Just a Quick Note to Uncle Elvis on Beard Clubs

For some reason I’ve never registered to post over at Uncle Elvis’s blog, but I do read it frequently, and I enjoy his artwork. As I’m not registered over there, I thought I would answer his question here for him. I know he checks this site out every so often, so hopefully he’ll get the message.

He asks if there is a ‘secret beard club.’ The short answer to that is, well, yes, yes there is.

Its pretty informal though. We don’t have any initiation fees or secret handshakes or anything. you join by growing a beard. Its that simple. Its (practical) male exclusivity is not meant to be sexist. It just happens to be that way.

Facial hair seems to go in and out of fashion historically, but the most recent decades have been generally dominated by the clean-shaven group, which has made those of us who choose to grow beards feel a bit like a minority group I guess which leads to our informal club. I get the impression though that our numbers are growing, and we may soon begin to rival the clean-shavens.

Alot of the clean-shavens argue that facial hair is unattractive to women, but I actually don’t think that is the case. In discussions with women I find them to be pretty spilt down the middle on that to be honest.

On a more practical side, they are much more economical than being clean-shaven. You know how expensive razors are these days?

So Uncle Elvis, welcome to the club!


6 thoughts on “Just a Quick Note to Uncle Elvis on Beard Clubs

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  2. Beards THAT long look just plain crazy, y’ask me.

    Look at it this way. With a beard that long who could have seen whether you’d ever done the full Monty?? 😉

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