Bermudian Solidarity With Gaza This Saturday

As I wrote in the post just before this, I am aware that some people are organising in Bermuda to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Gaza in the face of Israeli aggression. At the time of posting I hadn’t checked my email, so I didn’t know about the confirmation on times and locations. I do now, and I don’t think they’ll have a problem with me advertising the details here, so here it is:

This Saturday, January 10, 2009, there will be a support rally for the Palestinians in Gaza, on the steps of City Hall in Hamilton from 1p.m.- 3p.m.

Guest speakers have been invited and there will be an open mic for the public to express their thoughts on the crisis in Gaza.

We encourage all those who support this cause to come out and show their support.

This rally is being organized by the Bermuda Palestinian Support Group.

Thank you once again for your support.

I’ll tackle some of these issues in more depth in the follow -up post ‘Eyeless in Gaza – Part Two’ but I thought I should just touch on some of the more obvious ones now.

Demonstrating in solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine as a whole is not the same as demonstrating in support of Hamas or Islamic Jihad or anything like that. Politically speaking I have some severe disagreements with the ideology and tactics of these two groups. I am more aligned with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the second largest of the groups composing the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. Nonetheless, I think that Israel’s actions are both disproportionate in response to the pinpricks of Hamas’ rockets, and effectively an act of state terrorism against the civilian population and infrastructure of Gaza. I am no friend of Hamas, but in the asymmetric warfare of the current conflict, my sympathies lie with the people of Gaza. Solidarity with Palestine is not support for Hamas and its rockets.

The issue is not as clear-cut as a battle between Islamic radicalism steeped in anti-semitism towards Israel. There are indeed some anti-semites who are exploiting this conflict for their own interests, but the vast majority of people reject their arguments and see the issue as primarily one of overwhelming military force against a largely defenceless people with multiple tragic civilian deaths. Secondarily the conflict can be seen as a form of Israeli imperialism (more on this tomorrow, I promise), as well as having direct relations to global geo-politics.

Why demonstrate? – Bermuda is do far removed… This is a common refrain from somein Bermuda, so content in their comfortable lives that they fail to recognise that (a) what happens elsewhere may happen here (in a way) one day; (b) what happens elsewhere has repercussions here; and (c) Bermuda may be indirectly involved in this conflict, certainly the UK and the USA are. Beyond that, I think most people share a sense of human solidarity against injustice, and I cannot think of any other way to describe the tragedy unfolding in Gaza.

As I said, I’ll write more on this tomorrow. Beyond that, I hope that this demonstration has a good turn-out, and that, as small a gesture as it may be coming from Bermuda, it helps in some way to resolving the issues over there.


48 thoughts on “Bermudian Solidarity With Gaza This Saturday

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  2. good day sir,

    It seems the west is only in favour of democracy when it suits them. Hamas is a democratically elected government. Therefore a military exercise that seeks to destroy Hamas is really an effort to destroy the will of the Palestinian nation (who are the indeginous people of that country).

    Which makes one question the real intention behind the Israeli occupation?

  3. I think History shows why the state of Israel is where it is.

    How much more do they have to give up? Once taken from them and forced out only to be pursectued worldwide.

    Yeas they were given this land and only a portion. The history is quite revealing.

  4. its funny how people here can jump on international band wagons but choose to ignore the local suffering of its own people.

  5. Caring about suffering worldwide is “jumping on the bandwagon”? Who’s ignoring suffering here in Bermuda?
    Also, how can you compare the suffering of people in Gaza, Zimbabwe, Darfur, Sudan, etc. to the suffering here?

    Why would you make that statement? Who is dying from cholera here? Who’s being shot at and thrown out of their homes at gunpoint? Who here is in danger of being shot in a war?

  6. People might not be dying of “cholera” here but what does that have to do with it? I agree with “Son” about the band wagon.

    Their point was about the suffering here yet you want to magify it as encompassing evrywhere else. Thas not what I read.

    Fortunately we have not reached the extreme levels of other confrontations around the globe.

    Buut yes, there is suffering here whether it be homelessness, Aids, Drug addictions, unemployement, Cancer, and any other ‘suffering’

    I think you focused on extremes but remember that what I mentioned can lead too them and of course other fcators.

