Bermudian Blogosphere Ecology

Just out of curiosity about the state of Bermuda’s blogosphere I’ve put together a few stats of this blog. I have no idea how they stack up with other Bermudian blogs, but I am curious about how the Bermudian blogosphere is developing. I thought these might at least contribute a little to an understanding of our blogospheres dynamics. I’m pretty sure that the Bermuda Sucks forum remains the most popular site though, and with the dormancy of as well as some others, I get the impression that Vexed is capturing the ‘market share’ that used to have.

These stats are from the very beginning of this blog, in January 2007, and so do not reflect well some of the dynamics of the individual years 2007 and 2008. It might be interesting to compare these stats with those a year from now to see how things have changed. Its also important to note that a number of new blogs have emerged, and their growing importance is not necessarily well reflected in these stats. I would expect subsequent years to reflect these trends though.

‘Hits’ 2007:

Total: 17,751
Mean (per month): 1479.25
Mean (per day): 48.6
Highest Monthly Visit: December – 3385

‘Hits’ 2008

Total: 137,247
Mean (per month): 11,437.25
Mean (per day): 376
Highest Monthly Visit: July -29,637

Top Ten Referrers: 75%
VexedBermoothes: 14%
FreshieBlog: 3%
BdaRadical: 2% 2%
Royal Gazette: 1%
21 Square: 1%
Limey: 1%
IMHO: 0.5%
New Onion: 0.5%
(Other: 1%)

Top Ten Clicks

Bda Sucks: 17%
Progressive Minds: 17%
BermyOnionPatch: 12%
VexedBermoothes: 11%
FreshieBlog: 9%
21 Square: 9%
BdaRadical: 7%
BIAW: 7%
Devil Island: 6%
Sal’s Blog: 5%

These calculations are not perfect, but I do think they give a fairly representative picture of the stats in question. Unfortunately these stats don’t really track any changes over time, for example, what is the ‘growth-rate’ of some of the newer blogs, like FreshieBlog, VexedBermoothes and Bda Fables, what with some of the older blogs entering a period of dormancy (especially The dormancy of some blogs have led to newer blogs taking over the niches that these blogs previously occupied. This makes me wonder if the Bermudian blogosphere has a certain level of carrying capacity? And how does this carrying capacity change over time (increase in internet usage, lurkers, etc.)? Is blogging activity increasing or decreasing over time? Is there an ‘ecological succession’ of blogs – how have blogs evolved over time? How does existing carrying capacity for Bermudian blogs compare to other countries?

My thoughts on these questions are that there is a carrying capacity for Bermudian blogs, and while this should change over time with increased internet use, at the moment I would say that our capacity is somewhere around the number ten, although this doesn’t account for the size/popularity of individual blogs (market share is not equally distributed). I get the impression that blogging activity will increase over time in tandem with greater internet usage. I also believe that there has been a certain degree of ecological succession. Initially the blogs were almost completely anti-PLP dominated, both in usage and orientation. Today there is a greater balance, although I feel it is still dominated by anti-PLP sentiment. All of this is of course mere qualitative speculation on my part, but I feel that these impressions will probably be shared by others.

There also seems to be a core group of active bloggers. I haven’t counted them all up exactly, but I reckon there are about twenty to thirty individuals who make up the bulk of participation on Bermudian blogs. There are numerous others, but their participation is generally sporadic. I get the impression that for every active participant there is probably about three lurkers. I’m not really sure how one would go about quantifying these though; my numbers are just guesstimates.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as blog ecology or if there have been any actual investigations into the phenomena, but I find it interesting to speculate about. I found this post on ‘Blog Readers Research’ that may be of interest on this topic. I found this article as well, ‘How can we measure the influence of the blogopshere’ which may be of interest. My guess would be that those readers with a background in IT would have the best knowledge about this kind of stuff though.

I also found this site interesting for determing our ‘internet penetration’ – which it measures at 72.1%
(comparable with Canada at 84.3% and the US at 72.5%). If one were to include us in the Caribbean rankings we apparently come second after Antigua & Barbuda (85.9%); Barbados is at 63.8% and Cayman is at 46%. The growth of our internet penetretration is interesting also:

2000: 39.2%
2001: No Data
2002: No Data
2003: 54%
2004: No Data
2005: 60.7%
2006: 65%
2007: No Data
2008: 72.1%

I think its pretty obvious that internet penetration would generally correlate with GDP, but it would also be interesting to compare it with income inequality (say using Gini Coefficient values), and can we draw any general theories of carrying capacity based on these (for example, is Bermuda’s Xamount of active blogs under or overcapacity relative to its internet penetration and population size…)? It would be interesting to check out a handful of other small island states, say Barbados, Antigua, Cayman and the Bahamas to get a rough idea of how many blogs these countries currently sustain, and see how Bermuda stacks up against them in relative terms.

Anyway, perhaps the readings on ecological dynamics and economics is just making me deranged, but I find all this kind of interesting. Any thoughts? Anyone up for some group investigation of these questions and comparing blogosphere with other small island states?


83 thoughts on “Bermudian Blogosphere Ecology

  1. Jonathon,

    What is a lurker? Somone who reads the blogs but doesn’t contribute? Would you consider that the same as people who read the newspaper but never write letters to the editor, even though they have an opinion on what they’ve read, especially in reference to editorials and opinion columns? How about people who listen to talk radio but never call in. Are they lurkers?

    Although you describe as being dormant, I’m pretty sure Christian Dunleavy is very active in blogsphere. And as far as Vexed Bermoothes, he’s also very active with writing his opinion, although at another level.

