Wayne Furbert

I’m in the middle of exams and the like, so the blog right now is not exactly a top priority, but I thought I should comment on Wayne Furbert’s decision to leave the UBP.

I doubt his leaving is really going to surprise anyone who’s been following that saga since the 2007 election. I’m pretty sure the UBP’s reaction is effectively one of ‘meh, don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ and the average citizen is probably wondering what took him so long. I’m certainly not at all surprised at the development.

While I don’t think there’s really any legal obstacle to Mr. Furbert joining the PLP, I for one would strongly oppose his joining. To reconcile his membership with his past actions and previous Party rhetoric in reference to him, that doublethink would be way too much of a whiplash I think for many Party members to accepts.

As for his political future itself, I personally believe he should resign his seat in the house and stand in a by-election rather than spend the rest of this parliamentary term in a seat he won as a representative of the UBP. I’m all for giving him some time to reflect on whether he truly wants to run again or commit himself to more personal activities, or even to take some time to form a third political party (maybe with some other UBPers) before doing so, but I do not feel he should still be sitting in that seat for longer than a six months without re-winning a mandate from that constituencies voters.

Maybe this is the beginning of a split from the UBP? Its really too hard to tell at the moment, we’ll have to see what develops over the next three months.


10 thoughts on “Wayne Furbert

  1. Similar position as Jamahl Simmons last year? Sitting MP leaves the political party, remains MP under the Independent ‘banner’, then switches sides?

    Sad that (a) Mr. Furbert isn’t interested in continuing as an independent, so unless he joins onr of the machines his input will be lost to Bermuda
    (b) it’s seen as such an easy thing to just ‘up and switch parties’ like that. Even considering it so quickly after resigning from one party is a bit incredulous.

  2. Furbie is looking for attention,big difference with opportunist Jamahl Simmons , who was desperate for a paycheck,and a free ride on Ewart’s garvy train, since nobody would hire his lazy butt

  3. I personally am of the opinion that Mr. furbert should also resign and have a by-election.
    The difference between he and Jamahl Simmons is that Jamahl didnt resign from the UBP until approximately the 4th year of the term. It was obvious that a general election was imminent. Whereas in this scenario Mr. furbert has resigned not even 1 year from the last general election, so there is the risk of him sitting as the Independent rep for the next 4 years.

    A by-election would be very interesting in this constituency. In the general election Mr. Furbert defeated Charles Clarke 530 to 451. I am sure a large amount of Mr. Furbert’s votes were because he was the UBP candidate. If he were to stand as an Independent, and then the UBP and PLP were to put up candidates, then I think the PLP would take the seat.

    Either way, it remains to be seen what he will do. I think it is sad that someone who genuinely seems interested in the welfare of his country will see his political career end in such a lackluster fashion.

  4. @ Ken – Raises an interesting question about independents in our system, doesn’t it? Is their only function to help one party by taking votes from the other? They never get in (well not anymore) so really, unless his goal is to hurt the UBP’s chances, why would he run?

  5. Well i think he might run if he believes he could effectively represent his constituents. Personally I dont believe he could, but that doesnt mean that he believes that.

    I think most people are of the opinion that independents just get in the way and therefore thats why they dont get many votes. To Mr. Furbert’s credit though, he has been a Hamilton parish representative for a while now and has many friends and family in that constituency. Due to that network I wonder if he would get more than the average independent candidate. Most of the independent candidates of late have been newcomers or people without much political history of actually being elected or incumbent MPs.

  6. @ Ken – Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for him to run as an independent and win, I think that would be the very best scenario. What would actually happen is that his personal network would side with him, as would a few ‘UBP voters’ but virtually no PLP voters. Therefore he’d lose, the UBP candidate would lose and the PLP candidate would win. Which is a good thing if you’re PLP through and through, but not if you’re anyone else.

    Given that we agree Wayne still has a lot to offer, and has his seat and is able to sit as an independent in it, surely the best option is just to let him remain where he is?

  7. As someone currently residing in the Hamilton West constituency I would have a vested interest in having the MP for our area be able to represent us and have issues regarding our area put on the front burner where applicable, regardless of political alignment. Hopefully we won’t get forgotten.

  8. Lif – Perhaps…but the issue i have is not exactly with what he has to offer, but moreso that he ran and was elected under a UBP banner, and the constituents may not want him to be an Independent. So if they were to have a by-election and they still want Wayne Furbert, then he would win. Even though i doubt he would win. does that make any sense? lol.

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