The Bus Strike

I am still getting up to date with news from home, but I couldn’t help notice the development of the Bus strike there. I don’t know the ins and outs of this current dispute, but I have previously written over the years that this blog has existed, that there are ongoing issues there that have not been resolved and industrial action was a certainty. The question has always been when rather than if, as long as the issues have been allowed to fester there.

I am of the belief that this current industrial action is just the current form of the ongoing dispute there over health and safety issues relating to the new bus terminal design as well as concerns over changes to the working schedule. I am sure that in addition to this there are the usual personality issues that are helping to stir the pot, something that is inevitable really. However to me it is surprising that the issues that seem to have led to this current action have not been resolved sooner, as they seem to be nothing new.

My general policy is to support all industrial actions by workers, organised or otherwise. I may criticise certain aspects of tactics and strategy, but I am in general in sympathy with the workers in question. I will continue over the next few days to try to get a better idea of the current action, and will write more shortly.


9 thoughts on “The Bus Strike

  1. With the start of the cruise season (Apr 10), this issue needs settling. It’s going to be a difficult year as it is; we dont need anything to blemish the tourist experience.

  2. Jonathan,

    As I continue to say, it is unfortunate that you, who purports to be progressive minded, must always form your opinion from what you read in the Royal Gazette.

  3. LaVerne,

    Until there is an alternative news source, what exactly do you expect people to do?

    The Government has its own website where it should have more accessible press releases. There is also CITV which should be used more for that purpose.

    The Party has its own website where it should be explaining its policies better and responding properly to ‘false reporting’ that you keep complaining about. Further more, if reports are unsubstantiated and libelous, then sue the RG for once.

    There is nothing stopping the BIU also setting up its own website to get its messages across.

    Nor is there anything stopping other pro-PLPers setting up blogs and putting their side of the story out there.

    Whats the problem?

  4. Ms. Furbert,

    Are you implying that the information received from the Royal Gazette is incorrect in this instance?
    If so, would you be so kind as to let us know HOW it’s wrong and what the REAL story is?

  5. Uncle Elvis and the rest of you, who the hell cares what the real story is? You all would rather hear lies. Jonathan is over there in Scotland, and he knows more than those of here. But then again, Jonathan Starling will always be more credible than LaVerne Furbert, in the eyes of some.

  6. Ms. Furbert, I’m not sure what impression you’ve made of me over the years, but I can assure you that I want the truth as much as you do.

    If the Gazette is lying (and I’m in no way saying that they haven’t shown their bias over the years), I want to know.

    This is why I asked you, who seems, based on your posts, to know what the real story is. I the hell care what the real story is.
    This isn’t about credibility. I see Jonathan as no more or less credible than I see you.
    I’m just asking if you would allow us to partake of information that you seem privy to.
    If that information is confidential, then I completely understand your reticence to share it.
    If not, I’m asking, nicely, if you would please let us know what it is.

  7. But then again, Jonathan Starling will always be more credible than LaVerne Furbert, in the eyes of some.

    LaVerne Furbert has never (in my memory, just to defuse that one) really given us much of a chance to effectively determine whether she’s credible or not. Constantly jumping in with a variant of “you don’t know the whole story, what’s out there is crap and trying to bring down the premier” etc would be a fine argument if it was backed up with “the real story”, but it’s not. The rhetoric is soaring but the details seem to be missing. If one did know the truth behind the alleged lies, one could do this island a great service by outlining the other side of the story right here in this very space. This forum has a theoretically (near) infinite reach, and by definition has a normal readership that is more interested in politics and social issues than the average population… what a great way to try to get the word out to the “other side”!

    LaVerne Furburt obviously cares about this island. LaVerne Furburt is obviously biased, but so are all of us if we’re being honest with ourselves. The RG is also biased, however given a choice between the story in the media and … nothing, I guess it’s the story in the RG.

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