    I personally feel that some people are comforable with expressing their opinions publicly and will use whatever medium is available. I consider those people who don’t use their names when they post as the same type of people who write anonyous letters to the editor. They want people to hear them, but not to see them. If you read the letters to the editor of the Mid Ocean News you will see that the only person who signs her names is Dr. Hodgson, the rest all use pen names, which to me means that the letters could be coming from the same person using a different name which will make it appear to the readers that more than one person feels that Dr. Brown is corrupt, when it’s the same person that’s writing more than one letter.

    As far as your stats go, I’ll share your post with Cal Smith and see what he comes up with. There’s nobody in Bermuda that knows stats more than he.

  2. Jonathan,

    My feeling is that blogging has taken a downturn in interest due to the environment created for those who choose to voice their opinions.

    Indeed, despite Ms. Furbert’s ongoing attempts to discredit those who post via pseudonym’s it should be of little suprise why when they may well risk their livelihoods or safety of their loved ones by making themselves known. As evidenced in this month’s RG Magazine Ms. Furbert herself has been the source of threats to the livelihoods of those who speak with anononymity should they choose to no longer be anonymous. Yet I wonder if she would similarly condemn those who spoke out anonymously against slavery and segregation as having had any less right to voice their opinion for what they believe to be right and wrong. It would not surprise me greatly at all to discover that those voices too were condemnded and discredited.

    No doubt activity among the ‘blogosphere’ (as much as I detest that word) could return as more and more people become exposed to and comfortable with the internet but otherwise I doubt we’ll see much of an upsurgence.

    I feel many in the active blogging spectrum have disappeared to the shadows simply because of the present environment where your message is less likely to reach those you hope it would because you’re more likely to be attacked for trying to send it. What is the value of writing a piece if it returns no value because the ideas or thoughts proposed are immediately cast aside because the composer refuses to join the status quo and toe a party line?

    It comes as little surprise to me that many of the premonitions made by those in the blogging community have been coming true and yet where we could have taken heed of their warning and been more prepared for the possibility of what could come we instead have been too busy opposing any view perpendicular to our own. It is we who will suffer for their silence as they yield insights into perspectives we cannot fathom, perspectives that can make us stronger if we worked together.

    We are driving away the very voices that could yield great and positive change for our future, no doubt just as we once did before. It would be of little surprise to me if travesties such as slavery and segregation would have ended far sooner or even never have begun in the first place if those voices who stood up for what they believed in, anonymous or otherwise, too where not silenced or driven away.

  3. Ms furbert is the head of the plp secret poliece and gistapo squad.

    vexed..i have extended an invite to starling to create a thread on the process and prospects the bermudian people to achieve gettin rid of the westminister system WITHOUT the participation of the bermuda based politicians…to create a bottom up democratic country still tied to the UK.

    I also extended this invite to you and other blog owners with content to contribute on this…

    Any thoughts?

  4. Ms furbert is the head of the plp secret poliece and gistapo squad.

    Any evidence of this, or is this just another libellous accusation?

    I guess the “secret” part of the “secret poliece and gistapo” squad is the important bit. It’s such a secret that no-one, and I mean NO-ONE!, has ever heard of it.

  5. I think you are quite rigth that there is a very small core group of persons who regularly contribute to the Bermuda blogs … any ideas on how to increase that number or is blogging just for the few who currently participate on a regular basis?

  6. Son of Obatala, should you wish to achieve a true bottom up democracy you could help things go a long way by being a part of the movement of change to drop the petty personal attacks of which I just wrote about. Your remarks clearly demonstrate how shooting the messenger is a phenomenon that plagues all sides of our political spectrum and that until we learn to look past it and work together we’ll never move forwards, regardless of who is leading government, westminister style or not.

  7. Dennis Pitcher,

    Didn’t you find it strange that Matthew Taylor would use that quote when writing an article about race in Bermuda, especially in light of the fact that there was no mention of race in my comment. Did you think it was okay for a limey in Bermuda to suggest that a shark should attack the Premier or that someone should dump exrement on his house? Don’t you also find it interesting that in spite of the many comments that I have written on this blog and Limey in Bermuda, that people keep referring to that one comment.

    Have you read all of the comments about me on this and other blogs? Do you approve of them?

    To compare those people who anonymous condemned slavery and racism to what most (not all) of the anonymous posters have to say on these blogs about the PLP and its members is going from the ridiculous to the sublime.

  8. I’ll share your post with Cal Smith and see what he comes up with. There’s nobody in Bermuda that knows stats more than he.

    I’m sure the two hundred or so actuaries on the island would find that statement amusing (not to mention the math profs at Bermuda College).

  9. I’m sure the two hundred or so actuaries on the island would find that statement amusing (not to mention the math profs at Bermuda College).


  10. Morning LaVerne,

    Yeah, by ‘lurkers’ I mean people who read the blogs but for whatever reason do not post. Active bloggers are both lurkers and posters though; for example I lurk on BIAW, but I haven’t registered to post there so I don’t; similarly I lurk on Bda Sucks but only post infrequently. Its hard to differentiate between active posters just checking in to see whats going on and chronic lurkers though jsut by looking at the stats. Thats why I’ve suggested that there are maybe three lurkers to every poster, even though the hits and the number of posters would at first indicate a different ratio (maybe 50 lurkers to one poster or something).

    Not really sure if Calvin would find my stats interesting or not, they are just rough ones and he’ld probably need the raw data to do something, but maybe he could help figure out the ratio of lurkers to posters or something; if he is interested I’ll be happy to send him the raw data. What would be interesting though would be comparative stats of all Bermudian blogs; at the moment I believe the stats for Bda Sucks and BIAW or available.

    One question I would have also is about the rate of growth of blogs as per ‘hits.’ My guess is that this is affected by factors such as time (how established is the blog), links to other blogs, cross-postings, subject matter and national internet penetration. Not sure how they would weight against each other, and maybe there are other factors. And then there would be sociological factors, like the tradition of discourse in communities and the like – I think Bermuda has a tradition of Letters to the Editors and radio talkshows which may factor into the growth of blogs.

