Vote For Marc Bean

I’ve been a little lax in my attention to the blog over the last few days. Had a bit of work that took up most of my time, and then it started to snow and that really put me off leaving the dorm room…

Anyway, I see Doug over at Freshieblog has put put forward a plea for people to vote for the UBP in the upcoming by-election. In light of that, I’ld like to advocate for Marc Bean.

This by-election is rather interesting. For one, I personally know two of the candidates, Marc Bean and Kahlid Whasi, and have immense respect for both of them. I have had political discussions with both of them for some time, and can vouch for their commitment to Bermuda and advancing the political discourse here for the common benefit of all Bermudians. I don’t really know Charlie Swan at all. I have no reason to dismiss his similar commitment and sincerity, I just don’t really know him. So I hope that after acknowledging the above, readers will follow what I write below.

First and foremost, I am a PLP member, and this blog as such is without question a pro-PLP partisan blog, even if it strives to be an independent minded one and criticises the Party Line when I percieve the Party Line being contrary to my perceptions of what progressive labour is all about.

Through my conversations with Marc I have found him to be very much within the progressive wing of the Party, and I feel that he has a lot to contribute to Bermuda as a whole. He does indeed represent a new generation of PLPers who, while well grounded in the historic struggles against social injustice that the Party has long been at the forefront off, is not ossified in this past, but ready to advance the cause of social progress for the 21st Century. His election would in many ways be a symbolic ‘passing of the torch’ from the old guard to the new guard of the Party. At the very least it will be a transitioning point, a potential catalyst for further change within the Party in a progressive direction.

Khalid Whasi/Raymond Davis has struck me with his commitment to reshaping the political landscape of Bermuda. I share with him the perception of the UBP being a largely spent and irrelevant force in 21st Century Bermuda.

I see the UBP as serving more as a brake on progress in Bermudian politics, more by their taking up space that could be better used by newer political forces. In some ways they do so because they feel it necessary to keep the PLP in check – our political system is largely stuck in a stale mate philosophy. But even in this role they are singularly failing, serving less as a credible opposition to the PLP as a waste of space in our parliamentary chamber dithering on about nothing. Since their second loss in 2003, and especially since their 2007 loss their existence has been a failure. The good ship UBP is rudderless and without a sail, drifting aimlessly – albeit agonisingly slowly – towards the reefs of oblivion and irrelevancy.

As I’ve said, I don’t know Charlie Swan. From what I know of his Senatorial performance I conclude he is genuine in his politics, but at the same time excelling in the political mediocrity that has come to characterise the UBP of late.

Based on all of this, I advocate the voters in this by-election should vote for Marc Bean. Those that don’t want to vote for Marc, for whatever reason, I strongly recommend they vote for Khalid Wasi. I stress that my calling for a vote for anyone but Charlie Swan is not a personal slight against him, it is more a vote against the mediocrity of the UBP. Personally I think Marc is simply the best candidate, and that his election would advance change within the PLP. But I also strongly convinced that the UBP need to be sent a message, either that their time is done and they should abandon ship in order to land ashore and allow new vessels to set sail in their place (not unlike the history of the Sea Venture’s wreck and the subsequent construction of the Deliverance and Patience), or that they need to seriously repair the damage (mast and rudder) if they have any hope of avoiding the reefs ahead.

Should Charlie Swan get in, I am not convinced that he will inspire the repairing of the listing UBP; rather I would see his election as almost a siren song, hastening the doomed journey of the UBP through inaction.

In many ways the by-election is not a vote between the PLP, the UBP and an Independent. It is a vote about whether people are happy with the UBP’s underperformance. A message will be sent from the results, either to abandon ship or stay the course towards the reefs. It is better for all of us that the UBP allows for change, and that the voters in this by-election make clear that the time is up to abandon ship.

Vote for Marc Bean tomorrow for progressive change within the PLP.

Vote for Khalid Wasi/Rayond Davis tomorrow for progressive change within the Opposition.

Ultimately, vote for anyone but the UBP. Quite frankly, its for their own good.

And thats good for all of us.


