Running Silent

I’ve decided to shut down this blog, at least for the immediate future. I will be revisiting my decision as of May, but for the next two months I don’t envision any new posts. I’ll still check in and moderate any comments every so often, but, barring some major news event, this blog will be effectively dormant.

There are a number of considerations that have led me to this decision. Over the next two months I have a lot fo course work and dissertation preparing to do, and that takes primacy at the moment. However, perhaps the biggest factor in this is my general demoralisation with the level of discourse. I’ve voiced these sentiments over the last few days, but to no avail. In the end, I’m just tired of having to moderate and promote constructive dialouge. I had hoped people would be able to self-regulate themselves, but this has not proven to be the case.

This blog is not over, but it certainly is taking a hiatus, and I am going to seriously reflect on the future direction of this blog.

In the mean time, I’ld direct my readers over to Bermuda Fables and VexedBermoothes. Bermuda Fables is run by a pro-PLPer, while VexedBermoothes should be categorised as an anti-PLP site. Other than the main forums of Bda Sucks and BIAW, the above two blogs are in my opinion the best run and thought-provoking sites, and I hope my readers approach them with critical thought. [BeachLime is also good, but not as frequent in postings.]

Alternatively, I welcome readers to take the initiative and set up their own blogs. The process through is quite easy, and free. A little experimenting and you’ll get the hang of it.

Good luck, and good night.

5 thoughts on “Running Silent

  1. Come back soon and best wishes with the course work and everything else you’re dealing with. Sometimes a break from the blog can do you good, too.

  2. Thanks Jonny for providing this forum. Good luck with all your studies mate and look forward to reading your posts in the future hopefully!

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