    As to anomynity, well, this is a constant issue for blogs. I’ve written about it several times and my position hasn’t changed. Blogs allow posters to post anomynously, and this has both positives and negatives. It allows people who for whatever reason (self-confidence, fear of reprisals) to post and contribute to constructive discourse. It also allows people to, for whatever reason, launch personal attacks and campaigns of misinformation, secure behind assumed names. I, and I believe other moderators of blogs, attempt to walk a fine line between censoring free speech, affecting the flow of discussion and general facilitators (or perhaps mediators) of blog discussions. Sometimes things slip by, thats to be expected. However I am of the opinion that the vast majority of lurkers and active posters have the critical facilities to separate the chaff from the wheat so to speak of posts. People who choose to post with their real names automatically possess a degree of credibility with their positions (but do risk reprisals of some form or another, like attracting trolls…), while those that post with false names are scrutinised more – they have to make up their credibility by force of argument/increased quality of posts. People in general can figure out who’s trolling and who’s interested in conversation.

    Bermuda has a long history of exacting reprisals on those who dare to speak freely, from slavery, to apartheid and to guestworkers (even under the UBP). We are still a long way from getting beyond that, which is unfortunate, but at the same time not surpising due to the size of our nation. The focus shouldn’t be too much on anti-anomynity, but instead on pro-discussion and constructive contributions.

  11. Blankman/Canuck,

    Calvin was the islands chief statician for a long time, and is a graduate fo several esteemed institutions in these fields. I doubt he himself would claim to be the best in Bermuda, but I certainly think he’d agree he’s up there, as would many others.

  12. JS, I know… I meant it in a very un-serious tone but of course that doesn’t actually come across teh interwebs very well

  13. Sorry Jonny but speaking from memory Calvin’s degrees include a BA in economics, an MBA, and a computer science degree (I vaguely remember a degree in education as well). I never could understand what qualified him to be the island’s chief statistician. I stand by my comment.

  14. Hey Canuck,

    I got the humour aspect, I was writing more for the benefit of others.

    Blankman, well, I’ll check his CV. I’m sure others can comment on it also, but its a bit of a side-track though.

  15. Calvin Smith, with the island’s first Chief Statistician, having been recruited by the then Governor (I can’t remember his name right now) from Canada where he was living and working for Stats Canada. That was in the mid-60s.

  16. Dennis,

    “Yet I wonder if she would similarly condemn those who spoke out anonymously against slavery and segregation as having had any less right to voice their opinion for what they believe to be right and wrong.”

    Just a little over the top wouldn’t you agree? I mean, at the time those who dared speak out against slavery, especially those that were enslaved, would be punished by whip and/or death.

    To date, on this forum, there have been two cases that have been presented where persons have allegedly been fired for speaking our and have had a work permit revoked for not “respecting” an MP. Out side of that there apears to be no clear evidence of retribution on those who dare speak out using their real names.

    As I said, I think everyone who has a vested interest in Bermuda should be able to freely speak their mind with fear of retribution and unless I am proven wrong, I would have a very difficult time believing that this Government or any other Bermuda Government, in this day and age would revoke a work permit because someone chooses to speak out against it. If that ever happened than maybe SoO would get and should get the revolt he so longs for.

    In all fairness to LaVerne, not that I necessarily agree with what she did, this matter about Limey and his wife needs to be put into proper perspective. The place of employment of Limey’s wife was no secret as it was stated by Limey long before LaVerne’s comments were made. So while you may not agree with some of LaVerne’s tactics, you still need to operate under full disclosure, especially with a matter such as this.

  17. Calvin Smith, with the island’s first Chief Statistician, having been recruited by the then Governor (I can’t remember his name right now) from Canada where he was living and working for Stats Canada. That was in the mid-60s.

    Which doesn’t make your statement “There’s nobody in Bermuda that knows stats more than he” any more valid (although it does explain why he was hired originally).

  18. Blanks – For the love of God, are you really going to be THAT pedantic? Pissing Match with LVF Part 2?

    Big picture people.

    Jeezus… It’s no wonder we can’t have a Big Conversation… too many pissing contests… In the end well…everybody just gets pissed on and all real conversation goes down the drain… But, whatever floats your boat.

    GG – I’m sure you would agree that in a country as small as Bermuda, it’s not just retribution from the Government as to why individuals choose anonymity over posting under real names… one of which is Employers as well as just the respect to privacy. Although I do agree that the cloak of anonymity also acts as a blank cheque for some to say and do things they wouldn’t normally. In some ways though, that is kind of the point. Most of the folk online are individuals that would likely never form part of my social circle let alone have an indepth conversation on politics, race, etc. with…

  19. Why waste your time questionning Calvin’s qualifications? He’s been doing it some 40 friggin years, and it’s not rocket science. Eeesh.

    I think it’s extremely surprising that there isn’t a bigger presence on the Bermuda blogosphere. I always pictured it taking off, but instead it’s done the opposite. Perhaps the polarised nature of the island leads ‘lurkers’ or ‘browsers’ to figure that they would be lumped into one category or the other, so there’s no point in posting. Certainly I saw the moderator over at Progressive Minds manage that in a matter of weeks. Now no-one posts over there.

    I used to like BS because it was a very unregulated board, ie, there was virtually no input from the blog owner, and everoyne just posted whatever they felt like. However the predominating voices all saying the same thing (and unjustifiably picking on most who disagreed, with one obvious exception)meant there was little actual dialog, more choir preaching.

    Obviously there is some good dialogue happening here, but it isn’t really a forum so much as Jonny’s thoughts prompting others, which is great, but not quite an open thing.

