    But times are ten times harder now elites will become targets of crime look at the taxi robberies of late. Premeir Scott was the only PLP Premeir who tried to uplift the poor with his Social Agenda. Three bedroom units at $1500 the promised land. Quality of life a wive and four children for every worker! But Oppressor Brown cant even see his people struggling becuase his looking at pictures of himself with the rich and famous.

  2. This a new era now. Official name change request black press internet journalist.
    Now Mr. Editor, This challenge is about the grassroots versus the rich and famous elites. Tonite is a perfect example the elites go to dinner at Newstead while workers get drunk at sports clubs.
    With the exception of a phd in economics or politics elite education is not necessary in politics.
    The french revolution is proof this. The elites and white racists talk about hand outs but the bank of butterfield was given a hand out the other day. Lopeps is being given out a hand out to build this hotel and middle income housing with government funding.
    Let be for real it costs $7400 ono to house a murderer for 15 years. It is cheaper to rent him a threebedroom for $1500 month and more cost effective. Dont let racism and elitism destroy the message.

  3. leadership?!!! what a joke no vision for the systemic changes that the wider community voted for in 98

    All we have gotten is 10yrs of a black “plp out ubping the upb” jullian hall…whos now very quiet on the changes that needed to be made to the party sinces hes gotten his 200k govt job and his lawer lisence back….classic get rich and switch move

    all we have seen is a continuation of a whitesupremist system now dressed up in eletitist black face.

    and the people….to stressed from every day survival….sadly let this farce of leadership continue

    they call the list of every day regular house keeping duties the govt has done a list of accomplishments….while the real work of social reform and systemic reform goes virtually untouched.

    this is not leadership….we are blowing in the wind like the latin phrase in bermudas crest says. blowing round in a minority ruled plp black elitetist party.

    They have no plan to move the country forward…they have no vision, they havent even been able to stick to the grass roots adjenda…change dictated by the people.

    If the plp party has a vision for the future for bermuda what is it? is it on paper? who wrote it? how far into the future does it span…..we have been fooled by a bunch of former black power militants who are really about securing power and money, and used the cause of the grass roots to rise to power, these fake grass roots plp people care nothing for the working class below poverty line Bermudians.

    we have just replaced one set of elietist people (ubp) who were out of touch with the daily struggles of the workin man….with another set of eletist people (plp) still out of touch with the daily struggles of the working man.

    the population must awake to the fact that its party politics that has failed the nation.

    the population must demand the disbanding of political parties and install a ground or bottom up democratic society, based on the model of a parish council round table that governs the nation. With full voters fights in play.

    Starling have u been able to put togeather that info on a potential way the populace can achieve this evolution in democracy, with out or totally bypassing the local corrupt politicians?

    this is the only way to mature the population politically and the only way to move in the direction of indipendence….with full and total power to the people and not to a set of mps…a set of delegates or a set of party members or a set of civil servents. None of u listed above that think u r superior cause of ya job title, have more power than the average citizen.

    This is bull

    civil and human rights abuses goin unchecked….people being fired cause they exposing corruption….people gettin threatened with being fired cause they helped people win a case of clear govt wrong doing…WTF?!!! citicenzs civil n human rights being abused cause they speak out against the government….Wtf ???!!??!

    U lot loosing ya minds with power, that u think u have?

    U need some one roll up on you with some steel to remind you how human you really are? It would appear this is the case. It would appear that you all who are power tripping need a taste of how the more violent countries deal with political types who are misrepresenting.

    NO MORE MINORITY RULE!!!! The gun is mightier that the spoken word….if u cant hear u will feel!!

  4. n if tha plp dont get back to real grass roots, revolution will come. the only way to get back to grass roots is to remove brown frm premiership, get a new set of delagates with balls and brains, n who are much much younger, and give the working class its equal share og the economic pie….manditory over time pay…increase in minimum wage so peopl can have income above the poverty line in bermuda.

    the people r not benifiting from building the richest per capita nation in the world….still only a select few.

