Obama & The Black Bourgeoisie

I came across this article and I thought that it may be of interest to readers of this blog and for Bermudian discourse in general. It is called ‘Black Power Brokers Ready to Rise In Tandem With New President’ and I feel that it raises some interesting parrallels to developments in Bermuda over the last few decades (and in an accelerated form in the last decade).

I was originally going to add this to the discussion on Obama-ism, but after reading it (warning, it is a bit long) I thought it might be usefuly to give it its own thread for people to comment on.

Also, I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I think its a pretty clear position of mine that the dominant model within the PLP is that of capitalism in general, but Black Capitalism in particular. I’ve written on this a number of times, and it will continue to be a focus of analysis. However, I thought that others interested in this might like to check out this site of Cora Daniels. The ‘powernomics’ ideology is also of interest I think. Historically Black ideological thought has been dominated by various leftist critiques of capitalism and its relation to racism and sexism. This remains the case, although it is quite possible that the elevation of Mr. Obama to the Presidency may initiate a boost for Black bourgeois ideologies. I don’t think its difficult to understand the impact this might have in Bermuda, which has long since seen the political dominance of Black bourgeois thought.


21 thoughts on “Obama & The Black Bourgeoisie

  1. Black Bourgeoisie,just cleaned up version of Black Panthers,same result,anarchy and chaos ,the destruction of law and order and Bda.Inc,

    Bermuda is often seen as a tranquil place, especially in ads on American television. Of course, those ads are meant to lure tourists to a place of pink beaches, clear water, and blue skies. Bermuda is a gorgeous place, after all. However, certain things are never aired internationally in public. Bermuda has had a crime problem, and the history of the island chain hasn’t always been peaceful. There’s also the issue of race, which, for the 1970’s, made for a rough decade. 1977, for example, saw race riots. They also saw the existence of “The Black Berets,” a militant organization patterned after Stokely Carmichael and the American Black Panther Parter. It’s recently been the subject of a book I’ve been thinking of buying. According to Mel Ayton’s The Black Panthers: Their Dangerous Bermudian Legacy:

    The role the Black Berets played in the assassinations has been whitewashed by consecutive Bermudian Governments for three decades and the truth has remained buried – until now. The UK’s Foreign Office and Scotland Yard files show how the tragic events of the early seventies had been viewed by many Bermudian politicians as a stain upon Bermuda’s reputation as a haven for travellers and an island of tranquillity. This attitude prompted them to ignore the Black Beret connection to the assassinations lest further investigations stir up trouble between the races and provoke island – wide riots. Political leaders were also afraid that the truth about the murders and the instability of its political system, which the killings exposed, would damage Bermuda’s tourist industry which was its principle source of income. They were also embarrassed that an organization like the Black Berets, which had been widely supported by many Bermudians, was connected to the killings. Although two black Bermudians were tried and executed for the murders the weak response of the Government in establishing a wider conspiracy effectively swept the whole affair under the carpet.

    During the late 1960s the American Black Panther Party’s influence and example extended far beyond the shores of the United States. It was the trial of Panther leader Huey Newton and the travels abroad by members of the party to raise money for his defence that provoked worldwide attention to the black-clad, shotgun-toting black revolutionaries. The Panthers became a role model for various radical political movements throughout the world, including the Black Panther Movement in the United Kingdom, the Black Panther Parties in Australia and Israel, the Dalit Panthers in India as well as the Black Berets in Bermuda.

    As with any source, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s always bias. I’m quoting this particular website — which is absolutely anti-police — just for the informational purposes, like I’ve done in the past and will likely do again in the future.

  2. A lot of workers were used by the Black beret and their children never got paid for it while cowards hid under their bed like that fool Mugabe during the War of independence. Same old shit in south africa where Homosexual liberals like Mandela greased the black middle class with child molestation tourism. Thank God Joseph Zuma a worker is coming to help the poor from middle class bandits. Any problems i have with the middle class however can be solved with a $50000 cheque. Americans are the biggest conartists in the world not to mention African snakes like Obama. They will rape poor blacks into poverty cant blame them blind loyalty deserves robbery. Racial performance is the issue.

  3. Oh let me translate that into long boring Obama language.
    All around the world there is a war between the educated black middle class and the uneducated working class.
    The educated middle class want to make as much money as the white man. To do this they exploit the uneducated workers with corruption dictatorship and death squads. The first President of Haiti was assassinated because of this. When you see civil war in Africa it is about some evil corrupt dictator stealing from his people. President Obama will be corrupted to do the same.
    Brown and company are educated to steal and oppress poor blacks with pverty high taxes and reduced social programs another man dies who should have been a patient in the Low income Clinic. What needs to happen is point out corruption and promise beter social programs. or if you hate blacks join the PLP.