    Is there an answer? Don’t know. Seems to me if I were to set up an open board tomorrow, it would quickly become inundated with certain posters saying nonsense and picking up old fights from previous ones. Sad.

  20. Oh and as for anonymous posting spiel – if you don’t like it, get over it. There’s been enough evidence in the past to suggest that posting under one’s real name can affect other aspects of people’s lives, so it’s no surprise. And don’t be so high and mighty as to claim that people who do practice this have opinions that are somehow less than your own.

    I used to run a peer counselling service at school, and the only way we could get people to send their real questions was anonymously. Should we have discarded the concerns because we didn’t have names? No.

    If the only way some people are comfortable posting their thoughts is through a pen name, then be thankful that they’re posting at all, and engage them as you would if they were sitting next to you.

  21. Bermudian interest in blogs, particularly ones focusing on politics, is an unknown item. As Darkside mentioned earlier, there aren’t many who post either within one of the local blogs or the two web forums. However, there may be a very large number of lurkers.

    Even when you consider the blogs that don’t deal with politics, such as Breezeblog or TalkSport, I’d guess there are only a small number of regular visitors.

    Flip side, bermynet and its cousins likely have huge viewership. So locals are going online. But are consciously or unconsciously not participating in this arena.

  22. CO & Lost,

    I have no real issue with the reasons why posters participate anonymously (I understand why it is done – I don’t agree, however, with an environment where people are afraid to peronally speak out, but it is what it is) especially when and where they are being sincere and offer constructive criticism and ideas (not that I always offer them – LOL!!!) and do not resort to personal attacks on other posters, especially those who post under their real names, and are interested in dialogue, discussion and health debate. Admittedly, most posters do not resort to personal attacks but if one is going to go that route he/she should at least have enough respect to do so outside of anonymity and be held accountable for what he/she says.

  23. Guilden – I’ll be frank. I have some views on International Business and Bermuda that may be misconstrued or not appreciated by my employer. I am sincere in my beliefs, feelings, ideas, etc and in the interest of being able to discuss things openly and honestly have chosen to and will continue to use a pen name. That is not to say that I do not have the courage of my convictions, moreso that I know which side my bread is buttered on and do not wish to feel like I am working or blogging with a shadow over me. I have shared my innermost thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences, etc. And in doing so have chose to keep my identity private.

    Now when it comes to personal attacks, I believe that simply by virtue of good etiquette individuals should not BEHAVE any different under the veil of anonymity than they would were they face to face. Hiding behind a pen name while launching nasty personal attacks is cowardly.

  24. CO,

    We are in agreement but don’t let SmokingGun know that as he will accuse us of being in cahoots. LOL!!!!

  25. “this matter about Limey and his wife needs to be put into proper perspective”

    As does the matter about the “shark attack and icy BM dropping on the Premier”. Perspective works both ways.

    I’ve got a couple of ideas why more folks don’t post on blogs and forums, but I don’t think anyone wants me to go off on THAT rant again! *grin*

    “Now when it comes to personal attacks, I believe that simply by virtue of good etiquette individuals should not BEHAVE any different under the veil of anonymity than they would were they face to face. Hiding behind a pen name while launching nasty personal attacks is cowardly.”

    Perfectly put. Amen.

  26. denis……callin a spade a spade is not a personal attack.

    When I asked if u had input it was on the topic on how the people can formulate a framework on how to bring fourth the bottom up government system.

  27. dont throw stones in glass houses!!!,

    since when did all of the above ,except for SOB,refrain from personal attacks,especially the “wheres mommy “UE troll twat ???

  28. Well SoO you got the ” fourth” right. When they do bring forth then we will know about progress.

    Now, about the secret police. When you see one let me know. If what you state is true maybe there are evil forces out there. You have a point. I haven’t seen a policeman in weeks but they may be busy tying up loose ends.

    I want some of that stuff your smoking. Does it still come in on US Airways or the pilot boat.

  29. Bill,

    Please note I never said I had a problem with personal attacks, I only have a problem with personal attacks made from behind a veil of secrecy. I do not recall making too many personal attacks. Personal attacks do not bode well for discussion or debate. However, I use my real name which means if I do make a personal attack I can be held accountable for what I say.

  30. Bill,

    a) I don’t hide behind a pen name. Yes, I use one, but my identity is no secret.
    b) When have I ever made a personal attack? Please, since you seem to have a chip on your shoulder about me, point to those. Or would you rather just do your usual thing of being a coward and hiding behind your OWN pen name and throw out completely baseless accusations, then run away like a little bitch when called on them?
    See, THAT is a personal attack, you complete and utter douchebag.
    Also, you might want to look up what the word “troll” means in this instance. I think you might be using the word wrong. Not that misinformation and complete untruths would be a surprise from you…

    And what’s with the weird “Where’s mommy” thing? That doesn’t make any sense.


    Does the PPP have a secret police, too? Seeing as both only exist in your mind, one would assume…

  31. you dont even LIVE HERE F**CS!!!

    rest living in fancy $$$$$ mansions

    none u have to work for living, waste all day on dis BULLSHIT

    walk round town nights ,see the crime, holmelss and hopeless, take a walk in MY WORLD

  32. douchebag. is dat what u stole from Afrika, along with the trinkets u sell on front street ?

    ya whiney twat, come back o town ,we got some art fo yo ass

  33. Uncle E,

    You give Bill too much credence, don’t let him wind up like that, trolls should be ignored. Oops, was that a personal attack on Bill? Oh well, at least my identity is known. LOL!!!!

  34. What the hell are you talking about?

    I not only live here, I live in a small, one bedroom apartment that I can barely afford. I assure you that I have to work.

