Time Out – Everyone

Dear readers and posters:

After leaving the site to run by itself for the past few hours I have returned to a downward spiral of idiocy.

It was, and remains my hope, that this blog will foster constructive debate on topics, with the ultimate goal of contributing to make our country better – along with a subversive side-plot to forment political and social revolution.

Certain posters have decided to abuse the priviledges that the blog format provides, namely anomynity and real time interactions. While these can be used for the greater good of discourse without fear of repercussion, it can also be abused for ad hominen attacks and general trolling.

It is with great regret that I have implemented comment moderation. I do not expect this to be a permanent situation, but I do expect it to give all of you a time out to sit back, reflect on what has been written, and hopefully choose to engage in actual constructive debate for once.

Thank you to all of you who attempted to bring some reason to the discourse, I apologise for the collective style punishment. I will be spending this time considering better tactics for future situations.

Have a good day everybody.


P.S – I can be contacted at catchafirebda @ gmail . com should anyone wish to speak with me on this issue, or general constructive criticism of this site.


5 thoughts on “Time Out – Everyone

  1. Jonathan,

    Two quick notes.

    1. It would be a good idea to consider encouraging people to start their own blogs and respond via trackbacks as this would foster far greater discussion than comments do.

    2. You should replace your email ASAP with some obfuscation method as it will quickly be picked up by automated bots designed to collect email addresses for spam. Best to put “catch a fire bda @ g mail . com (no spaces)” or catchafirebda~at~gmail.com.

  2. Something that I had thought about for some time was enabling raised blog posts to then be discussed separately within a forum structure, as what exists within the Bda Sucks/Rocks and BIAW environments, therefore leaving the unfiltered blog as it stands on its own.

    Following that, enable users to register before posting, disable flooding of the messages and provide some form of moderation.

    Having people create their own blogs is good, but I think many people aren’t keen on maintaining their own permanent presence in the blogosphere but wish to offer commentary from time to time on articles of interest.

    We need a Bermuda Bloggers’ Conference 🙂

  3. Old woman furbert…..
    History will look back at you and your peers as traitors to the cause of forward progression of the working class in Bermuda.
    Your current stance to protect ya precious party reputation, and spin every blaitant action of corruption spits in the faces of all who were marchin for de black movement in de 70s, and helped form what you poorly claim to represent and hold dear….Ie the BIU N PLP
    Tell me this Ms Mouth all mighty….when u take the black power adjenda back from when u lot were marchin, and apply that to what has been accomplished by the plp n BIU to bring fourth political, economic, n social changes, the job we voted your white and green behinds in to do in the first place, how many things have been done? What have u lot accomplished to usher in from that list from ya marching days? Whats stopping you from doing what u said u was gonna do? Certainly not we the people.
    The problem is old people like you…! You lot made a buncha noise bout what u would do if elected to change bermuda, and todate your fuck ups outweight your accomplishments. And I mean the real accomplishments connected to the adjenda of creating political, economic, and social change, not the list of mere house keeping chores, very basic things connected to management of a nation, that u lot call accomplishments. YOu lot…. the civil rights marchers who now happen to be in positions, and now ya not that hungery any more are u? Lifes ok now that “your people” are in and u makin what u think is big bucks, have a house or two… ya atitude now is… fuck the struggle now… Ive got mines now… And the rest of u “lazy Bermudians who need to be retrained” “who want mommy…the government, to breast feed you in a welfare state” type of people…the working poor…the bermudians being swept unda the carpet. Well Fuck all of you who have that mindset and are in power. We male and female warriors of Bermuda will have our way because we are the majority…ya days are numbered, n you lot know it…thats why so much of our money is disapearing from the public purse….its a snatch all u can while u can.
    We see ya husstle from a mile away…. Its not even good game. When all the poor old folks who you have used, die off…..then all ull have left is us to deal with, and we aint forgiving or forgetting shit! Ya time is comming.
    Many here are disgusted by you, ya son who posts on here, and people like you in your party….the spineless yes men… glory hounds and the like who have their own hidden person economic adjenda.

    Our westminster system is a flop….people older than I have been sayin it for over 40yrs….we voted plp in…they got rich n switched…the system still remains the same except run by former labour people and elitists who happen to be black. And they all claiming the whites still have all the economic controls…but yet they still havent done anything really meaningful to force real change via legislation.
    WE dont really give a crap bout brown. plp or ubp. We want a system of government that will be made up and run by the people, so that the peoples interests are handled, not the interests of a party and its suckups.
    So the big question…what do Bermudians who see through all the bullshit do to change this system from the Westminster to a government of the people without having to go indipendent, under an out dated, corrupt system that we have now.
    Other nations have made the move…western european..etc etc..they have gone back to no political parties and a government made of up elected persons from each district parish or whatever. These indipendents do the bidding of the people in each parish, and follow a national adjenda set out by the people.

    BERMUDIANS……I dont know about u all but from what I can see the world is changing rapdily, we have much much bigger fish to fry then to be dealing with all this internal political fuckery. There are Nationalistic issues that need to be delt with that will effect our nations very existance soon, and we here wasting time dealing with all this crap? Are we a mature enuff nation to step up and demand a system change for our governance, and disban political party system. That is the main root of all our problems. and divisions as a nation of people…just look at our farce of a so called election recently held…..Im not event speaking of the result, I speak to how there was no debates on issues…nothing but a mind game and emotional manipulation of a brain dead populace.

  4. starling…too bad ya moving on…ya space has been one of the more thought provoking pages, balanced non tainted political stance even though u r in their camp. I am glad you have not folded up from the internal pressures that Im sure you have been confronted with over time. Have any of them sent you death threats?….lol. To bad more of the people in your party are not cut from the same cloth.

    Guidence n protection to u.

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