Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre

I meant to write about this a couple of days ago, but got a bit preoccupied with a few things. I was very happy to hear that the East End Urgent Care Centre has been opened in St. David’s, as I think this is an extremely progressive move. I feel that this will greatly reduce the risk of long-lasting injury to many who may be injured in the East End, as often the more immediate the response to an accident the better the results. This centre has the potential to greatly reduce the risk of mortality or damage from strokes, heart-attacks and road accidents in the east, as well as being extremely useful for events like births and check-ups. It will also be a great asset for the airport and even marine accidents and air-ambulances.

One particularly beneficial aspect of the centre will be in the event of another catastrophic storm event like Hurricane Fabian that isolated St. Georges and St. David’s by severely damaging the causeway. I was serving my first year in the Regiment at that time, and was part of the first patrol sent out at dawn (we had ‘volunteered’ to spend the hurricane itself at Warwick Camp as a rapid response unit), and we were the first group from the Regiment to reach the causeway that day and were completely stunned by the damage. Until the new bridge is constructed (and what is the hold-up with that anyway?) this centre will reduce concerns about healthcare during storm events when the causeway is closed as a precautionary measure.

I always thought it was a monumentally short-sighted move by the Government of the day to effectively mothball the old USNAS hospital, but I am happy to see that this has now been corrected. In addition to serving as a care centre in the east, I reckon this building will also relieve a lot of pressure on the King Edward VIII Memorial Hospital. Ultimately, if a Western Urgent Care Centre is built, this could relieve enough pressure on the central hospital to allow its much needed reconstruction. Of course, a new central care centre should also be constructed too.

I thought people might be upset about the Ministerial over-ruling of the committee charged with selecting a name for the East End Urgent Care Centre, especially after the furore about the recent sports award and naming of the St. David’s school. However, I think that the Minister made the right decision here in choosing to honour nurses Annie Foggo and Susan Lamb over Jane Lusher. I don’t mean any offence towards the family of Jane Lusher by this though, I feel that when the West End Urgent Care Centre is constructed it would be fitting to name it after her honour, as she appears to have contributed more directly to health-care in the West End. Alternatively, if we set up our own version of a Centre for Disease Control, perhaps this would be a fitting tribute to Ms. Lusher with her contributions towards controlling the Yellow Fever epidemic. For political minded people though I do reckon the identities of those who resigned from the over-ruled committee are of some interest, but I personally don’t think that was either here or there to be honest.


4 thoughts on “Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre

  1. You are very wise jonnystar. The centre will be a great benefit and from what I’ve heard it has already received great reviews.

    Agree 100% on your opinion about the naming. I’m glad the minister over ruled the initial choice and I also first thought that the Western one could be named after Ms. Lusher, but a Centre for Disease Control sounds even more fitting.

    Maybe they can put you on the committee, along with other members of the community who will be willing to do their research.

  2. Actually, I would like to know more about all three of the people involved, Ms. Lamb, Ms. Foggo and Ms. Lusher. I feel that our country has so much impressive history, especially for our size, but I just don’t know where to look for it all most of the time.

    If anyone has information on these people, I would appreciate it if they could add it here so that we can all learn more about them. If I was home I would go down to Archives or interview their descendants, but hopefully some readers will be able to elaborate on their histories for us instead.

  3. I think this decision by Minister Butler was the correct one. Members of these advisory committees must realize that their role is to recommend, and their recommendations might not always be upheld. I think Ms Foggo and Ms Lamb have a long legacy and history tied to the East End. I think it would be well fitting to either name the West End Center after Ms. Lusher or perhaps a wing or part of the new Hospital when it is built. There are many people to recognize. Everyone cannot be recognized at once, but we must ensure we recognize people for the right reasons, at the right times, and in the right locations for their memories and contributions to live on.

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