Exams Over!

The last two weeks have been exam weeks up here in Edinburgh, made all the more stressful due to the fact I haven’t had an academic exam for about seven years now. and they were all worth 50% of my final grade too… So as a result of all of that I’ve pretty much let the blog run itself. I’ve popped in infrequently just to delete the occasional spam that gets past the filter, but that’s been about it.

My last exam was this morning, and it was for my core course. Now that its done I’m going home for a bite of siesta, then out tonight to the jazz bar and general celebrating being done. Over the next few days I’ll finally have the luxury to catch up on the recent comments, as well as developments in the local blogosphere and both local and international news.

Thankyou to everyone who contributed to the threads over the last few days; I’ve only had a chance to skim through the comments, but they look like you’ve all had some very interesting conversations.

I’ll write more later!


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