Cedarbridge Violence

From the limited ‘breaking news’ report on the RG site it seems as if there has been some ‘gang’ violence at Cedarbridge. I am sure that the full story will come online sooner or later.

There is a lot of criticism of the Cedarbridge mega-school, and I am one who also think it was a bad idea, although I can understand the reluctance of the new government to mothball what was then a newly built massive capital building. Personally I would have advocated converting it into part of a bigger Bermuda College system and building at least four quality small class-size secondary schools throughout the island.

My main concern about this latest case is that the reaction is most likely going to be a call for a return to ‘family values’ which is usually a code for (and expanded on in the same reaction) a return to corporal punishment and Christian morality being shoved down the throats of school children, as well as calls for blocking things like BET and other music video channels and banning various movies from the island. About the only aspect of that which I agree with is a return to family values, but I mean something totally different by that. When I say it I mean paying workers a living wage so that parents aren’t having to work two to three jobs and leave the children unattended because even the grandparents are busy working. In other words people are letting the TV and like babysit the children.

Its a mess, no doubt about it, and there are lots of complex issues involved here, from drug addictions, consumerism, under-age sex and a sense of alienation amongst the youth. But bible bashing is not a bulwark against unethical behaviour, it just makes unethical people well-versed in biblical passages; sort of the keeping the bowl clean on the outside but not the inside issue. Its much more important for us to look at the root causes of these problems, that is the structural issues in society, than trying to apply snake-oil moralism as a band-aid.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and the updated article is up now.


2 thoughts on “Cedarbridge Violence

  1. Given the per capita costs of educating a public school child is already over that of the private system, it is difficult to imagine that throwing more money at it would help.

    In the final analysis, it’s about values and respect. And that doesn’t apply to just Bermuda either.

    ‘We’ lost the plot somewhere along the road; and getting it back is not going to be easy.

  2. “When I say it I mean paying workers a living wage so that parents aren’t having to work two to three jobs…”

    It’s the free market, who is going to pay a janitor $100,000 a year? Being a parent isn’t a right, if you want to have kids you should be working a job where you can afford to have them.

    If I want a big house or an expensive car, I go to school, work hard, get a degree, try to get a high paying job, then if and when I can afford it I get those things. Children are no different.

    Family Values, if you really have love for your children, and you want the best for them, then don’t have’em before you can afford to give them yourself and every thing else this world has to offer.

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