  7. son of obatala is correct,liberal apologists ponder how to kiss race baiting pimps ass’s,while Bermudians scuffle to survive.

    I heard that Mickey Mouse has bought a Ewart Brown watch.

  8. Ha, what supreme irony the two of you agreeing on such a position Sal and SoO!

    I wonder if either of you are familiar with that old fable about putting the bell on the cat? In short there’s this house full of mice who have been having a grand old time until a cat is introduced to the house, wreaking havoc on the mouse population. A general council of the mice convenes to discuss what should be done about the situation, and eventually agrees that they need to put a bell around the neck of the cat so that mice would have advanced warning in order to escape. Great! Everyone is very happy about this, but then they start to figure out how to do the job and no one would volunteer, and so in the end no bell was ever put on the cat and the mice were rapidly depleted as a society.

    Its not a perfect analogy, but I think its useful at least. Basically, if you see something that you feel needs dealt with, and you think a demonstration or something to that effect would help resolve it, stop complaining that no one is doing anything about it and go ahead and do it yourself. Its that simple. Of course, you might not know how to go about organising such an event. You can either learn the hard way by starting from scratch (which actually is the best way) or learn through the experience of others (also invaluable) – and participating in events like the demo you are here criticising is a good way to go about doing just that.

    Of course not every problem in society is best dealt with by organising demonstrations or civil disobedience and boycotts and the like. You have to look at the situation and determine the best course of action. Most of the people you are criticising here are very much active in a wide array of causes, from every level, from individual action, to neighbourhoods to national to international. Different situations get different peoples attention – someone may simply not be aware of some problems in society, but exposure to one single act of activism, like this one, often opens up peoples eyes to other problems, thus leading to activism in different spheres.

    Another important factor is that of solidarity. Solidarity can be a very selfish thing to be honest. Even though one may indeed agree with the universal struggle against injustice, its also true that if you scratch my back I@ll scratch yours – in other words, showing solidarity on one thing can often lead to reciprocal solidarity back. Right now the people of Palestine are in a situation where emergency international action and solidarity is needed, tomorrow it may be our turn to call for help.

    Not sure it that covers everything, but I think its a start.

  9. Theres no irnory….. To clarify……i straight up dont care about gaza….when the people of gaza care enuff about their own deaths and get rid of their terrorist hamas government whos connected with shooting and using their population as human shields instead of being real warriors and fightin their enemy head to head, then perhaps the women n children u lot r worring about dying wont die! Far as im concerned the whole middle east needs a nuke dropped on it cause the problems there will NEVER B solved n eventually will spill over to the rest of the world in the form of ww3….!
    I care about bermudas people, U lot area actin like ya premire brown now! Dunkley was correct in his news clip about not comparing bermudas level of suffering to other places in tha world…..we the sufferes in bermuda dont care about how bad it is in other places, we want the problems here fixed! Sooner or later the poor people that are being shut out of the richest economy in the world per capata, will be fed up of meerly strugling and end up taking their share from the bloated rich, (AKA ROBIN HOOD) perhaps at that point we will have some ralleys for the people suffering in so called paraside.
    There r a great deal of injustices going on here that are being ignored and theres no solidarity here for bringing accountability. When u demonstrate here u paint a bulls eye on ya chest and place yaself into a senerio where….. “the nail that sticks up gets the hammer”, or “the chicken that sticks its head up get its cut off”. Or u get “whitelisted” by this black government…like the ubp “blacklisted” people who stood up against them. Or u suddenly find yaself not being able to get certain jobs, or you find that civil servants dont want to provide you service.
    People here CHOOSE not to b aware of the proplems here, and that choice to turn a blind eye will soon bite them in the collective ass.

  10. On another note, n I know its off topic in a sence…I just visited sals blog…..Im curious….why is sal being labeled being white extreemist, is he indeed white? and y is his blog sick? That all seems to b a matter of opinion.
    His content seems to poke political satire at our so called leaders while keeping a spotlight on the goings on that real non political extreemist bermudians careabout. So whats up with that?
    keep talkin sal…no 1 else really is!!!
    So wheres the solidarity in dealing with some of the stuff listed in sals blog?