    As for wasting all day on “dis BULLSHIT”, the only waste is trying to have a discussion with you and your ilk, who would rather lecture on the nonsense that you make up in your own heads than actually discuss what’s ACTUALLY happening.

    Based on your comments, you have absolutely NO idea what’s happening in the world, in Bermuda or with those of us that you rail against.

    Try listening instead of opening your mouth and showing just how ignorant you actually are. You might learn something.

  35. hey, Bill, come down to my store some time and see if what I sell are “trinkets”. The finest sculptors alive today, all of which are supported pretty much solely by our gallery, are creating “trinkets”? You have no idea just how insulting that is to everyone involved.

    You also, obviously, have no idea just how ignorant it makes you look.

    Any other gems of wisdom you’d like to lay on us?

    Guilden, you’re right. Stupidity of that level of magnitude shouldn’t be given the time I took to write these responses. My bad.

  36. Bill,

    Get a life, when Court Street was truly considered a not so safe place, my father had his sheet metal shop at the of Tills Hill. Been to plenty sessions in my day up on Pond Hill. Why do you think I fear or should fear the Back of Town? Respect for people can get you far.

    As far as not having to work for a living, sorry, you are barking up the wrong tree and the mansion you refer to, clearly you knowmore about me than I know of myself. I can’t speak for you but I happen to work hard to earn my keep and try to give my family the best life I can. Can hate for that, hey?

  37. Ms. Furbert,

    Jonathan has conveyed quite well much of my sentiment.

    I question the need to condemn all anonymous posters just because some abuse the priviledge. I use a rather extreme example to illustrate where we might be had all anonymous voices throughout history have been silenced. Indeed, do you believe that if slavery still existed today that there would not be many who would utilize the internet to condemn it without fear of reprisals?

    As for the other examples you’ll note that it would be the rare case for me to have been found making such statements. I strive to not let others set the bar for what I feel is acceptable which is what I wish we all would do.

    As for Matthew Taylor’s piece, have you considered viewing things from his perspective? Though you may not have in any way intended it as a racially related comment, is it possible that this is how white people see racism and why he saw it in your statement? If so could you admit that there is more to be gained from his greater appreciation of your point of view of racism just as there is more to be gained by you appreciating his?

    As much talk we have about big conversations and greater understanding I find we readily ignore trying to appreciate how things look from the other person’s point of view. I think if we could all do that we would go a long way towards actually addressing our terrible legacy and would be achieving the first real steps towards mending the pain we feel as a society.

  38. Guilden, I think Bill can hate for whatever reason he concocts! *grin*

    He just keeps making shit up to justify his little hate-filled rants, truth be damned! *lol*

    As for Back of Town, I went to school at Adult Education, back in the day. I’ve spent many a day and night “com[ing] back o town” and never had any trouble.

    But it’s interesting that “Bill” would try to characterize it as a dangerous place, isn’t it? Especially when he uses it as a thinly veiled threat like that.
    Kinda sad.

  39. Uncle E,

    I think he was referring to me about not living in Bermuda. It is none of his business what I do with my life. One thing I could never understand is why some people dislike other people who have money, those that have it, they have earned, how they earned it is none of my concern and some with money is no better than me or anyone else, they just have more money.

    Maybe because of my hard work my kids will be wealthy. My kids didn’t ask to be here so I see it as my duty to make their better than mine. However, in Bill’s “world” there is a problem if I try to create wealth for my kids. Maybe Bill should be out trying to create wealth for his family, if he hasn’t started already, so that his kids can have a better life than he had. Maybe Bill shouldn’t worry about what he thinks other have or don’t have and focus on what he can do for himself.

  40. Bill,

    On another note, I have not used profanity towards you or anyone else, I do not use it in my daily life so at least respect that and do not use it when addressing me, Besides using profanity could give the impression that you lack vocabulary skills, surely that’s not the case.

  41. Ice T 2006 ” anyone can get touched up.”
    During the last recession there was a lot of crime. Remember when Junius Cann and three youth in ski masks came on the news? Rebecca Middleton 1995 when government finally started the first Megaschool. Also Bank of Butterfield was robbed one summer. With five murders this last year going into recession this year anyone can get robbed or worse. This back to work is a joke. Unskilled workers only. UBP gave more contracts to blacks. We need an election!

  42. people are mad @ thoes with money because in many instances cause they dont have the same opportunity to provide for their families via their own hard work…..IE tha workin poor.

    Many well off people forget the struggle or never had to struggle…their parents did, n they inherit.

  43. I thought Guilden was a stupid old man on Everest show that brags about four houses he bought and paid for. Mistaken identity sorry dog.

  44. SoO,

    So if I am able to put my kids in a position where they never have to struggle, that is a bad thing? One of the problems we blacks have had since slavery is jealousy, for want of a better word, of what others have and many try to drag other blacks down because “they ain’t suppose to have more than me”. This carries over to the work place where a white boss will ask an employee to do something and he will do it with no questions asked, when a black boss ask for the same task to be complete the employee will say to himself and others, “Who does he think he is?”

    I have many friends here who own their own businesses and I support them as much as I can. Hear what I mean about support though, I tell them not to give me any discounts because doing so takes money out of their pocket, which means that in reality I have no helping them. Support is not asking ya boy to hook you up. As soon as we start to realise that as a people the better off we will be.

  45. was on job site today…aka the modern plantation

    talkin to a old man…workin in de trade ova 30yrs….he says workers made more money 20yrs ago then they do now. Today trades people in bermuda are makin minumum wage.

    People are “on the wall” cause they aint gonna be anyones modern day slave.

    the employment act is a joke…and as a result….back to work plan is also a joke.

    Billions of dollars have been stolen from bermudian and overseas workers over the past 20 yrs.

