Trevor Moniz as New UBP Deputy Leader

I was not surprised that Mr. Cole Simons resigned his position as the Deputy UBP Leader. Quite frankly I was surprised when he became the Deputy in the first place, and he certainly didn’t do anything to distinguish himself in that position. Unless one can distinguish onself by doing nothing?

But I am surprised at the election of Mr. Trevor Moniz to this position as a replacement. The most intriguing thing for me from the report though was that he ran unopposed. To me this says that he was clearly the unanimous choice, or, no-one else was willing to step up to the plate. My perception of the Party since their 2007 defeat is that the latter is most likely, and indicative of the continuing malaise within the UBP.

I sort of like Mr. Moniz to be honest. I know he’s regarded as a bit of a maverick traditionally within the UBP, especially since the factionalism of the 90s, but I’ve always held the guy in pretty high regard. I don’t agree with many of his policies, but at least with him I know where he stands most of the time, and you’ve got to respect that.

I perceive him as being part of the group that supports reform within the UBP as opposed to the ‘establishment’ – the old guard of Front Street. But the ‘reformist’ group, which has existed at least since the 1970s, is not a monolithic entity. It is as far as I can see composed of two distinct groups: (A) What may be regarded as the legacy of the Black Caucus; (B) The non-establishment Whites.

I see Mr. Moniz as very much in the latter category. Traditionally this faction has criticised the UBP for being to elitist in a paternalistic sense, and tends to represent a much more reactionary social position, especially on the race question. My estimation may be off here, but I think we will find in Mr. Moniz a person who certainly won’t be a lame duck like we had in Mr. Simons, but someone who in his actions will tend to isolate key elements of the Bermudian swing voters while simultaneously solidifying UBP core support.

I feel that this will only accelerate the friction within the rival camps (both camps of reformists and the establishment factions), leading to a further decomposition of the Opposition. It will be interesting to hear what Mr. Moniz has to say in the next coming days, as well as looking at what impact this will have in the upcoming by-election and the anniversary of the UBP’s third electoral defeat.


22 thoughts on “Trevor Moniz as New UBP Deputy Leader

  1. The UBP pick a winner again:


    Published: July 12. 2003 12:00AM
    Lawyers’ group distances itself from criticism of DPPby Moniz

    By Ayo Johnson

    The Bermuda Bar Association yesterday issued a statement to publicly disassociate itself from criticisms of the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) made by lawyer Trevor Moniz. Mr. Moniz was also taken to task for his attacks by Government Senate Leader David Burch who told the Senate in March that the Opposition MP had been misinforming the public for saying that Mr. Tokunbo had been out of his depth and was only appointed because he is black.


    Published: May 21. 2002 12:00AM
    Rebel MP warns that PLP race radicals are waiting in the wings

    By Matthew Taylor

    Maverick Opposition MP Trevor Moniz has come out in support of Premier Jennifer Smith, whom he labelled a progressive compared with firebrands trying to oust her.

    He said radicals bent on black empowerment were waiting in the wings should she fall.

    Mr. Moniz said the Premier’s popularity was also declining because of her aloof style. But, he said, the Premier had shown a willingness to compromise on big issues.

    Mr. Moniz, who has led the call for greater right’s for long-term residents, said the Premier had shown leadership.


    Published: March 27. 2003 12:00AM
    Moniz apologises to senior civil servant

    By Ayo Johnson

    United Bermuda Party MP Trevor Moniz has apologised for his charge that the Parliamentary Registrar Sabrina Phillips had been “handpicked” for the job by the Premier.

    The remarks drew a demand from Mrs. Phillips that Mr. Moniz apologise or face a defamation lawsuit. And both Premier Jennifer Smith and the Bermuda Public Services Union condemned Mr. Moniz’s comments.

  2. Mr. Chapman,

    No one is perfect. And everyone is deserved of criticism at one point in his/her life. No one on here has ever stated that the UBP candidates are better or morally/ethically superior to their PLP counterparts. While individuals such as yourself and your mother constantly claim that the PLP are of a higher moral authority and thus could never be corrupt as the old guard of the past. You two are unable to accept criticism of any PLP member without resorting to personal attacks (i.e. cyber KKK, rednecks, uncle toms, crackers etc..) It is childish and reveals your sub par intelligence. So you cutting and pasting the above proves what we already know about ALL politicians and again highlights the inability of any sort of tolerance for individuals who are different than the Chapman/Furbert family.

    I also find it funny how Ms. Furbert calls all of us cowards for not posting under our real names, but does not mention you in these rants. Funny how these double standards work huh? Or maybe she believes you are Sir George Sommers.

  3. Promising to give long term residents status is the only reason PLP won the last election. Blacks hate foreigners more the whites it is a one punch issue. Most of these reformers dont have the killer instinct to be opposition, they are like Colin Powell, they have the heart of a swine. Poverty homelessness and Crime are the issues they are the legacy of the PLP.

