The London Office

There is – quite predictably – some criticism of the London office that the Premier, Dr. Brown, opened yesterday down in blizzard struck London. I’m actually surprised they went ahead with it on that date, from the pictures and reports it looks like London got hit alot worse than Edinburgh. Then again, weather like that certainly helps with our tourism campaigns…

I’m of a bit of a mixed opinion on this office. On the one hand, I do think its a potentially valuable asset for us to have, especially if it is not only going to facilitate communication with the UK government but also assist with international business and tourism. And with the pressure rising on the issue of British dependent ‘tax havens’ and the threats that may pose to Bermuda, as well as the general economic depression, having an asset such as this in London, and possibly in New York, along with DC networking, will be of use. At the same time though, yeah, I’m a bit shocked at the price and I would have thought they could get a cheaper site.

Its no secret that I support independence, and while I doubt there is any pro-independence thought behind this decision, I do think it may serve ultimately as a precedent for setting up embassies should we ever go independent. I don’t think we need embassies in every country, but definitely in New York, London and Brussels, and probably an Asian one, say in Singapore. Can’t really think of anywhere else we would need such an embassy. Perhaps Canada, although the New York office could handle that. Moscow perhaps, and probably either Lisbon or Brasilia?

One issue I have though is why I don’t see why we couldn’t have made arrangements with the remaining British Overseas Territories, you know, pool our resources, and set up a center in London that represented all of us, our interests and the like. Perhaps it would be better to just limit that to Bermuda, Cayman, BVI, Anguilla, Monstserrat and Turks and Caicos. Then again, with the mess down in Turks and Caicos, and the tax-haven abuse of Cayman, perhaps its better we avoid any more guilt by association than we already have…


10 thoughts on “The London Office

  1. I’d tend to agree with the pooling of resources for the other Caribbean dependencies idea as well, particularly since the costs are so high. Could’ve been looked at.

  2. I was actually shocked that BDA didn’t already have UK office and representatives in place to protect and promote our interests on that side of the pond.

    It is definitely a necessity, especially with the forth coming onslaught of Democratic legsilation aimed at labelling jurisdictions such as BDA as tax havens and what not, and it is quite unbelievable that there wasn’t one already, and no I am not blaming the PLP for that.

    I have to diasgree with your “pooling” idea though. BDA is not part of teh Caribbean and we must maintain our independence from being linked to areas notoriously known for abusing the financial system and as you said the turmoil of T&C.

  3. Like 9ps I agree that the notion of pooling of resources might be an effective one, but I think by maintaining our independence we have the oppotunity for our issues to be heard rather than being part of the pecking order. Also, I think our position in the global marketplace puts us in a different category from most of our neighbours in the Caribbean with a unique set of issues.

    Whilst the ‘Caribbean’ is certainly a bigger umbrella, I’m not sure it’s the one we want to be standing under when it comes to certain issues, such as soundness of the financial system.

  4. Saw the Premeir on t.v. last night he sounds too much like a lizard. If he believes in Independence lead the way that is what leadership is about. He definitely has too much UBP country blood in him. Real PLP grassroots dont care what anybody thinks. Curse swear for God’s sake stop being a punk like Obama. Where are the casinoes? The man is irreplaeable right now i support Charles Richardson these middleclass yesman are all trash.

  5. I have to agree with 9ps and CO. This is not the time to be linked to the Carribean in any way, even if it’s only a shared office in London or whereever. A huge portion of people’s opinions are formed within the first few minutes, or even seconds, of meeting someone – if anyone wanting to deal with Bermuda walks into a “Carribean representative” office of some sort it’s going to be extremely difficult to sever the subconscious connection they’ll make between “us” and “them”. At at time when tax havens are under increased scrutiny that is not a good thing.

    As far as the London office is concerned, I’m actually surprised we didn’t have one earlier. [The rent is ridiculous, it’s about twice the normal rate for the area and is at a level that only hedge funds seemed willing to pay but that’s a separate issue.]

  6. This is probably not the place for this, but as you mentioned it in passing, it sprung to mind, as this post is the result.

    I would sincerely appreciate your posting the reasons you feel that Independence would be good for Bermuda. Quite frankly Jonny, I’ve yet to hear any reasons that weren’t emotionally based, and often, were in themselves poor justification for such a radical and expensive endeavour.

    While we don’t always agree, I do respect your view on things and would be interested to hear what YOU feel would be the benefit Bermuda would derive from such a move.


  7. Yeah. Obama’s a punk. The first African American President, who has spoken eloquently and forcefully about race, inequality and how to work to a better place… is a punk.
    The man who played the game so he could make changes from the top, so others can have hope for their future… is a punk.

    How are we supposed to take anything you say seriously when you make ridiculous statements like this?

  8. ***Portion of this comment was edited to remove unnecessary personal attacks that contributed nothing to the thread at all***

    $10 trillion hes tryin stiff americans with,it was his party that created the mortgage mess

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