    Stolen by lawbreaker bermudian employers, and aided by the biu and the upb n plp governments

  46. Educated Pigs,

    The stupid old man you hear on the radio is my father. I wonder though is he stupid or are you too stupid to understand that you can learn something from his experiences. Bet you didn’t know he was the only Bermudian trained in sheet metal, bet you didn’t know that most buildings in town have his sheet metal air condition ducts in them.

    Sometimes it is better to listen to what older people have to say and learn from them, notice I did not say agree with them, I said listen to them and what they have experienced. Yeah, my father paid off a numbr of mortgages, even when he had his mortgages called due to him being unafraid to speak out against the UBP Government. It is people like him who paved the way for young black Bermudians. Young black Bermudians have it a hell of a lot easier today because of people who came before them and fought, unfailing against injustices.

    So ask yourself, “Who really is the stupid one?”

  47. was on job site today…aka the modern plantation

    Seriously? You’re going to make THAT analogy?

    A job site is like a plantation? How? What possible similarities are there, besides the fact that you have to work hard?

  48. guilden…..what makes you think that people are not experiencing similar forms of political intimidation from this administration?

  49. SoO,

    The best way to get paid what you want to get paid is to own the company. Sure it will be a struggle in the early years, you think people like Charles B. Swan (plumbing company) had life easy as he was trying to grow his company. It takes HARD work, dedication and sacrifice. If one door closes in your face giving up or bad mouthing those you feel did you wrong will accomplish nothing, go about your business with focus and determination and accept the sacrifices that are required. When ya boys are getting wheels or putting a sound system in their car, do without, that is what sacrifice is.

  50. Ice T 2006, “if ya got a little paper it aint to smart to boast lve ya life in secret just like a ghost.”
    You need some urban education people are suffering out here dog. Niggas are talking. I got robbed a few times no sweat couldnt blame him.
    Old dog pulled a knife and told me give him $20 it was so fast i just gave him what i had in my pocket.
    i carry something now. my advice is to stash ya wallet.
    i blame the government not poor peoples fault. The old dog wore the plp hat during the election now he near homeless.
    Personally put at least $12,000 in my hood local african charity. Fuck am the government bought fones pampers baby formula G.E.D. exam fees paid fines for court cases peoples rent. Almost killed two fools for some dumbshit. if people really knew what was going down in the hood they wouldnt run up their mouth like Burch. That is the country mentality always dogging people. Bermuda is not worth dying for? Not even no strip clubs over here shit.

  51. SoO,

    When did I say there was no political intimidation? You don’t think I lost opportunities when I started to speak out after I graduated from university? My position was if someone wants to try to stop me from succeeding I wish them luck because I refuse to let anyone stop me from accomplishing what I want to accomplish. Many doors for me were closed but I never asked for any favours and I have alwasys been prepared to work hard for what I want to accomplish.

  52. That was under the UBP. He couldn’t start from scratch and do it under the PLP. Where he live i want to meet him? My father was a stupid old man too. His doctor was the Premier. Dont get upset like Luther Vandross nigga.

  53. Only a fool would give a politican land on consignment in the BHC scandal then take high blood pressure pills from him. nearly killed the PLP loyalist. 1999 the good old booming economy.

  54. Easy guys. You want’ me to call Rummy and get him in here? It’s the same stuff even without the bloody fool. One site, another site. It goes on and on and by the same people.

    Johnny Star, moderation is what it is. Step in please.

  55. Educated Pigs,

    My brudda, people hurting all over. I need urban education, listen I know people here in the Bahamas who live in wooden shacks 12’x12′, they get up and go to work or look for work daily. You talking about masons making $14 an hour, I know of masons here who do yard work and earn $250.00 a week of less but a little bit of income is better than no income. Bermudians for the most part have no idea about struggle. I see young kids leaving their homes to go to the public water tap to fill up containers for drinking and bathing becasue they have no running water and still using out-houses.

    Late last year, at one hotel alone there were 800 people who had their employment terminated because of this global economic downturn. The concern now is what happens to students about to graduate from high school, there is a glut of experienced people that have been laid off and most employers look for at least some experience. How do these kids stand a chance.

    You need to wake up and realise that there are people who are much worse off.

  56. four houses means four million dollars. i slept in run down buildings with rats running on my chest in 2001. Slept in basements took sponge baths with one burner heating the water in small plastic basins in 2002. brushed my teeth at Robinsons bay in the water. The look i saw on a nigga today crime crime crime everybody be safe. peace.

  57. 4 Million dollars? Please!!! Think back when real estate prices were significantly less than half of what they are today. One of the mortgages he helped to pay off was my grandmother’s after my grandfather died, at least 35 years ago. Not today’s values.

  58. SoO,

    Still this is a new experience for Bermuda and it just goes to show that during the good times is when funds should be put aside. You know as well as I that many live well above their means. Look at how much money some people put into their cars, yet do not own a home and have nothing in savings. No matter what kind of money you put into a car it is a depreciating asset. Surely can see and agree that this is not effective long-term financial planning.

  59. Guilds, couldn’t the same be said about how certain aspects of the Government are handling things?
    Living above our means, spending money on unneccessary things, yadda yadda…

  60. guilden…how many bermudians who are below the poverty line as far as income earning….aka tha workin poor…are livin above their means? A while back i had listed various questions on stats of the economic breakdown income wise for the island. @ bad they were ignored.

  61. Blanks – For the love of God, are you really going to be THAT pedantic?

    Not really – I just laughed out loud when I read her original comment on the subject and couldn’t let it pass but, as Jonny says, it’s a complete side issue and not relevant to this discussion.