38 thoughts on “Vote For Marc Bean

  1. JS,

    Just out of curiousity what would happen to the sitting UBP MPs and Senators if the UBP did dissolve itself? Do they become independents? Would there have to be another general election?

    While I do also believe that the UBP is not a strong oppositon at this point in time, they are the only opposition at this point in time. I couldn’t think of a scarier scenario for BDA and its peoples then having this current PLP administration running the country with no sort of checks and balances against them. They disregard most laws and regulations as it stands now. Just imagine if they had free reign with no one to hold them accountable for their actions.

  2. Also are you going to write a piece on Dr. Brown’s outburst regarding our “colonial masters” inspecting our financial laws and regulations, which was only another attempt to justify independence and nothing more?

  3. Well we know where you stand Jonnyfive.
    Of course if the UBP disbanded or whatever, these MP’s would become Independant, until such time the PLP or commonly known as the Dictatorship as they would be called an election.

    Why call one? Think of a name of a country that has one ruling party.

    I think your sucking up Johnny, thats all.

    As for the “snow”, get real man.

  4. A win 4 Wasi will usher in a new era for political change in the next general election, too bad I dont live in tha area, Id vote for him! jus for the sake of political diversity. While Bean talks a good game, Im not convinced that the plp higher ups are comitted to the types of changes ive been hearing bean speak on, and therefore I dont think the party will support him. Ive seen man strong plp people get shoved out of the way because they have spoken out in some manner that has offended some 1 or some persons within the party. Phil Perinchief for one. Its sad cause he (Bean) seems to have potential, but at the end of the day…the majority of the plp people like the status quo and feel that they have arrived and that things are great under the past 10yrs, of non progresive plp rule.

  5. Wow. Showing support for your party is “sucking up” now? Did not know that.

    Jonny, this was a very good piece and right along the lines of how i’ve been thinking. The key now is NOT to get the UBP back in, at least until they get their shit together, but to support those PLP candidates that we think are good, solid folks that have the best for Bermuda in mind. The plp aren’t going to be out of power for a long, long time, so the way to go is to get the strongest, best PLP government that we can… As well as showing discontent with those that do NOT do their best for us and\or seem to only have their own self-interest in mind.

  6. UE – I can understand your perspective – i.e. the change from within – but a vote for Marc Bean is still a vote for the PLP, a party that actively and “progressively” excludes 40% of the population. I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time voting for a party that says that I am irrelevant!

    Pitts Bay

  7. Yes, UE, let’s increase the majority of a party that’s spent the best part of 11 years demonizing whites, the leader of which just announced in Parliament – with no public dissent from either Party members or MPs – that white Bermudians are racist scumbags who’d never have voted for Obama. Yes, that sounds like a great plan…………..

  8. yeah it sounds like foolishness but demonizing the PLP isn’t going to do any good either. The trick really is to vote in the personalities (not the party) you agree with. Dr. Brown is apparently an angry man who can’t think flexibly. He’s not just angry at white people. Anyone who gets in his way gets the hate. It would not be stupid to judge the PLP by Dr. Brown; it would be prudent. He is the leader they chose. But it is not progressive. It doesn’t help. Developing people who are not soured by rage and who can think on their feet and can actually lead, do exist in the PLP. They aren’t encouraged but they could certainly do with support. The UBP had the same problem. Competence and flexibility was found out and crushed when ever they showed thier head. Occasionally some one would slip up and allow someone to do some good. It happens.

    In dealing with the PLP and understanding them, its useful to use the UBP as a historical example. They are mostly the same. They make the same mistakes with great consistency.

  9. Given the direction in which the PLP is currently heading, as well as the present concentration of political power in the hands of a select, self-interested clique, I fail to see why an increased PLP majority in the House would be a good thing, regardless of the state of the UBP. Giving the current PLP administration even greater power is unlikely to come to any good.

  10. Unfortunately, when one has a party political system like we have, the idealistic concept of voting for the individuals and the personalities that you agree with does not really work. If the inner core power of the party is still stuck in the 1960’s, then having true progressive people on the periphery will not effect change, and they are likely to stepped on if they voice opinions outside the doctrine of the inner core.