  11. If it helps Son of Obatala, I’ve long regarded you and Sal as two sides of the same coin, but that is, as you say, all a matter of opinion.

    I agree with alot of what you have said about the possible repercussions in Bermuda to those who do speak up. They are very real problems. But at the same time, any and all social advances we as a society have made came about by the courage of some who did speak up. True, they did suffer, and sometimes it took a while before their message took off, but we are all the better for their courage today.

    Your argument about the middle east comes across as contradictory. You say you don’t care about whats happening over there because you are more concerned with Bermuda issues. Fair enough, and no one is saying not to be concerned about Bermudian issues. But then you go on an say that the situation in the middle east will probably spill over into a third world war. By definition would that not involve us? And wouldn’t it be better to resovle the issues there before it becomes a third world war?

    As for Hamas, I have said in the very article above that solidarity with the people of Palestine in the face of Israeli aggression is not solidarity with Hamas. I myself do not agree with Hamas and find their ideology to be essentially islamofascist. But all the same, they are the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government of Palestine, a point you seem to singularly ignore, as do you the collaboration between the West, Israel and corrupt Arab regimes with the express purpose to ensure Hamas’ failure.

    Back to the Bermudian issues, again, no on is saying not to be involved in Bermudian issues. but besides some cheap and empty rhetoric from you, what do you suggest?

  12. What coin is that?
    U havent answered the questions about sal n the labels u apply to him and now me!…so ru sayin im also white extreemist based solely on my political opinions on the state of affairs in Bermuda? HOw typical of PLP people….if u sayin sumpin they dont wanna hear bring in race n call em a racist.
    WE have families to feed man, and aint got time to worry bout some pie in tha sky hope that things will get betta if we march down de street wit a sign. This is why people just go under ground and make their money any way they can when they are shut out!
    The people u refer to who stoood up did so so that my generation and younger ones whont have to sacrifice what they did, but yet the same bullshit still reamins!!! So obviously their sacrifice aint worth shit if the problems are still here. U lot pay lipservice to dame lois for example, n im quite sure de founders of plp are spinning 250 mph in their graves over how badly u all have slipped into the role of becomming what you once were fighting against!!
    U just admitted that the repercussions of speakin up are real, so u really expect people to willingly do that to themselves and their families in 2009? I know people who have tried to stand up…very recently in fact, n im not talkin bout these plp posers who once claimed to be black panthers berrets or whatever, who have turned their backs on the socalled ideals they once stood 4, beacuse they have access to the spoils of political power now.
    That includes the leader of the plp. Ive been talkin to this mans peers, and older folks who have been able to describe him in his youngerdays as a rude child, bounced from school to school with a golden spoon in his mouth, and even more discriptions of his rantings when he returned from exile in school in jamaica, n his rantings when he came back from medical school pennyless and blaming the white man for everything etc..n he has the gaul to tell young people to stop blaimn the world for their political problems instead of using his position to fix the political problems….hes jus like mugabe in zibawaee…and how he basically views his own black people as being benieth him!
    SO yea ive seen how modern day freedom fighters here have been spit upon by this government n civilservants n ive experienced some of this myself!
    So what exactly are u describing as cheep n empty rhetoric comming from myself get specific, as ive made quite a few comments on ya blog.
    Again the problem in this country is that a lotta of so called interlectuals youself included dont wanna deal with the daark side of goings on in this country, a lotta u have no clue how bad things are out here. Since u r away u havent had the opportunity of viewin ceola wilsons documentries…but her work is begining to shine a light on the dark side, and educate thoese who actually want to know whats going on here.
    N what im sayin is that our Bermudian issues take presidence over any foriegn matter. I havent ignored hamas political power…infact I said its the peoples fault their women n children are dying cause they have a terrorist group as their leaders…so in essence what do they expect? If they want the killings of their own to stop then hamas needs 2 be removed from power, other wise they are reeping what hamas is sowing. Im not igonring usa n isreals connection…in fact this protest should have been held at the us councilate office cause its the us support that gives isreal its military power in the first place.
    Yes it will boil down into a world war, based on the world dependance on oil from the region, and the madness of religious nuts on all sides, n the up comming battle for world resources. AS for us gettin involved…lol…we aint sendin no regiment troops nowhere.
    We being a rich nation should be focused on total isolation and indipendence from oil n food resources so when the perverbial shit hits tha fan, we will have our own. But we wanting to go independent on paper so bad….have no vision to go indipendent on a physical level first, n that lack of vision comes from this so called government, whos to worried about gettin their own personal riches!