  62. SoO,

    That is a valid question and one I cannot answer and I am not aware of any stats to determine the numbers. I guess the first thing to do is to determine exactly what the dollar amount of household income determines the poverty line. Surely in Bermuda it would be much higher than most other countries. If I had to guess I would imagine that the income line is somewhere around $50,000 in total household income, which in many countries is not seen as low income. If one does not have a car, shares a household (including expenses, rent, utlities, etc.) with others and lives a very humble life the dollar amount would be significantly lower.

    I have a copy of the 2000 Census and will see if there are any stats in there that could help in making a determination. I will get back to you.

  63. I have a few valid questions that ive posted on previous occasions…. 2 bad they were “overlooked”.

    son of obatala said
    February 3, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    9ps…well said……its ironic how she was once tracked down by the system when she was a black beret…cause she disagreed with the statis quo. You have turned into or turning into what you once fought against…..supporting a black extension of a white supremist system of intollerance and unwillingness to reform.

    Starling….what many are saying is that the plp has done a semi good job at managing the day to day operations of this nation..they could do a better job in managing the reapir of our roads though (financial corruption or “mismanagement” allegations aside)….that should be the least we should expect from any government. If u cant handle running the basics…what good are you?

    It is not good enough

    and its apparent that “the haves” in this society think that being able to manage the nations basic functions = doin a great job as government…

    The ISSUES that caused the shift from ubp to plp in government have not been adressed. Government being detached from social issues and chasing down the money, spending of the peoples money, but not dealing with the social issues and giving real opportunities of forward progression to the people who desire to move from the so called poverty line level of income earning, the so called hand up but not hand out…

    lets look at stats over the 10yrs im sure you can plug in tha numbers if they exist…

    has the middle class grown or declined,

    has the number of working poor and poor risen or fallen,

    what is the poverty line has that line moved over the past 10yrs.

    Exactly how many people are living under the poverty line in bermuda…has that increased or decreased over the past 10 yrs

    how many people bring in an income above the poverty line

    Its been already proven that the varying payscales have not changed…white males gettin paid more then every one etc.
    The education system….holy shit!!!
    total mismanagement and no political accountability whats soever.
    Starting way back when education minister and premier jenifer smith ignored the teachers plea for a education review.
    This was the ground zero of the systemic education problems we have discovered in the recent review. The opportunity to reform back them…and prevent the massive potential side effects of a population of students from the time periods when education was allowed to go in a downward spiral…is a complete unknown @ this point.
    what are the stats of the chidren who were possibly harmed by the bad education system? How many of them are from middle class or poor families…etc.
    still no move towards a multicultural education system
    still depending on north american education models etc….when they are so far down the list of edcuation successful nations…etc

    The only change from this administration of the plp and the ubp from many peoples perspective is that…
    its tha same game with blacks in the chairs of the former 40thieves.
    and the weapons of choice are reverse racism, black on black prejudice and social class distinction.

    No vision = no change….and the people see no change….this s y obama hype is so strong…..the world in the most part r hopeful he will make sweeping changes that will effect many nations….based on the potential of his apparent vision.

    That same obama hype was with the plp…they had political capital so vast…..the opportunity was there to do so much…thats changed now……I dont think they had a real vision of reforming bermuda nor a plan on how to do it.

    We the working class are tired of the lipservice and the status quo.

    A new Labour union is being formed…..
    its time for a new grass roots party…the upb looks out for the white rich eliete, the plp looks out for the middle class and black eliete.

    The time for the POOR PEOPLES PARTY is at hand.

  64. I have a question that ive posted on previous occasions…. 2 bad they were “overlooked” by you, SoO.

    Does this Poor People’s Party exist anywhere but in your mind?
    I was being facetious, but I AM interested. You keep pushing it like it’s a serious thing. Is it?

  65. Because?

    You keep bringing up this party. I think it’s fair to ask if it exists, don’t you?

    I notice you intentionally overlook a lot of questions, yet rail against those that do the same to yours.

    Funny, that.

    Why the double standard?

  66. Sheesh, I take one morning off to relax…

    There is nothing in free speech that disallows the use of profanity but I find it really isn’t all that conducive to discussion. Actually, its quite unneccessary and detracts from the very relevant points that one is trying to put forward, issues that do deserve discussion to be sure.

    I do not think SoO is implying that the Poor Peoples Party is an existing functional entity. I think his implication is that there is fertile ground for the development of such a party and he is advocating its formation. I’m not sure what the platform would be but I wouldn’t be surprised if it would look something like this:

    “No More Slaves, No More Masters. Power and Wealth to the People!”

    What Are We Fighting For?
    Why the Armed Struggle?
    Why, we continue to fight?
    The Ideas and Ideals We Believe in


    Each generation must out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it. (Frantz Fanon)

    When a society demands a change there is no need attempting to change it on old principles. (Foday Saybana Sankoh)


    “We can no longer leave the destiny of our country in the hands of a generation of crooked politicians who, everyday since 1998, have proved beyond all reasonable doubt that they are inefficient, irresponsible and corrupt. Posterity will never forgive us if we sit passively by while a few desperate men and women, who are nothing but an organised bunch of criminals, continue to despoil, rape and loot the people’s wealth. It is our right and duty to challenge and change the present political system in the name of salvation and liberation. We must build a political system over which we, the oppressed people of Bermuda, must have absolute control. It must be reflective of our needs and aspirations; a political system that will give maximum priority to popular participation and control. This task is the historical responsibility of every patriot. We must be prepared to struggle until the decadent, backward and oppressive regime is thrown into the dustbin of history. We call for a national democratic revolution – involving the total mobilization of all progressive forces. The secret behind the survival of the existing system is our lack of organisation. What we need then is organised challenge and resistance. The strategy and tactics of this resistance will be determined by the reaction of the enemy forces – force will be met with force, reasoning with reasoning and dialogue with dialogue.