    The only effective way to bring in bright new talent to the House is the establishment of a new party, one that does not have the historical baggage that both the PLP and the UBP have.

    Pitts Bay

  11. This is exactly what I’m saying. Unfortunately, party politics is dead. The PLP is not going to be losing any elections any time soon.

    The problem isn’t with the PLP, it’s with the current administration and the bullies they have working the phones and blogs to promote their insulting, racist campaign for power.
    I have a feeling (stemming from long talks with people from all walks of life) that the majority of PLP supporters DON’T actually support the current administration, but will continue voting for the Party.

    We need to make the parties stronger is what I’m saying. Both of them.
    Now, I don’t know Marc Bean or Charlie Swan and don’t know who’s a better candidate, but Jonny posted what seems to be a heartfelt commendation for this guy, pointing out good, solid qualities that I think most folks would support. Isn’t this the kind of guy we want in power?

    Unfortunately, until someone of quality can get in, Dr. brown ain’t going nowhere. It’s obvious that there isn’t anyone there that has the balls to step up, which is sad.

    Now, having said all that, if Mr. Bean turns out to be another toadying yesman? Kick his ass to the curb, baby!

  12. The only hesitation I’d have for ‘blindly’ voting in another PLP candidate in order to usher in the deathknell of the UBP is that it will be spun and paraded as a great victory and resonating gong of approval for Dr. Brown’s PLP. Because as well all know, any victory is due to him and any loss is nothing to do with him.

    The best way forward in the short term is for the UBP to disband…in exchange for Dr. Brown stepping down. How great a motion would that be in the house. Have Swan stand up, Mr. Speaker, I would like to announce that in the general interest of all Bermuda, the UBP feel it is time to end our racial politics, our parties of the past, and encourage my PLP brethren to do the same. If they agree to put Ms. Paula Cox and a cabinet of her choosing, which can include members of what is now the UBP if she wishes, in charge of Bermudian affairs. If the PLP can agree to this, we will dismantle the party at that point which she and her cabinet take over.

    *wakes up*

  13. “Now, I don’t know Marc Bean or Charlie Swan and don’t know who’s a better candidate, but Jonny posted what seems to be a heartfelt commendation for this guy, pointing out good, solid qualities that I think most folks would support. Isn’t this the kind of guy we want in power?”

    He might be the nicest, most sincere guy in the world, but ultimately he’s decided to align himself with a corrupt administration and a party that happily spouts racist rhetoric for its own political ends. He cannot escape from that, and the fact remains that a vote for Marc Bean is a vote to strengthen the current administration. If Marc Bean wanted to be judged solely on his own merits, and not the corruption and racist rhetoric with which he’s chosen to be aligned, he should have run as an independent.

  14. Loki, you have some serious issues with the PLP. From what I have read on numerous forums, you seem to be doing pretty good where you are.

    Did you take the money and run? Your verbage is self centered and there is no conflict for you since you are not there or here in Bermuda.

  15. What’s the alternative, though?

    Yes, running as an independant is one, but, because of the party system, it’s pretty much guaranteed a loss, unless there is a major sway in the way things work down here and we have a flood of independents winning in seats, thus taking away power from the parties, which, unfortunately, I don’t see happening.

    As I said, I don’t know the man, but if he IS, in fact, a good guy, surely changing from within is a noble cause, no?

    Like I said, the PLP aren’t going anywhere. They aren’t going to lose any elections. People vote Party, either for or against.
    We, as Bermudians, have GOT to at least try to support folks that will make the party the best it can be and, hopefully, get rid of the self-serving.

    Hm. This is actually a call of support for both sides, as long as they are willing to bust their asses and do their jobs.

  16. I’m hoping that Marc Bean wins today.

    Yep, you read that right. I hope the PLP wins.

    The UBP is moribund. Since the general election it has been engaged in a prolonged bout of navel-gazing that has gone absolutely nowhere, and has been next to useless as an Opposition. I like Kim Swan personally, and generally admired his performance when he was in the Senate, but feel he’s done little to stamp his authority on the party and give it any sense of identity. The party’s prolonged dithering about its future needs to brought to an end, fast, and I think that’s most likely to happen if they lose Southampton West Central to the PLP.