    U want my suggestions?…ive already listed suggestions in other posts….

    Dis ban political parties
    move back to parish governing council to run the country…IE REAL POWER TO THE PEOPLE

    Lets try some REAL political accountability in politics this country for a change and c if that creates a domino effect to fix the other problems, cause it all start from the top.
    and from the bottom as well…the people havent stood in total non political party unity and demanded accountability from any of its governments, and as a result these politicians and civilservants think they can do whatever they want to do.
    Lets put REAL measures in place to spread the great wealth we brag about thats exists here so the people aint gotta go through the pressures they are feeling. Food stamps…wellfare…housing for the poor…etc….u lot pay a lotta lip service to these things.
    Ya premier like to live d life of a us politician at the peoples expence, armed gaurds…private cook..big security upgrades to his personal house…etc but then tells the people that the same protection the poor in the usa get we cant get cause he dont want a welfare state…thats not fuckin well up to him…thats our decision!!! The poor and nearly poor are the majority, not the eletist uppity rich black n white people who think their shit dont stink…strraight up.

    N for de record……im BLACK, and WAS a PLP supporter for all of my voting life up till the last election where I didnt vote at all out of disgust n contempt i have 4 this shitstem n the politicians in it, now I have no political allegiance cause party politics is a divisive machine thats proven it can do nothing to improve the condition of the poor in paradise. Manyly due to how absolute power corrupts absolutly!

  13. SoO, Yes, I remember you talking about disbanding political parties and replacing them with a bottom-up democracy – my own formula is one based on Parish Councils (composed of representatives from neighbourhood councils) and Workers Councils. But its one thing to simply say this is what we should do – how do we go about realising it? Thats what I’m referring to about rhetoric. You seem quite happy to come and talk about what needs done and how the current system is failing to do it, but how do we make it better?

    Now for Sal, by reading what he write on numerous blogs, plus his own, I gather my opinion of his ideology. As you said, thats just a matter of opinion. How else do you want that explained? And when I say I regard you both of as two sides of the same coin, well, how hard is that one to understand? You the opposite of him, but at the same time the same thing. Both of you seem to be very angry about the current status quo, both from different but similar perspectives. Your anger is understandable – there is a lot to be angry about. But as far as I can tell from your writing you seem to think that the answer to our problems is something along the lines of violence. This has never solved the problems in the past, only replaced one massa with another. Sal seems to view things in a White supremacist nationalist way; you come across as viewing things in a Black supremacist nationalist way coupled with Yoruba theology. Perhaps I’m wrong, but as you said, these things are just a matter of opinion. Either way these strands of ideology do exist in our society, and they exist for a reason, and need to be engaged in discourse and not shunned.

    I think you and I actually share a number of similar positions on what a new society should look like, bottom-up democracy and the like, I think we just have different perspectives on how to achieve it. I think that the way forward is to develop mass consciousness and prefiguration for self-governance through participation and support for shopfloor actions. I also work within the PLP, not because I have any illussions in it being a catalyst for change anymore, but because there are activists in it who have the potential to realise that goal. I criticise the Party from the Left but support its gains against the Right. There are other tactics and strategies that should also be employed. Thats all.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t say that the sacrifices of the past where worth shit, simply because we still have problems. The problems have changed, and we have liberated society to a great degree compared to what we once had. But the system is resilient and as adapted to these changes. We should use the successes we’ve had, building on the successes of the past, to learn from past failures and make sure we don’t let the system adapt again. What the sacrifices of the past achieved was only to build the foundation for the next liberation struggle, and we let them down if we shirk that duty.

  14. Yo…u mistake my point big time….

    Pointing out whats on the horizon if this society dont change..and confusing that..with wanting whats on the horizon, if things dont change to actually happen, is not what im sayin at all, so how u get dat outta wa I say i dont know…. not what Id like to see happen to my home……so why shoot the meer messenger?

