Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face?

I have just read the official PLP response to the growing controversy about the sporting award on the PLP blog, and its relation the misleadingly named Progressive Minds site.

I was surprised at the delay in responding to the situation; I think the author was taking his time to think of an appropriate angle to spin this. I think that the choice though is only going to alienate more and more Party supporters. Such shallow responses as these will only succeed in further pushing hitherto party activists into a camp of ‘combined opposition’.

I’m going to be as frank as I can here. I don’t give a damn for the UBP. As far as I’m concerned they are a thing of the past, a totally incompetent and impotent entity. No Party member should today feel that criticising the Party for its mistakes should be seen as supporting the UBP. That time has come and gone. To think of the UBP attempting to win PLPers from this farce is laughable at best.

Having said that, the spin that people are criticising Mr. James Stout because of this farce is totally ridiculous and shallow. Some people are questioning the popularity of the sport he plays, they have their opinion on that. I’m sure its a great sport and he’s a great athelete in it. But thats not the point at all. Myself I question his sportsmanship should he keep such a now tainted award as this one. I’m willing to believe he had no knowledge of this farce when he accepted it, but to keep it now is dishonourable.

The logic behind Mr. Blakeney’s reasoning for giving Mr. Stout the award is ridiculous. I expect better.

I really don’t think the Party has quite realised the fallout that this incident is generating. At least give a better response that could convince us.

Seriously, these types of mistakes are totally avoidable, and the handling of it only compounds it.

I think it may come to pass that someday people will look back at this, albeit small thing, and say this was the last straw. There is still time to fix things, still time to actually be that Party of change we supported. But things had better change soon, because people are getting to the point that they’re done with this incompetence and new oligarchy.

And sure the RG may well be spinning things themselves – I’m tired of that old bogey. Post your press releases on the Government Website where they are supposed to be and let us compare the two then. Rebuttal it online yourselves, and this time with a little quality.

The UBP is dead. Its irrelevant. In that case its up to the Party itself to hold the Party leadership accountable. We should be doing that anyway, but its even more important now.


10 thoughts on “Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face?

  1. The notion that criticizing the selection process for the award is tantamount to throwing mud at James Stout is both disingenuous and insulting; this isn’t about criticizing James Stout, it’s about being disgusted by Ministerial inference in an awards process for political reasons. If you think that such interference is acceptable in a democratic society that supposedly respects free speech, then I really don’t know what to say. Good luck with that.

  2. I found it quite interesting that you mention the UBP four times in this post. If it’s so dead, why do you keep going on about it?

    Other than that, I agree with you completely, and I hope for his own sake that Stout declines or returns the award. He will regret it in the future if he does not.

  3. Douglas,

    He writes that the UBP is dead to please people like Laverne Furbert and for fear of being punished by E. Brown. This is his way of sugar coating his disapproval.

  4. Hi Douglas,

    I beleive that the UBP’s time has been and gone and that they are no more than a zombie these days. Having said that it is obvious that they have the potential to get some degree of reanimation out of this, in particular capturing a group amongst the youth who do not know that life under the UBP was not all that different. However, my main reason for referring to them is because it is a common rebuke to those that criticise the Party that such criticism will aid the UBP. Personally I believe that failure to criticise the Party when its due does more to aid the UBP than anything else. As such my comments were to provoke more independent pro-PLP thought.

  5. Did you read what he said? How is that sugarcoating? it’s just the opposite, in fact.
    I stand to be corrected, but I think Jonny was saying “Stop blaming the UBP for everything and start taking responsibility for your own behaviour”.
    That’s not going to please Ms. Furbert, I don’t think.

  6. Elvis,

    Like you I’ve been reading Jonny’s blog for quite some time. In the past when he critised his party he got a ton of push back from people such as Laverne Furbert. This is a way of saying “calm down people, it’s ok to critise the party because there are no other threats”. Also, as a very recent example, when you critise the government these days, bad things happen to you and there are consequences. Jonny has to get back to the Island and he wouldn’t want to be denied entry or something would he? Afterall, it is Ewart Browns picture on the wall in the arrivals hall at the airport… Burch got denied the award, Jonny might be denied entry? Unlikely, but it is a thought…
    This is the problem these days, everyone is afraid to critise the government because they fear the consequences. Cleary people’s right to free speech has been muzzled by the currents government’s actions. So what do people do? They say, I’m critising you but it’s ok because the boogey man (UBP) is dead and gone.

  7. Justin – First of all Jonny is a Bermudian and has every right to return to his homeland. Secondly, if you think he is worried about retribution, you are wrong. From what I have seen he is a man who remains true to his political beliefs and will continue to work for social justice no matter what.

  8. Urchin,

    I’m not disputing Jonny’s integrity as an individual. He has every right to return to Bermuda just like Burch had every right to receive the Bermuda Sportsman of The Year award. Thanks for reinforcing my point about how the government without regard to law or the people’s wishes.

  9. See, I read the post and can’t see how anyone could see it as sugarcoating. To me, it looks like he’s saying “Stop using the UBP as an excuse for everything”, something that has been prevalent in defense of Government’s actions since 1998, which, to me, at least, is the complete opposite of sugarcoating. It appears to me that he is, in fact, expressing disapproval of the methods used to defend the behaviour and actions of certain members of the various administrations.
    I can’t see how this would please Dr. Brown or Ms. Furbert (I wouldn’t presume to speak to whether it would or not), but I can’t see how Jonny’s motivation for saying that would be to appease those notables.

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