Flatts Village ‘Walk Through History’

I generally consider myself as being from Flatts, as I lived in the area for my teenage years and again more recently; also I’ve worked in the area for most of my working life. I also think its one of the most beautiful spots on the island and one full of history. As such, I was very happy to recieve an email advertising a historical/cultural tour of the area. I personally won’t be able to make it, but I certianly encourage those of you that can to do so, heck, make a family day out of it with a trip to the aquarium and a jump off T-dock while you’re at it!

I don’t think the event coordinators will mind my advertising of the event here:

Imagine Bermuda 2009

A ‘Walk Through History’ in Flatts Village

On the 50th Anniversary of the Progressive Group’s 1st Secret Meeting

· Trace the steps of PG members- avoiding Surveillance- to their 1st Secret meeting – weeks later, they hatched the Theatre Boycott
· William Zuill Sr. on the link of Whitney to the invention of the Radio
· Karen McPhee on great-grandfather Clarence Darrell – noted ‘Flattsonian’
· Louis Mowbrey on grandfather’s role at Aquariums in BDA, Boston, N.Y.C.
· C.V. (Jim) Woolridge on Flatts Cricket & the Eastern Counties

PARK at Whitney Institute
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2009 – 2.30pm

(1st Secret Meeting of P.G. was on Sunday Feb. 8, 1959 in Flatts Village)


27 thoughts on “Flatts Village ‘Walk Through History’

  1. and a jump off T-dock while you’re at it!

    Lol! You must be mad… in February? BRRR.

    Agreed on Flatts as a beautiful spot – more attention should probably be placed on the area as a whole, right now it’s just a fly-through for much of the population.

  2. You’re right – it is just a fly-through. It’s a shame, because with some imagination, more parking (easier said than done no doubt), the area could be opened up to residents and tourists alike.

    Pavement cafes…bistros…boat trips et al.

  3. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the time of year when I wrote that; mind you it would be a a jacuzzi compared to things over here…

    Anyway, I was very happy to read on the RG that the event seems to have had a very good turnout, and I think it just goes to show the potential we may have for some sort of cultural/heritage tourism if it is executed properly.


  4. Yeah. I’m sorry I missed it myself but it’s good to read that people came out to find out more about Flatts and its history.

  5. Prayers Ebbin hated these covert cowards but i guess that what we are with these anonymous names. gloryseeking comes from the lodges.
    Back to the economy stupid.
    real estate is plummeting 30%
    A worker who was getting $40 n hour now gets $26
    Guess what has dropped from $5000 to $1500? The police know what it is.

  6. Crime crime crime. The only way to deal with this is to legalise guns. Upper Crust was the victim of robbery this week. If someone in their had a shotgun this would deter the robber permenantly. Two foreigners were robbed in their apartment if they a 22 they could have held the boys at bay and save the police the time to hunt them down. Who needs a SWAT team community police cannot work without legalizing guns. Anyone can threaten witness without guns to protect lawabiding citizens. You too busy getting ripped off by ya goldigging wife to run the island.

  7. “Now you’re just taking the piss. Guns will STOP crime? Ridiculous.”

    Now you’re just being naive, Uncle Elvis: the right to bear firearms is protected under the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution and as is universally acknowledged, the US no longer has any problems with gun crime……..

  8. And neither do Britain, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Columbia, Canada…………

    Why focus on the US.? Can’t get a job there?

  9. I’m not the one trying to start, Rummy. You either didn’t get Loki’s sarcasm or you’re intentionally trying to start a fight.
    Either way? Have a good one.

  10. Start a fight? Not me. If you want one visit him on Bda Sucks. I enjoy the comments here. It’s more fun here becuase peoples true feelings come out.

    Now, what was the real topic about. Flatts? Once again it has been derailed.

  11. Guilden, you missed out ‘it’. Very important.

    As for the drugs and the speed limit, we only have so much to go around and whats the hurry getting there ?

    300 more cops can’t solve or inforce a craving for non compliance.

  12. The only reasons guns are not legal is because the black legal fraternity is ignorant. You have capitalism without capitalist laws. I refuse to buy a house if i cannot shoot someone who trepasses on my property. You must be a freemason. How much guns you got? Ya gotta have something the way you dare challenge me.

  13. Honestly the police need shotguns to show fear to black criminals think they are invincible. Blacks are stupid people. we need tougher laws to keep order. This generation now has been pampered liberalism. Time out man management. And without housing and social programs robberies, gang wars and drugs to ease the stress instant gratification.

  14. WHAT? This is just… WOW… ignorant, racist, completely delusional nonsense.

    The ONLY reason guns are not legal is because the black legal fraternity is ignorant? What the hell? That’s just… it’s not even just wrong, it’s completely incorrect. I’m thinking that not only is this NOT the ONLY reason, it’s not even A reason. The “black legal fraternity”s “ignorance” – real or imagined – has NOTHING to do with the fact that guns are illegal.

    Capitalism without capitalist laws? Huh? What do guns have to do with capitalism? OH! YOU want to own a gun so you can shoot someone trespassing on your property, whether or not they’re a threat. I’m thinking that MAYBE that sort of attitude has more to do with the illegality of guns than the “ignorance” of the “black legal fraternity”.

    And then the chest beating “Ya gotta have something the way you dare challenge me.”?

    Please be assured, “Educated” Pigs, we’re impressed with your toughness. We really are. I mean, the way you imply that we’d need guns in order to “dare challenge” you? Whoo. Manly. I mean TOUGH, dude. You’re impressive. Cowering behind a pen-name, yet making these kinds of threatening statement. We’re all INCREDIBLY impressed with your manhood, I’m sure.

  15. Elvis,

    I did not respond because I felt Educated Pig was simply looking for a response. He is a smart guy, he graduated from Berekley and he and I were in the same classes at Bermuda College back in 1983 when the college was still on Robert’s Avenue, so I know he is a smart guy.

  16. *sigh*
    about Flatts… one of the impediments is that Flatts between Upper Crust and Brightside has little to zero sidewalks and I can’t think of a way to make that area more pedestrian-friendly as the buildings are literally right next to the road. Banning parking may be an idea but I imagine that would hurt businesses like Family Cleaners.

  17. More robberies and crime because of poverty political coruption.
    I know some people with gun permits who are complaining about the facxt they are not able to bring in ammunition. in Santo domingo the police give you ammunition. There are know more revolutionaries around, nobody believes in Independence know more. These gun possession laws are racist. Look how Harry Veira walked out of Court. But this is just a backward island with backward politicans, lawyers and how did we let just a doctor become the Premeir? He lets Cabinet Ministers speak without his permission. How weak.

  18. Who was invoved with Buck Burrows? are these people still active? One source told me Buck Burrows was slow. Everyday i am becoming a loyalist becuase of the lack of political expression in the community. blacks seem just to be personality prostitutes without political development of their own minds. What do white folk think?

  19. I imagine you did not go to the Techinical Institute. As for “Burrows”, it was probabley someone from the Lightbourne heritage.

    As for the loyalists and blacks I think you need to step back, find a mirror and mabe hug your reflection or take what other drastic means you feel neccessary.

    And the topic is?

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