    Dats another big problem here many of u overly sensative people cant deal with people who are pissed off but still communicating with you…..u see or hear a few cus words and then ignore what is being said…thats some bullshit. U should be real worried when the talkin stops all togeather, cause thts when the side you dont want comes intoplay.

    This word violence that so many have issues with…..Ghandi had 2 thoughts on change his first plan was for peaceful change, n if that didnt work he had a violent alternative…..martin luther king…..was about peace….but the malcom x movement had a violent alternative wating in the wings. Change can come from peace or violence. Some places changed via peace…and some changed via violence.

    BErmuda changed via violence…the last set of riots here paved the way for change. N it seems thats how u people like things to go down, cause the peaceful stuff hasnt been working. WE voted ubp out wated…waited….waited….still same crap that happend under upb goin on now…so u basically sayin i need to wait 10 15 20 yrs for the old people who are anti change to die, b4 we can realise change here….man fuck that…straight up fuck that shit. Ive always compared this place to a pressure cooker…an old one..worn out n ready to be thrown out. But we keep on turning up the pressure and expect things to be normal…welll guess what…it aint gonna stay normal for long ..especially in these bad economic times. We can see it happening b4 our eye right now.

    And eventually the youth and other involved with antisocial behaviour will come to de realisation that all their petty gang fighting amongst them selves is mis directed and they will focus their violence at thoese in this society that has been blocking the change and reeping the riches. So the choice of violence or peace sits not in my hands…but in the hands of this community who still sits in silence and blind political loyalty. Instead of demanding good governance on multiple an all levels.

    Violence in politics is funny cause.. to one person being violent in politics after being peaceful = being a freedome fighter and to another person your a terrorist…just like in GAZA. The natives are both terrorists and freedom fighters, and the isreaslies are the opressors. So theres nothin wrong with violence when people are fed up of waiting for peaceful change. As long as they are directing that violence in the correct direction, and not harming innocent citizens.

    What I want to see is plainly in straight up is…. a bermuda run by the parish council system like u started to outline….a place where the percapita wealth balances out where poverty amongst the people is eliminated. This will mean a fully sucessful country. and its not so called utopia like some small minds try to make that goal out to be. And the econimic power of the place being harnessed to make peoples vision for their individual futures come to life thus makin the country greater by totally and completly developing its greatest resources….the people.

    It dont work like that here sadly….

    U R RIGHT IM EXTREEMLY PISSED OFF N RIGHLY FUCKIN SO! Many here are pissed off but have not been able to connect the “Why” behind it. When they do make the connection that politics and this system are the root causes, then you will have something to worry about!

    Its all a big joke here …the obmudsman…human rights…legal aid….all government controlled…and funded…politically propped up boards with members of a sitting governments party supporters..all open to politcal interference n therefore no real justice. U people actually think the average person is blind to this stacking of the deck? Its so bad the people with integrety resign…the human rights office has no one running it…she lady who was in the press askin for reforms and no ties to government has resigned!!!

    I think sal is a black man….n not a white extreemist….I think that because many of u lot dont like whats hes sayin, u try to diminish it by sayin hes a crazy nut racist white boy. And hes smart enough to play you all into thinkin that hes white…lol

    Ive also been askin for you to bring forth more of the how the people of bermuda can make this government shift to the people happen without the involvement of the politicians…ive asked this question of you a few times…I dont have alla de answers nor do I pretend to, but I do have some ideas thants y Ive asked the same question on ya blog a few different time with no one fourthcomming with an ansa. I hoped it would spark discussion topic of its own where the subject of fundamental systemic change would be its own topic of discussion. So thats not rethoric its a question on an issue that seems to be the only salvation this place seems to have left to it. YOu dont wanna seem to ansa it perhaps cause of ya party loyalties, or perhaps u just didnt see my posts.

    This place is totally deadlocked politically. With no change in site…..I know of some of the people you say are for change etc…..many of them are only using politics as a vehicle to get what they want in their life, cause being on the “right side politically” has always been the way to get ahead in this place. And thats not supposed to be the reason for getting involved, but it is here!