    The government’s majority is already sufficiently large that winning this extra seat would not translate into any meaningful increase in power for them. With luck, however, such a defeat would be enough to split the UBP in two, giving Bermuda’s dysfunctional political environment the huge shake-up that it so badly needs.

    It’s impossible to say how things would develop from there, but I believe that if their old enemy was significantly weakened, the bonds that bind the PLP and it supporters would weaken too. I believe it would make it much more likely that a new political entity would emerge, formed from the progressive members of both the PLP and UBP camps, that could eventually destroy the current poisonous duopoly. And Bermuda would be so much better for that.

    Let the PLP proclaim a Marc Bean victory as a huge vindication for their approach to government. If it hastens their eventual demise, I can live with that.

  17. “Loki, you have some serious issues with the PLP. From what I have read on numerous forums, you seem to be doing pretty good where you are.

    Did you take the money and run? Your verbage is self centered and there is no conflict for you since you are not there or here in Bermuda.”

    Knock it off Rummy.

  18. “What’s with the personal attacks?

    Are those allowed?”

    Since banning Rummy (aka ‘Cahow’) from BIAW for repeated breaches of forum rules, it seems to be par for the course, unfortunately, Uncle Elvis.

  19. After reading Phils post that makes a lot of sense but with some disagreement on my part you come back with this?

    I think your priorities lie elsewhere and your constant “Rummy” thing is boring. ‘Heads in sand’ would be a good description.

    Phil, well put but remember there are white people on this planet, and yes they have say. So do the rest of us.

  20. I agree with most of Phil says above, but isn’t Marc Bean the one that claimed that the UBP would ‘lock us all up – it’s true’ if they won government last year?

  21. “I think your priorities lie elsewhere and your constant “Rummy” thing is boring. ‘Heads in sand’ would be a good description.”

    Rummy, you realize that your IP gives you away every time when you engage in this kind of behaviour, right?

  22. “I agree with most of Phil says above, but isn’t Marc Bean the one that claimed that the UBP would ‘lock us all up – it’s true’ if they won government last year?”

    Yes, along with a rather bizarre claim that the UBP was pursuing “a neo-fascist agenda”.

  23. “IP” gives you away? I have an idea where you comming from. Only Jonny knows that unless your also a ‘co-host here’.

    If your refering to the little ‘snappy things’ that follow your name well I guess there can be similarities.

    By the way, why hound me.? Go back to bashing black folks on your site. Your becomming annoying here.

    Lets get back on subject can we?

  24. Define “baselee accusations”. Please, I have no idea what your talking about and I think viewers will be enlightened by them. Can we stick to the subject and not derail for perosnal gain?

    Well, I guess another site has gone to the dogs of yesteryear.

  25. ““IP” gives you away? I have an idea where you comming from. Only Jonny knows that unless your also a ‘co-host here’.

    If your refering to the little ’snappy things’ that follow your name well I guess there can be similarities.

    By the way, why hound me.? Go back to bashing black folks on your site. Your becomming annoying here.

    Lets get back on subject can we?”

    Rummy, you’re not fooling anyone, so please stop this behaviour. If you have a problem with either myself, or any of the co-owners of BIAW, please send an email to the admin and it will be addressed, but please stop inflicting your behaviour on Jonathan and the other posters on this forum, as it has nothing to do with them and, as such, it is unfair to involve them. This will be my last comment to you on the subject.

  26. Loki, I think you have lost it. This reminds me of the foray that happened years ago on Bermuda Sucks about this person “One Eye Open” and others.
    Just because as I have said before people speak their minds in similar ways, you want to label them. Well go ahead.
    Once again as I have said your posts have taken away from the subject but you continue with this nonsense. Apparently you hve an agenda, thats fine but what does that have to do with me?

    Some people are borderline obsessive compulsive. Some and most with narcissistic tendencies.

    The backstabbing is one of control and that is what you portray here.

    Is Johnny Barnes black? I suggest a good meal and some sleep. Realy your time being consumed over this Rummy guy is wated on your part.