  4. Someone has forced VSB to rehire disgraced Celoa ”crack head” Wilson back to VSB.
    Must be Handbag burch,blocking work permits for expat reporters.
    Her bias is shouting in your face, in her “interview with Burt tonight ,bad mouthing MP Moniz,it’s worse than US politics.

  5. Hey 9ps,

    Do you get your mother’s approval before you post on these sites? And by the way, what’s your mother’s name? I checked the telephone book and the voters’ list for someone with the last name 9ps and came up blank. If my son is actually posting as Sir George Sommers do you think I should give him a public spanking? While I’m on the subject of mothers – who’s Mike’s momma? Who’s Sal’s momma? And poor “Educated Pig’s” momma!!! All I want to know if you all share your rantings with your mommas?

  6. “Asked if the UBP had a Barack Obama among its 14 MPs, Mr. Moniz said: “I think under the new lot I think the closest I have seen to it is Shawn Crockwell. I thought during the election he did extremely well as someone who was a relative neophyte to politics.”

    Was barrack obama a heroin dealer too?

  7. Promising to give long term residents status is the only reason PLP won the last election.

    I don’t think it’s the only “reason” but it was a hilarious statement on the part of the PLP given that a move to independence would see this group (as well as many others) granted citizenship.

  8. “Was barrack obama a heroin dealer too?”

    Hey Mr. Chapman,

    Wasn’t you not too long ago on BDA SUX who bragged about their Uncle being one of BDA’s biggest drug dealers?

  9. I don’t think he ever dealt heroin (Obama), but he did have his own struggles with drugs and alcohol when he was young. People can and do change…

  10. Published: October 22. 2008 09:10AM
    Moniz ‘most right-wing MP’

    By Amanda Dale

    The chairman of the Progressive Labour Party has claimed the Opposition’s new Deputy Leader is seen as “the most right-wing member of the House of Assembly”.

    Mr. Burt however, said: “Trevor Moniz has served as a UBP MP for 15 years. He doesn’t represent change in any way. He’s a member of the UBP’s old guard and is widely considered to be the most right-wing member of the House of Assembly.

    “With Trevor Moniz, the only kind of change you’ll see out of the UBP is a shift away from the mainstream and toward the far right of the Bermudian political spectrum.

    “The elevation of an old guard, right-wing party stalwart like Trevor Moniz clearly shows that the same old UBP powerbrokers, those uninterested in change, are still firmly in control of their party.”

  11. Sir Georger, whats the point of your post? Really, what? This is on the blogs and forums and in the newspapers.

    Sounds like your still wading ashore from the Sea Venture. Goodness man.

  12. Trevor Moniz just signed on to co-captain a sinking ship. It would surprise me if next week the UBP sends out another press release to say that John Barritt has been coerced to captain the sinking ship. Dr. Brown predicted that the UBP would implode. They should have hired the company that did the Club Med job, that way it wouldn’t be so painful.

    The UBP came into power wrong and is going out just the way that they deserve – painfully slow. Just proves to me that Sir Henry wasn’t such a good architect after all.

    Now let’s hear from lynchers.

  13. “The UBP came into power wrong and is going out just the way that they deserve – painfully slow. Just proves to me that Sir Henry wasn’t such a good architect after all.”

    Well said. Henry Tucker and the Afrikaans architects alike. Badness begets badness.

  14. To be fair about Sir Henry, he was born in 1903, the world was a very different place, just imagine if you where born back then? Do you think you would be the same person you are today? A lot of things we find socially unexceptable today where the norm back then. it would appear to me that you are doing to him what others are doing to you. You are judging him by the conventional wisdom of today and you have the advantage of hindsight. I was born in the 70’s I did not see a segregated Bermuda, my schools where mixed, the quality of life of Bermuda in the 70s, 80s, and 90’s where great!!! You being born earlier saw a different Bermuda you carry that baggage with you, so did Sir Henry. You have an advantage over him, he can’t change he’s dead, you can, you can strive to be better, we all can, the world has moved on, and we need to do the same. Let it go, let’s go forward together.

  15. “Let it go, let’s go forward together.” We are – that’s why we’ve won 3 straight elections.

  16. Ironically the key word in that sentence is … together … but you’ve chosen (not surprisingly) to instill divisions again by making it a purely PLP victory moving forward vs. the wider community … together.

    Very “progressive” Mr. Chapman.

  17. If the PLP is the wider community, then why does the PLP website have postings say that the recent poor survey showings where due to white people being included in them. All of us who live here are all part of the same community Vance.

  18. “The PLP IS the wider community. Interloper.”

    Ok, so using that flawed “majority rules” logic we shouldn’t pay any attention to the concerns of the unions, civil servants, police service, taxi drivers, nurses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, scientists, teachers, etc. as they simply aren’t representative of the “wider community”.

  19. J Galt said to Ms. Furbert… “…you can strive to be better…”

    Funny LaVerne… you never ACTUALLY try to do that!!!

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