Randy Horton Out of Cabinet

Well, I’m getting credible reports that Minister Randy Horton is no longer in the Cabinet having been replaced in the Education by Minister El James, with Glenn Blakeney now becoming the Minister for the Environment.

I haven’t seen this online yet, but I have no reason to doubt this source.

I quite like Mr. Horton, and am a bit surprised at this sudden shuffle. I am not sure if this is the result of him ‘taking the fall’ for the recent mix-up that led to the recent Teachers action, or if this is some sort of fall-out from the speculation in the run up to the PLP’s ADC that he would challenge Dr. Brown as Party Leader.

I have not yet been particularly impressed with Minister El James in his now former capacity as minister of the Environment and Sports, and I’m a bit surprised at his moving into Education. I like Mr. Blakeney alot, but I’m not too sure if this role suits him, but I am willing to see how it all plays out. I am not sure yet how or if the Ministries have been realigned, as in whether Environment and Sports are still a singular ministry or not (and I still don’t understand why they aren’t their own ministries).

On another note, I’m pretty bogged down with work at the moment, so I will be occupied for the next few days, although I will still allow comments of course, just there won’t likely be many new posts for a few days.


16 thoughts on “Randy Horton Out of Cabinet

  1. This is what happens when one attempts to challenge the Chief Shot Caller. He’s da boss, and that’s all there is to it.

  2. Heavens Starman take it easy. You sound like that guy Mysty on BIAW

    When was the last time you challenged the Chief Sot puller?

  3. Didn’t they move to this merged ministries format so as to reduce the amount of Ministers overall? And then the pairing of groups becoming somewhat arbitrary over the years (Environment, Education, Housing, Youth all being tossed into a hat and names drawn)?

    Even Tourism is a shared ministry.

  4. Chief Shot Caller? Hell you must be Mysty from BIAW. Where is is your Tranzporter? Heck, he must be in Graceland.

    Step up too the plate and be a real Man.

    Sorry for the whatever,..

  5. I sure hope so, Sara! Maybe plp dissidents will do the right thing (for once)… and do what the ANC has recently done in South Africa. The ANC Party split into two. We need that here… then, maybe we’ll have an effective Opposition!

  6. This is Nazi Germany in 30s,Rwanda in 80s

    Did you hear Phil Perinchief’s response ?I hope it is printed tomorrow,he said Brown is consolidating a dictatorship,and this from former Atty Gen Phil Perinchief!

    The Brown shirts are publicly slurring posters on forums,now Dunleavy ..claiming “he made a series of self serving and racist assumptions”


  7. Bermuda definitely needs a new party, perhaps made up of dissidents from PLP and UBP both. Maybe even throw in some independents?
    I think that could work.

  8. This is a further enunciation of an old Bermuda political tradition – really wrecking Bermudian education. The UBP switched batters all the time without apparent rationale. They never developed a serious policy, goal or indigenous strategy. They twitched, they fitted, they made excuses and finally they were shot in the political head. And a good thing too.

    The PLP, in their desire to emulate Bermudian political legacy emulate the UBP with the rigorous rhythm of ritual. Wrecking Bermudian education has been hard for the PLP because it was so bad when they got it. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful but they have not made it much worse. It looks pretty much the same.

    So when you hear someone say “The minister for education has been sacked. He was considered unfitted for the job,” its like talking about the weather – they are just trying to make conversation. You might as well say, “Oh the sun rose this morning” or “the buses are running late.” These are common events of normal bermudian life.

    Soon you may notice, from watching the news or reading the paper, that the government is oddly unsupportive of the new minister of Ed. It would be unreasonable to remark on this. How else is he to become an incompetent education minster and so be fired if he is not politically isolated? After a year, he will begin to look care-worn and a bit frantic. His time will be coming. And the great cycle of Bermudian politics will go round again. Very comforting isn’t it.

    There is a problem though. The US maintains a similar tradition to ours. But this Obama guy looks like he just doesn’t get it. The governmental negligence necessary to maintain this proud and ancient tradition of worthless education, just isn’t in his make up. Which means US education will improve and Bermuda shall be left at the bottom of the scale of education among developed nations. Over time of course, bad education may convert us to an undeveloped nation. Then we would be among company once again. For sentimental reasons, we should be pleased. Such a future is as predictable the sun rising in the morning.

  9. Good top notch public primary and high schools, and a four year degree affordable and accredited college would put Bermuda on the road to success in almost every aspect. Education here should be excellent regardless if you go to private or public. This could have been the PLP’s greatest legacy. They have had 10 years to fix it, but it is never too late for them to do these things. The people of Bermuda need to push for these issues to be front and center when they elect a person/party. Hopefully, in the next election, Bermudians will focus on the issues and not fall for false promises.
    America’s election has proven what happens when the people stand up and say they demand a change. The republican party will now be forced to be the do gooders if they want to be re-elected similar to what is going on with the UBP. If the UBP ever got elected again, they would be forced to be the do gooders for Bermuda.

  10. Sara: The UBP? Again? (shudder)

    Bermuda is the one of the ten richest countries in the world. The PLP has failed to fix education. Is that incompetence? If it isn’t I don’t know what the word means.

  11. I was only demonstrating that this is how you can hold a party accountable for their actions. You don’t re-elect them if they don’t follow through on their responsibilities to the people. It just so happens these are the only two that the people elect in Bermuda.
    It was just an example on accountability. Personally, I am independent just so you know.

  12. Lets sign the tourists up for 100hrs of rental bike training and restrict them from towing pillion passengers. Oh almost forgot no riding after 11PM either Lord knows they don’t have experience. Does any Bermudian say “pillion”?

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