    The economic crisis today is enough evidence to justify the level of determination. What happened to the money? Mismanagement, poor economic planning and shameless thievery of public wealth stand as the root causes of the loans having no impact. We are determined, through our collective struggle, to liberate the economy from all forms of domination, both local and foreign. The wealth of the island belongs to the people.

    The parasitic and unscrupulous few will have to live or perish on the people’s terms. A people and environmental friendly, self-reliant, flexible and interdependent economy is our goal.
    The PPP position on the social plight is a radical social transformation of our society. To achieve this, the PPP calls for a cultural revolution whose main objective will be the liberation of our minds to instill in everyone of us a high sense of African spirituality. The building of alternative social structures created by the people and for the people is the only way to destroy the existing corrupt and rotten ones.

    There is a need for a complete overhauling of the present educational system. The prevailing system is a major contributing factor to our current state of industrial and technological backwardness. The educational system was initially a colonial imposition, which did not take into consideration the aspirations and needs of our people. The sole intention was to train passive and obedient Blacks to man the colonial state structure. What was expected of any serious minded Black ruling class was to radically alter the inherited educational system immediately after the attainment of power. In our country, the ruling class simply continued from where the Whites left. Now it has become a common dictum of the PLP ruling class that education is a privilege and not a right.

    The way to end exploitation and oppression, economic and social injustice, ignorance, backwardness and superstition is to make education available to all – both the young and old, male and female, and also the disabled. We need to create a new educational system that is more purposeful, dynamic and relevant, which will take into consideration the demands of the present scientific and technological world and value of research, critical thinking and creativity.”

    At least that would be my guess for a start. Really it doesn’t say all that much, but the bombastic rhetoric sounds nice. But I’m sure they will be able to expand on it; afterall its not hard to create a website from which to expound their views – they can start one on WordPress for free and can choose whether or not to allow comments.

    Oh, and yeah, all credit for that goes to the RUF, its adapted from their ‘Footpaths to Democracy’.

  67. Quite correct @ starling… for wa u think of wa de platform would look like…thats your opinion…..however some things do fit… gonna forward this to some people n c wa they think

    ELvis…if u have to know…..people are meeting (in secret so far cause of the plp secret police out there….) to discuss the political options so that the working class can have a real voice in this place. My personal hope for bermuda is to get rid of all political parties and have a parished based governing council that takes its directions directly from the people….IE a bottom up run government with the various systemic reforms inplace that bring this place into the 21st century.

    Others are thinking of the new grass roots party….time will tell which road they will follow…im just glad theres is another potential movement growing.

    I threw out the PPP to test reaction its one name they were talkin about going with…many said the plp would never get elected….many said the ubp would never be removed….many said a new labour union wont start up…..and many are now saying a new political movement is not possible.

    …..but as bermudians suffering grows as a ressult of the various internal n external forces, as crime grows cause of desperation… As the working class discover that the “institutions” that were supposed to have theirs backs have been deliberatly keeping them economically opressed….Ie BIU N PLP… letting bermuda companies break the (law)employment act, cheeting the working class out of billions of dollars…. i predict the soil for growing a new grass roots movement for ALL bermudians, will become even more fertile.

    Many were wrong b4 when they used the word never……as they say time will tell. I put my bet on the youth n peoples will to have a proper system of government that actually helps all the people, rich and poor, black n white.

    So elvis, if u hear a ad on de radio or in paper……if u really interested as u stated u would go to dat meetin when dat time comes.

    The only things that will stop a new movement will be the plp remembering what the people put them in power in 98 to do….they were put there to change the system, not take it over and continue with a black face on the white supremist system.

    Lets c if the plp gonna help the workin poor with this new budget.

    The plp secret police will not stop freedom of speech.

  68. Millionaires son are the prefect description of my book Educated Pigs. Black elite pigs are out of touch with poverty. They have never felt the spit of hunger in thier stomach and the hate of the rich oppressor in their eyes. They dont know how much the poor want to see blood **I’ve decided to edit a bit of this; it doesn’t change the sentiment, just takes out some unneccessary bits… – Jonnystar**. Reaganomics work harder government is not a candystore but when an elite pig like Kellon Hill dies people wonder why. Elitism poverty crime manslaughter blame the governmemt blame the PLP. useless Berkeley snobs go to hell and die!

  69. “if u really interested as u stated u would go to dat meetin when dat time comes.”

    I was “really interested” as to whether or not they existed in reality.

    I don’t like Party politics either and, as such, don’t support either Party and probably wouldn’t support a new party.

  70. Well I think the best thing to do is gather up the chicks and head south for 10 months. Mabe when we get back the educated pigs will have been roasted ans we can have our nesting grounds back.

  71. Slightly off-topic, but still picking up from a post above: .they could do a better job in managing the repair of our roads though … that should be the least we should expect from any government. If u cant handle running the basics…what good are you? I know a lot of plp and civil service folks read this blog. And here is my comment on the roads which I have said before: The W&E pothole brigade are not filling in the pot holes ‘professionally’ because they simply throw the asphalt into the pothole but DO NOT ROLL IT IN. They seem to feel that cars & trucks driving over it will do the trick. NOT. If they ROLLED IT FLAT with a small heavy roller the pothole likely would not reappear immediately after another hard rain. It’s called “throw-and-roll.” Yes, it’ll take a couple of more minutes, but c’mon guys, please let’s get a little more professional here. And CHANGE!… a difficult concept, I know, for many Bermudians. But people are driving over the centre line now to avoid the bumps & holes, which is very dangerous.

    All you ever wanted to know about potholes, but were afraid to ask:

    Another interesting but baffling fact is that our big Trash Trucks do not carry a shovel and broom! To clean up the mess they often make – much to KBB’s chagrin. Must be the only garbage trucks in the world that don’t carry them.

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