Beyond the boundary

Well, Bermuda has beat Oman by eight wickets over in South Africa. This will come as some consolation to the general poor performances of our side. On the one hand we are genuinely quite famous in the world of cricket, with all the English, South Africans, Aussies, Indians and Pakistanis I meet over here on hearing I am from Bermuda all blurt out Dwayne Leverock, the Triangle and shorts in that particular order. On the other hand, for a nation with all the resources and potential that we have, we should have done a lot better, and there needs to be some serious reflection on our problems.

This report from Cricinfo, and this article from the RG are some good starting points for this discussion.

The issues in our cricket seem to go far beyond the boundaries of the cricket oval, and speak to some serious crises in our society that from here seem to stem from our very consumerist culture. We seem to be fixated on making sure the bowl is sparkling on the outside and forgetting that its the inside of the bowl which is much more important.

I hope that we can beat Uganda on Monday, but comparing the resources of the two countries, I think Uganda probably deserves to win that game more than us. We should be proud of our successes, but at the same time we have to recognise the severity of our defeats and use that to go back to basics for rebuilding.


One thought on “Beyond the boundary

  1. Take the CricInfo report from Williamson with a grain of salt. The contributor to the article has a 4-year record of disparaging Bermuda cricket, as if this small nation had no rights to play at the highest level in the first place despite qualifying fair and square.

    That said, the article featured in the Gazette article is important, the coach once again points out the problems with cricket locally and a reflection of our society and current culture when it comes to being dedicated and showing commitment and respect to the game, fellow players and yourself as a cricket player.

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