More on the UK political blogs

I wrote briefly about this scandal a few days ago, but I found this new article, ‘Where now for Labour bloggers?‘ on the BBC site of some interest.

In particular it leads me to think about political blogging in Bermuda as well. It appears that in the UK, like Bermuda, the right wing, or, more specifically anti-Labour and pro-Conservative political blogs have been dominant over pro-Labour and leftist blogs. Of particular interest to me is the debate on Labour ‘control-freakery’, over ‘controlling the message’ of pro-Labour sites. Of interest also is the growing number of political blogs being run by sitting and former MPs in the UK.

On an aside though, in many respects it appears that Bermudian politics has been ahead of UK politics in ‘internet elections’. But there is still a distinct imbalance between pro-PLP and leftist sites versus anti-PLP and right-wing political blogs and voices in the Bermudian blog scene.

Mr. Draper, who is a central figure in this whole email scandal, has contributed some interesting thoughts on the whole affair though. This quote is found in the article itself, but I think it bears repeating here:

“Maybe this affair will encourage the whole blogosphere, right and left, to commit to a new start, where offensiveness and personal attacks are avoided and debate is elevated not dragged down into the gutter?

“Maybe this can be a turning point at which we all redouble our efforts to tap into the internet´s positive potential rather than allowing its more puerile aspects to come to the fore? But that won´t happen without many many more people getting involved and taking blogging out of its ghetto.”


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