    $28 million to a us tourism company….and for it to happen bermudian civil servents got fired…..bermudians lost jobs…..and our money….again $28million goin to forigners.

    so much for bermudinazation
    so much for employing bermudians
    so much for giving younger people opportunities in the work force

    This is a policy that obama would terminate if it was happening in the usa. WTF is wrong wit dis picture?

    this is a kin to treason and logical questions come to play…..who are these people that are getting these sole source contracts, and what personal relationships do they have with the individuals misusing executive privilidge to give out sole or single source contracts to forigners, while bermudians with skilss are fired from jobs or cant get jobs cause they are being disenfranchised.

    How many bermudians would be able to do the work that our taxpayers dollars are being spent on?

    are all these people browns cutting deals with overseas part of his frat click? 2 bad we dont have REAL investigative journalists here like the major broadcast networks do…berhaps we could get some answers then.

    people r really gettin tired of de bullsh… de econmic stuff ripples down here n tings get wrose on the economy here…..u watch whats gonna pop off if u lot dont get back to grass roots….n dats real talk.

  5. will be examining it closely……i think @ this time in particular starling….it needs to be looked @ in greater detail.

    beacuse the bermudians who are evolving politically and who can balance in the social development responsibility aspects of good governance, are now looking for options, as far as what type of governing system we should have in this country.

    this place is far to small for minority rule, of any form.

    good game 4 pointing this post out to me cause ive been askin 4 it 4 some time but didnt know u made a post on it.

    THIS IS THE REAL BIG CONVERSATION not some bullshit bout race that mainly effect the old who are about to die off!

  6. $28 million dollars to a bunch of goldiggers and pimps in tourism.
    Afo americans are raping Bermuda dumb island people. they should all be deported.
    Anybody who supports this blatant hatred of Bermudians displaced in the Tourism office in NYC for this needs the cat o nine tail.

  7. Brown is just a half a Bermudian he has no roots here.
    Only MPs born of Bermudian lineage should be allowed in Cabinet.
    If a man marries a foriegner you know his heart is in her country. With his bank accounts.
    President Obama is a fool to take a picture with a idiot like this unless he was paid.
    Only wicked evil white racists support Brown becuase he hates black bermudians.
    Habourside Village Corriera construction all foreigners.
    Emissions plant TCD all built by foreigners.
    Peremeter lane Public Housing all foreigners getting government contracts he hates us we must hate him forever.
    And all those who dare supprt him.

  8. Now these weak cowards in the backbench need to be kicked out and replaced by MPs ready to kill and die for poor peoples rights. Brown must call for by elections immediately or his head should role too.
    Old useless blacks are evil and corrupt. They will never retire in peace. When will Wanye Furberts by election be held? The white press is not aggressive enough.

  9. Blackpress, you are fond of resorting to violence aren’t you? Have you learned nothing from the past, that the means determine ends, and that a ‘glorious revolution’ founded in such violence only leads to a violent nightmare society? You should be focusing your energies on developing a critique of the system beyond bombast and building up independent community organisations to rival the state in social function than calling for blood.

  10. Bermuda needs a woman with children in charge of the Housing Ministry for Gods sake in 1998 the United Bermuda Party offered two bedroom units at $800 per month.
    Loughlands went for $3000 per month.
    Minister Burch is guilty of $2200 of corruption a month.
    This man hates black children and must be kicked out of Housing.
    Weak leadership from Dr. Brown. Get rid of him. Happy Mothers day.

  11. Dude. Where on earth do you get things like ‘this man hates black children’? Can you back your statements up – and if not don’t say them…

  12. The plp hates black children unless they are the children of eleties…look @ how the plp have destroyed education even further disabeling how many childrens futures and lowering the quality of likfe for how many in the future…the damage from dame jenifer smiths failure in education is still not come home to roost.

    housing policy should be doing a whole lot more to support the families of the working class….rent geared to income for all public housing right now…..affordable housing for the working class right now…housing for the homeless right now

    instead of sending 28 million to overseasus firm with personal ties to ole doc brown…that money should have been going to help bermudians

    the plp is the new ubp

  13. How many children does Senator Burch have? Where is he spending his money then. His statements about monsters his attack on the black family at Gulfstream housing units. Brown needs to get rid of him as a sacrificial lamb to the poor.

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