US Presidential Endorsement

I figured with Mr. Colin Powell giving his endorsement to the Democratic presidential candidate Mr. Barack Obama, I might as well finally confirm my own endorsement of the Socialist Party USA’s presidential candidate, Mr. Brian Moore and his vice-presidential candiate Mr. Stewart Alexander.

Although I am not an American citizen, and thus not eligible to vote in the upcoming election, I feel that as a resident of this planet which is, for better or worse, dominated in military, economic and cultural terms at the current moment by the USA, I have a right to endorse the candidate I think will best effect the change I want to see in the upcoming election.

The SP-USA has been struggling to get on all the ballots in the US, and has had some challenges (and even some uneasy alliances with the Libertarian Party in this) but have now reached the goal of getting on enough ballots to secure the needed 270 electoral college votes needed to win the election. They have achieved official ballot status in the following states:

New Jersey
Vermont (through the Liberty Union Party)

They have also achieved official ‘write-in’ status in the following states:

New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island

As I understand the concept of the ‘write-in’ status this means the Party does not appear on the ballot itself, but there is a space where you can ‘write-in’ the Party of your choice, and if it is on the official write-in list then it is considered valid.

The SP-USA is continuing to try to get on other ballots before the election itself, and I’ll keep people posted here when I can.

Now, I’m sure my endorsement won’t exactly make the same headlines that Mr. Powell generated for Mr. Obama, and I’ll be the first to admit that the SP-USA is most likely not going to secure enough votes to win the election. But that’s okay. After reading the various Party sites (I admit I’ve only read the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Green Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation), I have found myself to be in broad agreement with the principles and platform of the SP-USA. I find the concept of strategic voting, the voting for the lesser of two evils, as being a false choice and an effectively zero-sum game. I’ld much rather vote for what I consider ‘good’ rather than ‘less evil.’

I think that with the current financial crisis and especially with the recent red-baiting by the Republican Party with their insultingly comparing socialism to the Democrats (them, socialist? give me a break), this year may very well see the best year yet for the SP-USA in their elections.

Any one interested in the SP-USA should check out their site, as well as their site dedicated to their 2008 Presidential Campaign.

For jobs, peace and freedom, vote socialist in 2008!


2 thoughts on “US Presidential Endorsement

  1. Gen. Powell maybe going in deep to get the job done we all fear. He was the one who started the War on Terrorism demanding 100000 troops before the surge. The war is why there is a recession and now he wants another job in the white house. I can hear him now on a wire, “His out on the balcony shoot!”

  2. I agree about not voting for the lesser of two evils but I cannot see the McCain/Palin ticket winning. I see that as the bigger evil in this largely two party system.

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