Big Brother Is Watching You

I’ve been involved in various protests/social movements now for over a decade, and this relevation here about the police having a network of spies within protest movements, and using a carrot and stick approach to it is hardly news to me. But what is news is that they’ve been caught out this time, and its not so easy now to just brush aside such claims as conspiracy theories.

Its no secret that the police are watching these protest/social movements, and I am of the firm belief that they also employ agent provacateurs – that is agents who masquerade as legitimate protestors but ‘act up’ in order to misrepresent the legitimate goals of the movements.

This, along with the partnership with the capitalist class, is not exactly building trust.


One thought on “Big Brother Is Watching You

  1. The conspiracy theory is the biggest conspiracy theory paralyize weak minds to do nothing but accept their miserable fate. No one is in control anything is possible.

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