    Many have plans to get out in the very short term future. Some have already left. So im not holding my breath for any change for the system to come from its members…thats the same hype we fell for in 98…..the same hype that surrounds obama….a fools hype and a fools hope. Yes I was a fool for believing the plp would actually do something. but I was not a fool for getting the ubp out. Now will we all be fools for letting this dog chase tail system of government reamin?

    I have said this b4 as welll….the sharing of ideas on how to make positive changes are all within this community, and our youngest minds at the schools and the college should have think tanks where the various sectors of issues are adressed, in their compartments and the findings made public and the people choose what they want done out of the works our youth do. and the govenoring council puts the peoples wishes into action.

    So yes starling there are african…ifa components to my thought process….and its thoese components…that reconnection to our culture as africans and gettin beyond the low levels of dewlling on slavery and not learning of the much bigger picture of who we are as african desendents and not healing outselves from slavery thats in part keeping this place down.

    If the sacrifices of thoes who passed really mattered to thoese in power they will changes the system and end the cycle of inequality on all levels….I say it dont mean shit to them cause things faught for 20 or 30 yrs ago are still goin on today and blind eyes are being turned on these events.

    But @ de end of it all we reep wa we soe…and so it goes!!

  15. So basically your saying that the word on the street is violence and anti Government behaviour and we/they will sort out our ‘territorial problems later?

    Someone was right about to sides two/of a coin.

  16. “huh” ? Re read your comments. In summary, thats what I read along with your frequent useage of vulgarity which leaves me wonder your intent.

  17. I have been meaning to finish off my draft concerning the structure of a bottom-up participatory democracy for Bermuda could work and how to build it, I will finish it once I can. I cannot say when I will have the chance to finish it, hopefully it won’t take too long. What I might do is start by typing up the bit that I wrote back in 2002; its a bit out-dated or, rather, rough, in the sense that I have since had the opportunity to read up and think more on the issue since.

  18. Since I don’t feel like searching Johnny, just refresh my memory as too why you are pursuing further education in Scotland and what you expect or endevour to do with it?

    It seems intriging to me as to why at this time and point in your life you made this decision. Are you comming back?

    Keep it short. I don’t want to be part of your final essay.


  19. Personal reasons mainly which I’ll not go into. Also a desire to improve myself. Career change options. Interest in the subject area (ecological economics).

    In short, an early mid-life crisis (I’m turning thirty in six months!) 😉

    Am I coming back? It is my intention, in some form, some time. Can’t really foretell what exactly the future may bring. I reckon I’ll always be involved in Bermudian discourse no matter what though. Its my home, I owe it to give back what I can.

  20. “It is my intention in some form”.

    Well let us bleddy know please. “Some form” encompasses a wide range and I don’t belive in Bermudian/Scots fly by nite kilts with a socialist ‘Bee I You’ connection.

    Reality shows from your post your not sure what the hell you will do. But thats cool, so most of us feel that way.

  21. Actually, your last paragraph sums it up quite well.

    Your lucky to able to be from a socalled “white” background. Yet you seem pissed off in my perception that you were not accredited the acknnowledgements of the party and Union that you supported.

    Your varient socialist views prooves my point.

    I say move on and get a job in Scotland and enjoy the ambiance and protective culture.

    The once again as you stated you may come back. I hope not with such a socialist attitude. Then once again just depends on which foot your “Putin” first.

  22. Son of Obatala,

    I’m not sure if you lurk in the other blogs, but I thought you might be interested to know that your comments here have generated a spin-off discussion at the Bermuda Sucks forum. The address for the particular spin-off is,com_smf/Itemid,29/topic,4379.0/

    If you are registered over on that site, feel free to comment there; if not, it is not difficult to register there, otherwise I am happy for you to respond to comments from that spin-off thread here, just ensure that you indicate that that is the case in your comments in order to reduce any confusion please.

  23. interesting……. ill check it out…no i dont do to much cross bloggin…n by tha way…im not into any form of supremacy of any race, I support non partial equality for all across all spectrums.

  24. Pretty interesting @ Starling… other words Cahow….i dont deal wit color…i dont deal wit class….or how many bs letters people have behind their name…..i treat people as 1 is better than any one else. hows that? is that better..hey n look no cus words…lol

  25. Re: Bermuda = Gaza? For some it might…
    « Reply #111 on: Yesterday at 09:38:48 PM »


    Alfia to all who post here…catch a fire pointed out that I should visit this site since my comments on his were some what being discussed here.

