Arrived in Scotland – Blogging to Resume Shortly

This is just a quick note to say that I am now in Scotland, camping out in my maternal ancestral village of Kirkcaldy (yes, the hometown of Adam Smith and Gordon Brown) for the immediate time-being. I’ve been down to Edinburgh to check out my new apartment and move some stuff in. I’ll be moving in properly tomorrow and will begin my orientation week on Monday, with classes starting the week after.

I spent a week in Toronto before this and really didn’t have much access to computers. I’m not sure how much free time i’ll have over the next two weeks, or whether I’ll get my computer access worked out immediately. All the same, i will be returning this blog to regular commenting and also to regular postings from me as well.

In case I forget, I’ll hopefully be writing soon about the sudden development of social conservatism that is apparently growing quickly in Bermuda and being actively being encouraged by high-ranking members of the PLP, both Government and Party for their own political opportunistic reasons. The National Day Of Prayer also needs addressing, as does the current ‘internal discussions’ within the UBP and what I feel the developments of that will be, along with its consequences. The upcoming PLP Delegates Conference also deserves some discussion shortly.

I look forward to returning this blog to normality shortly. Thankyou for bearing with me for the time-being.


5 thoughts on “Arrived in Scotland – Blogging to Resume Shortly

  1. Social Conservatism? Hope things work out for you.

    Don’t worry about us. We just got another 229 year lease from Britain. Were good to go.


  2. Wish you all the best. I’m happy you arrived safely.Wish you well in your studies. Pauulu would be very proud of you. All the best my friend. Peace

  3. follow up. educated elitism was born after the civil war when the descendents of the nine and tenth calvry turn their back on africa becuase they new they had been sold into slavery y their own traditional rulers. They made the decision to be successful in the new world as lawyers doctors and educators forming the lodge mentality grand exalted alphas and betas. this belief spread to the island with the lodges.
    Under the UBP many blacks called themselves coloured because of their hatred for Africa. These stiffed neck glory seekers where most evident at Berkeley institute. elite candidates win election as the black middle class swung in 1998 with better elite candidates.
    Therefore working class votes are not in demand as they vote in block PLP. This is why the PLP has just filled their pockets cant hate them if u vote for them and they give u nothing it is your own fault it will take years before the workers wake up.
    Black elites are at loss at why they cannot motivate workers to be like them. This is why the SWAT team was mentioned, to follow Napoleon’s attack on his own people.
    It is the Oppositions job to speak for the poor but this beyond some of their own elite members ability to compromise their opinion.
    Hence the poverty and violent crime fortunately guns have not found themselves in the wrong hands..yet.

  4. Thats some heavy shit man…..but I agree to some extent. I saw this during the ’70’s’……Greed and follow me to the Bank…oh that’s cousin owns it………

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