  4. Just a note… it’s JACOB Zuma. Not Joseph.

    And yeah, he’ll do great for the people of SA, what with his assertion that showering after having unprotected sex with someone that’s HIV-Positive will lessen the chances of catching it.

    Your ignorance astounds.

  5. lets see elvis, “where’s my mommy” tell SOB and Pigs all about what it’s like to be black and work for a living , if he can find time in his busy schedule BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. I don’t even know what that means.
    “Where’s my mommy”?
    When have I EVER said that I can speak to being black?

    It’s amazing to me how trolls are taking over these Bermudian blogs. Nothing but thinly veiled accusations and finger pointing.

  7. Elvis…..i thoughts pigs expanded explanation was quite clear. Are you trying to say that he is wrong about whats going on here in Bermuda? AS for south africa….and africa in general…if the western nations that had no problem goin into africa and plundering it…making trillions of dollars in the process over the years put that money back into the continent instead of holding onto it, there wont be assholes in leadership positions in the various nations that are killing their people and or have very backwards thought processes on modernday health issues…but thats another story….i see that pigs was drawing a reference.
    do you live in a glass bubble and totaly unable to fathom that life here isnt equal for all elvis?….im being sarcastic of course…but srious as welll for I do realise that many people in the middle class like you …black or white are completely out of touch with other of your fellow countrymens existances on this rock!

  8. You’re all over the place.

    First off, it’s insulting (and ignorant) to blame Jacob Zuma’s comments on Colonialism. In fact, it’s insulting to say that fairly elected leaders are the fault of Colonialism.

    Mugabe is a different story, as he hasn’t been freely elected in years.

    And to say that money hasn’t been “put back” into Africa is just ridiculous.

    I’m flabbergasted by these comments.

    Your last two lines, the ad hominem attack, are based on nothing. You don’t know me, I assume, seeing just how incorrect your statements about me are.
    Have you ever read anything else I’ve written elsewhere? To ask that question of me shows that no, you haven’t and are just lashing out because you don’t like me disagreeing.
    I haven’t spoken about the middle class or any disagreement that there’s a divide, yet you feel the need to attack me on this? How about addressing the things I’ve SAID and not what you think I’m thinking.

    And my comments stand regarding the racial prejudice of those statements. I think it’s ridiculous and prejudiced to generalize like this.

    Then again, I think it’s ridiculous (and naive!) to assume that every single person that voted for the PLP voted because of race, but what do I know. I’m apparantly just an idiotic, out-of-touch, middle-class white boy.

  9. ummmm…….listen ace boy….im not attackin you..nor did i call u any names…. im askin a genuine question…its obvious i dont know u or de numerous posts of yours dat u refer 2 perhaps u should enlighten me on dat a bit…… !
    I asked dis to get some kinda idea of whe u commin from over all…. n if im wastin my time attempting to communicate my points of view to you or people in here that perhaps think like you …cause @ de end of de day I know some people can never be able to see another perspective.

    Many africans sad to say are less educated about politics in africa than black are in Bermuda and as a result they get taken advantage of quite often by opportunist people. especially in young democracies like SA where voting for all is kinda new.

    people dis agree wit me a lot…it dont bother me….im tryin to figure out if you understand me!!

    You dont seem to grasp wa i and n an extent pigs n maybe other r sayin when we “generalise” in such a fashion……ill say it yet again….in the last election…race was the driving force from the plp…not issues or governance performance etc…but race! Do you dispute that?

    ok lets take out the term all black people since its causin trouble….lets use percentages. The majority voted on racial grounds on some level…..keepin in mind that the elders are the majority of the population……thats y this womans back to plantation speech was so effective casuse she/they were playin on the fears of the old….the majority!!

    out of 100%…..lets say 10% voted ubp, lets say 20% were swing voters (people who vote on issues or have no party loyalty) the remaining 60% the blind party faithful and others who for whatever reason will always vote plp no matter what and the other 10% that really thought they were doin a good job with the hope they would do better in time….Wa im sayin to you is that…cause of bda political history…and how voters are manipulated…..and not based on issues….in the last election especially…the majority voted on race. I folled the electionvery closely, and all the ubp platform had some kind of subliminal racial attack from the plp side…one could hear it in talk shows and other mediums were the public spoke out on the platforms.
    Now if blacks were more savy with their political capital…they would have approached elections historically and in the present… in a manner that secured/garunteed their collective wishes as a people were met by the politicians. As a result the issues why we voted the ubp out…to a great extent still exist right now. because we havent held their feet to the fire, and made them accountable.