  27. Back on topic…


    your suggestion is a good one, although a little “head in the clouds”, taking into account the personalities involved.

    If the UBP can’t stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to do anything, we really can’t expect them to get organized enough to bleddy well start a movement like this! *grin*


    As always, yer on the ball. Again, a little “head in the clouds”, considering who we’re talking about, but a fantastic exercise in “What they SHOULD do”!

    They’ve been spanked enough times to show that they’ll just run away again and not change anything, unfortunately. This will be just another example of that.

  28. Please define “spanked”. Really, one day your for and the next day your against.What type of structure do you want for for good governance in Bermuda?

  29. Why address this to “Rummy” ? I am not Rummy. You gentlemen have this fixation with this guy from Bermuda Sucks.

    “Please stop” ? I imagine that this is addressed to Rummy. In my humble opinion, I would suggest contacting him and making your comments known.

    I am just defending myself by my comments. Until you gents get it together I suppose it be better left alone.

    Cahow is a bird that has domicile in Bermuda. The original being absent for years but has been facilitaed for possibly 50 years without recognition.

    Now back to Mr. Bean. Any results yet ot are the buses still jammed on Middle road.

    Thers an accident on Harbour Road just east of Lower Ferry…so if anyone is lurking and about to travel, be carefull.

  30. Well, I’m pleased to see that the UBP’s Charlie Swan prevailed and won quite convincingly:

    Candidate Name Party Name First Count Second Count Third Count Final Count
    Marc Bean PLP 88 183 227 312
    Raymond Davis IND 5 13 17 24
    Charles Swan UBP 91 203 305 427

  31. On the whole Cahow-Rummy thing. I’ve been trying not to wade into this so far, but really guys, go to the House of Assembly if you want to carry on with this ridiculous immaturity. Cahow, you gave up your game on Bermuda sucks in a Shark Tank post. I allow you to continue because you seem to have simply just wanted a change in name, and I don’t really care about users changing their names as long as they are consistent and don’t do it for the sake of impersonating other uses or other malevolent actions which have unfortunately led me to indefinitely block a certain poster from this site for the time-being despite being given ample warnings about his behavious.

    You want to be called Cahow from now on, I don’t care, and if that is your wish, then people may as well refer to you as such from now on, but bear in mind that people have the right to point out your past all the same. Ignore and move on.

  32. You have to vote personality over party. You are right, PITT’s Bay, the party holds final sway. If you vote personality you have almost no power at all because the party squashes any attempt to create progressive policy. ( The Progressive Labour Party is hilariously misnamed) . However, if you vote for your party you have given up entirely and have no power at all. Because finally party politics in Bermuda is race politics. It has nothing to do with civic improvement or good government. Its just who ever your race is. If you vote race, you have given up entirely. You might as well not go to the polls. You will be governed by people who are not convinced that you will hold them accountable because of the color of your skin. And that government will govern you with hauty indifference that it always has. And get rich ripping you off.

    This is the biggest political issue in Bermuda. Every Bermudian has a personal political problem called race. He or she can deny it or celebrate it. Their participation in their political community is decided by race before their personal morality, talent, generosity, or personal conviction. For good or for bad you are chained to that horse, however you vote. When you get born in King Eddy’s, they stamp your birth certificate black or white and thats how you will be seen for the rest of your life.

    But if you vote personality, you are gaining some choice. You are from a bermudian standpoint, radically subversive. But you do have as much political integrity as any Bermudian is able to get.

    So you have to vote personality. All other options are politically vacant.

  33. I voted twice for the PLP even though I did support the Government of the time. Was that a mistake on my part? I don’t think so. The two candidates were very well known in their constituencys and offered a lot. Their track record showed it and they were out and about and even came to your residence and spoke of issues whether there was an election/byelection or whatever.

    Congrats to Mr. Swan and the UBP. This proves that people have an option ie. Independant/other party.

    I see a turn around in the next few years and I am sure most will read into what I say but with a varient opinion.

    Mr. Beans day will come and we should be thankfull that there are those who do care as portrayed. Wish him the best.

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