    Firstly…Bermuda does not = Gaza! at least not yet….! My full comments frm catch a fire were to basically highlight that Bermuda has a bad habbit of looking around the world for causes to champion while the issues of our own countrymen are ignored.

    The only connection Bda has to Gaza that i was pointin out in my original post, is how the use of violence can be an effective tool for change within a hoplessly unchangeable political and social atmosphere. I said that because even thou we had an obama style hype and hope about the 98 elections that got the PLP in..even though they promised us tha world to get our vote……they have become what they were fighting against…”a UBP in black face”…..”they got rich n switched”……” the plp is out ubping the ubp”…. jullian hall

    Nothing has really changed as far as how this place runs.

    It took a while but i read through most of this thread, and what i have concluded is that many of you are out of touch wth a lot of the underground goins on in this place, and the warning signs of the bigger antisocial problems on the horizon.

    Many seem to take pleasure in mockin people like myself who speak of the things that I do….so be it. Lets see how you feel in 1 or 2 yrs time. The entire history of this place is reactionary …. nothin is proactive, so as a result im not suprised by the view many of you have that what I and others say “is a bunch of crap”

    This island is soulless……relolving door of race based politics….eletism and classism running rampit, extreemist and explotive capitilasm and work environment..and its mainly u adults that feed it…what a shining example for our children. N you wonder y youts wanna be gangstas?

    Race is an issue here because no one has healed from slavery…not the blacks and not the whites, and none on either side are willing to make any government do whats nessicary to heal the country by changing how we teach ALL of our children in our schools by injecting a fully multicultural educational system that breaks the whitesupremist educational system we have all grown up in.

    African bermudians still choose to be and act like slaves because even though they are free… they dont wish to regain their culture as africans, and only wish to be a success in the whitemans world. And whites still choose to act and be like slave masters cause they dont want to back the various social reforms needed to fix this society….and cause they choose not to accept and acknowledge and begin to effect repairs on the side effects of their ancestors actions…their modern day legacy.

    Its this statis quo, combined with a 50 yrs history of corrupt governments that play 1 side against the other by focusing on our collective weakness….RACE…..which is ment to distract us from the real game they are playing…. rich against poor…class distinction, and elietism….these things are not color based.

    This community has not learned the vital lesson of 40 yrs of UBP…hold ya governments accountable by any means nessicary. That unlearnt lesson created the ledgend of the 40 thieves…thoes who plundered and grew economically for their race class and eliets social structure. That same unlearnt lesson has lead to the rise of the brown version of the PLP….and we casually watching the public purse get plundered all over again. The only clear difference is…one party was backed by white support, and this one is backed by black..uneducated support. I say uneducated because not many blacks are observing the behaviour of this brown run PLP….its only about race and the black party being in…hip hip hoorayyyy!! Not many are paying attention to the lack of opportunity for all connected to this brown plp government.

    In a political discussion of various age groups recently in a back yard it was said…”at least unda the ubp…when black people made off enough about a particular situation some one would say…go n deal with so n so….and that individual was hushed up by being given opportunity in whatever form. EVen that dont happen now under this so called plp government. I say so called cause they are not adhearing to the fundamental foundational ideals of the plp founding members..they have sold out the workin class who got them in.

    I and many like me dont focus on race. We are mindful of our history….however we have reconnected with our african culture and are not stuck in the prisoner of war mentality…aka slave mentality that exists here….we have freed our minds.

    Anyways…..i and many others are realising the world is a bigger place…y continue to try and live in ya own country as a third class citizen surrounded by corruption? To any young people out foreign readin dis……dont bother commin back here……theres nothin here. No one supports progressive thoughts in business or entraprenuership that u will be bringin back here, and until the old people die off you will not get a good job. They want you to come back so they can live off you tax input when they get old. So perhaps things will change in 10 15 or 20 yrs, when all the old race baters die off and when all the corrupt politicians die off and when the bermudian populace finally politically matures and elets governments that have a focus on actually governerin fairly instead of worring about filling their personal pockets and preparing for their own retirements.