    You may disagree but thats how I see it…..black political immaturity…lets vote black party cause the white party has done us wrong n we dont wann go back there…kinda thinking.

    As for africa…at de risk of insulting you further……how far back does your….knowledge of the pattern of black leaderships in post colonial africa goes? I ask this cause If your knowledge does not go back to far…you will be unable to ID a very specfic pattern that comes with black leaders in post colonial africa.
    As for monies going back into africa from the western nations who plundered it….are you fuckin jokin?….when one looks back throu history…the countless trillions of dollars, the countless billions of lives lost…the various wars…ETC all conected to the interference of colonial powers and other non african races….and the modernday side effects…along with the FACT that the total amount of capital put back into africa from many nations equated to a fraction of a single percent or their GDPs, how can that amount of so called charity….that is by the way taxed and must be repaid back to the world bank in many cases….even compare to what the west has and continues to take from the continent?….aids?!???!?!! holy shit….the cases of western drug houses that sell…not give but sell outdated aids drugs to nations in africa, how they only give miniscule amounts of these old stock aids drugs to countries that dont even equate to a drop in de bucket to help the millions infected n dying people, n how they dont do more cause its not profitable…man..i can go on…but……this african portion of this discussion is gettin way off topic…….n i really dont wanna go to far down this road for that reason.

  10. Wow… there’s so much I disagree with in that post, I can’t even figure out how to reply.

    You keep changing what you say (and I hate to be THAT guy, but the way you write is almost unintelligible, which dilutes your message quite a bit) and posting opinion as fact, lashing out with an ounce of knowledge and a pinch of condescension… I don’t know how to talk to you.

    You take me to task for not understanding you, but I’m not sure if you’re understanding ME!

    Generalizing about people based on their skin colour is showing racial prejudice. Am I wrong with that?

    Just a question. How come you didn’t say anything to Guilden when he mentioned his distaste at the comment? Funny that.

    as for Africa, you’re railing against a multitude of different things, many of them disparate, and behaving as though they’re all one problem.

    And as for my “….knowledge”? I don’t find that insulting, just condescending and rude.

    So, enjoy your screaming at the stars. When you actually have something to say and have the respect to put it in a way that your reader can make out, then I’ll engage you.

    Until then, I’ll just make the assumption that you want to yell at people and not listen.


  11. You’ll get no argument from me, SoO. Sounds like you have a good liberal education that you haven’t been able to use here yet….

  12. This one is going in the “read” pile. See, this is interesting. Socialism is kind of old and pretty much exploded. Black political thought should be interesting to any Bermudain. It is not generally discussed. I’m a little shocked by how many Bermudian blacks I have met who haven’t even read african history. Apparently not every Bermudian gets taught it in school. I went to Saltus so we got Cecil Rhodes. Who was interesting if you find Satan interesting. I have not read a lot of black economic and social thought but I will if it is pointed out to me. Mostly because I’m interested. I’ve got this funny feeling black Bermudian politicians haven’t read a lot of it so it wouldn’t help me understand them.

    So its on the read pile for when I get a moment.

  13. Civil thats y many people over decades have been callin for multi cultural educational reform to the entre school system. Including the private schools. This call when out for long as I could remember under the UBP administration….n people also have been calling for it under the PLP.

    The sellouts have ignored doing it.

    Ill exand on y its an important to do n why politicians havent done it yet, later on…gotta go to my slave job…..lol

  14. One thing i like about whites is their high technocratic ability. Jacab Zuma. lol. Workers and the middle class have problems. Thats why we have gangs.
    Like the GAME says “Fuck Jesse Jackson it aint about race now!”

  15. Its about the economy! Burch is trying to crush the real estate market by refusing to build more government housing. But if people forclose on the mortgages and real estate drops so will wages and employment. the PLP want a recession so voters can beg them for a job and welfare checks. The UBP wants a recession to blame the PLP in the next election. Everybody black and white.

  16. The real estate market has fallen 30% There is no more desperately looking for apt ads. the problem here is academics are used to being told what to do instead of figuring out what to do but the history books will read this on the internet. Black press out.

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