Xenophobia Rising

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now, but I really haven’t had the time to sit down and formulate my thoughts on the issue yet. I still don’t, what with assignments and the like, but I think its important to start the discussion on it now rather than leave it to late.

Since the economy started crashing, I’ve noticed a distinct rise in xenophobia here in the UK. Not too much in the UK, but I have noticed an increase in it. I don’t think its all that bad up here in Scotland, but I understand that its really increasing to the south in England. The BNP I’m sure are going to see an increase in support with this crisis. In Europe it seems to be worse; there’s a lot of news reports coming out of Italy right now that seem to indicate the problem is much more worse over there.

As this crisis progresses, and with the apparent failure of the left to really mount a resurgence at the moment – its increasing in support, but not as much as the right – I am really worried that the spectre haunting Europe today is that of the far right.


7 thoughts on “Xenophobia Rising

  1. It’s typical in times of financial crisis. The BNP had a resurgence during the last big recession (’91-’94), as did Le Pen in France.

    Whenever the locals feel their livelihood is threatened, nationalism perks up. Just look at the issues in the US with immigrants lately. I’m sure you could draw parallels all over the world now.

    Mind you, a lot of our fellow Bermudians are phenomenally xenophobic, even in good times.

  2. This is only natural globalisation is a total failure worldwide what is the difference with between this and communism. At least the soldiers get paid under communism. The number one worker in every country are soldiers if the people take to the streets we will have to keep order. Baseline set!

  3. Xeno is xeno facts are facts. Foreign police do not know the ground they are working on or the criminal history of the people they arrest. this can prove fatal the way the situation is now. we need paramilitary forces to deal with things not a SWAT team. this force has to be locals fully armed with ski mask to protect their families in case of returning fire. The streets are flooded the police dont want to scare no one but this last shooting may be T9. Confronting a criminal with this needs superior weaponry. No sidearms or pistols. i recommend three army jeeps 6 man a vehicle. House clearing drills. The biggest problem with racism is policing in Africa they fire warning shots not mace. Liberal civilian Governor are not qualified to police blacks trust me. How can community policing stop a t9 without an AK or GPMG?

  4. The number of jobs held by non-Bermudians has grown four times since the PLP took over 10 years ago,they flooded the rental market and workforce with cheap labor from third world countries,displacing Bermudians out of their own country.

    What’s the people’s party done for the homeless, the thousands of laid off tourism workers, fired tourism Bermudian workers in NY office, the Bermudian homeless, Bermudian hungry,and Bermudians displaced by Asians, Indians, Philapinos ?

    Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support, that’s why Xenophobia is Rising.

  5. bermudians are to get work first……now that economy is on the down turn this is the perfect time for sweeping reforms. Lets see how labour the plp is.

    For the entire span of their 10 yr term, they have allowed the workers to be taken advantage of by corrupt bermudian employers. Sideing with crooked employers instead of the workers that voted them into power.

    for 10yrs the biu has also stood by and allowed the plp to get away with the crime.


    all foriegn workers mus leave when a qualified bermudian is available for work in any given position.

    Manditory review of all work permits with the aim of placing bermudians to work.

    the employment act needs to be updated to prevent worker exploitation…..manditory over time pay….manditory time n a half n doubble time pay.

    the workers rate of pay has declined so much that they are now workin for minimum wages, and just 20 yrs ago the workers were able to make enough money to be economically sucessful in this country, and have the earning potential to be some what close to the earning potential of the white collar sector.

    now…many veteran workers..people who have worked in the trades over 20yrs are ashamed of their professions…any not even clearing 50k a yr.

    this is bullshit especially under a labour government

    And people wonder y young people are not stupid enough to slave them selvesout to go and work in the various labour sectors for less then 600 a week

    the plp n biu have allowed corrupt bermudian employers to steal from the workers. The corrupt bermudian employers dont want to pay the local workers the proper wages…then they say bermudians r lazy when they say fuck u im not a fuckin slave and im not workin for a forigner wage.
    The corrupt bermudian employer then uses this as an excuse to bring in a forigner…to exploit them by payin them wages far below the bermudian standard, while charging top dollar to clients including rates of pay outlined in the employment act….IE time n a half, doubble time, giving the workers a minimum wage, and them putting the balance in their pockets whem demanding workers do over 60 hrs a week on average.

    THIS IS MODERN DAY SLAVERY….shame on u plp biu and you dirty bermudian employers.

    As the workers become more aware of these things XENOPHOBIA will turn violent especially when bermudians cant feed their families or pay their super inflated rents.

  6. Business is business but politics is politics the profits these companies make go back into the economy back to government and here is where politicans make the mistake of giving more concessions back to the companies.
    I.E. the Finance Minister Paula Willamina Cox gave a white business woman a $20000 cheque at the Chamber of commerce instead of taking a picture giving an $800 cheque to a recipient of financial assistance department.
    In a true global economy foreigners work and the local nationals enjoy a good quality of life drinking smoking making children on welfare..this is the promise land.
    This ELITE BIGOTRY is a waste of time war on drugs and public eduacation. All the locals need are housing and welfare checks. Eduaction is useless if one is overqualified. At a 50% failure rate education does not deserve reinvestment. But school teachers just like elderly citizens make up a huge numbers of votes.

  7. Educated suckrocks seen more of a poster name.

    I feel sorry for those that attain anything in the next ten years. The Camel’s back is broken yet they lay in waiting.

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