    NONE of these politicians can be trusted.

    and to all of you that think theres not a growing section of this society that are fed up and wating to bring another wave of violent change to this island like the change that came after the last riots in the 70s……just wait and see…I wont be here to tell you told you so….Ive come to see that im less than a forigner in my own land n that im gonna make use of this money pit like they do and make a better life some place else…and I encourage thoese who are hearing me to do de same

    fuck it! n fuck Bermuda at least as it is now!!!

  26. You seem very pissed off. Plus the fact that your repeating yourself. I am quite aware of the events in the 70’s, I lived them.

    I gather from your comments that you are either related too a movement (underground as you call it) or your feeling some vibes from others in the community.

    If you are with/from the latter please share them. For you to leave us in a boat with no paddle of which you can find and procure, I think you should.

  27. that post was for starlings benifit…a copied post from the blog he referred me to……sorry for the repeating.

    ….im just stating what i and many other average people who dont blog are feeling and saying….the vibes from the street.

    I hope there is a underground movement for political change in the works because all the negative violent vibes out there needs 2 be channeled otherwise…with the growing economic pressures that are on the way….I fear for my people. I hope n pray that the people focus their negative vibes towards politicians instead of towards eachother.

  28. Well your last sentence speaks for itslef. The only way that can happen would be through an election or as you stated, an uprising and total elimination of present Government.

    I think a nice fireside chat would be a good starter.

  29. I support the Jews when someone threatens you warn them then kill their children only fair. But you are supposed to keep the virgin women for ehtnic cleansing. The U.N. is weak trash America saved them in Kosovo and they refused to pay E.C.W.A.S. to invade Sierra Leone. State rights are more important than national rights and national rights more important than human rights. The number one right is the right to bear arms. Without that there is no democracy.

  30. Um, right…

    So, by your logic then the forced enslavement and general genocide and systematic rape of their women of African peoples, or indigenous Americans, was legitimate then. And the Americans as the paramount military power in our time has the legitimate right to conquer, rape and pillage the rest of the world.

    Thats the gist of your ‘might is right’ philosophy as I understand it.


  31. yo elvis when are you gonna be singing again in public, I want to catch your act live?

    How do ya like it ,SOB,when white limousine liberals, with nothing to do all day but post their dogma on web sites ,tell you about yourself ?

  32. ?

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your post there Bill. Who are you referring to as SOB? I’m assuming you mean Son of Obatala? Just looking for clarification there.

  33. It’s quite obvious Johnny. I think you need some more of that Cuban/Russian Vodka. It can revolution you quicker than an RSB.

  34. That could apply too anyone Uncle Elvis. But, do you drive a white limo? You take too many things to heart and think that they are directed always too you. Chill man. Let the poster reply. As for the threat again, what are you refering too? Singing live or driving a white car.?

  35. Boy, your sure confused. I’m not rummy. But I am still entitled to my opinion right?

    Then as usual you go off on a tangent. I am sure that you will get a response from the author if in fact it applies to you.

    As for your singing well thats another comment at a later date. Chill out man and stick to the subject matter.

  36. Your confused Elvis. Johnny stated something about if peoples wanted too use differant names etc. Now if Johnny has outed people, thats his problem or given you the impression that it may occur.

    I suggest that as others have said on numerous sites to let it go, move on and stop taking everything so personal or what you may think related.

    Can we get back to the subject or is this all about you again?

    SOB, please respond with whatever comments you have. This trend is getting really boring.

  37. iv come to a conclusion…betta to leave dis place den end up killin people who are blockin the progress of the so called poor (earnin below 70per yr) even though u have a degree. It makes no sence to try and take out anger on politicians…their families…or political coat tail riders and their families…. based on not being able to get ahead and get about tha so called poverty line..its obvious tha people aint gonna change dis system they too weakminded n uneducated n its also obvious dat tha ubp aint got tha sence to b a viable option 4 change.

    I think dis gonna b my last post on here…farewell 2 all who choose to live in dis place, submerged 4head high in political corruption.

    All youths overseas…do yaselves a favour…dont make de same mistake i n others who went away 4 education made by commin back here!!!!……stay where u are…you are more valued overseas. Hope u all hear me!!!!

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