The Long Slow Death of the UBP

It was curious reading and watching the latest rumblings of discontent from that political relic that is the UBP, with Mr. Wayne Furbert blasting the Party he used to lead and Mr. Kim Swan attempting to defend it. This of course was capped off with the return of Mr. Jahmal Simmons’ critique of the Party’s underlying racial problems, complete with a truly pathetic attempt by UBP Deputy Leader Cole Simons to rebuff him.

Before I write anything in depth I would just like to reiterate that I have nothing personal against Wayne, Kim or Jahmal.

To a degree I really do find myself agreeing with Christians’ take on Mr. Furbert’s latest comments. Quite frankly I thought Mr. Furbert had already washed his hands off the UBP and was sitting as an Independent. How many times can he threaten like this without it getting old?

The UBP seems to be skilled in stumbling from one internal crisis to another.

The Rise of the PLP

Alot of the UBP’s current crises stems from its historic defeat in 1998 to the PLP. Under Freddie Wade the PLP had adopted a modernising programme eerily similar to the New Labour project initiated in the UK under Neil Kinnock, John Smith and executed by Tony Blair. The basic arithmetic of this plan was that the working class would vote for the PLP no matter what, and so in order to win the PLP would have to break the hold of the UBP over Bermuda’s middle class Blacks, the swing voters. In order to achieve this the PLP altered its rhetoric and policy, and in the end there really wasn’t much policy differences between the UBP and the PLP, just as New Labour stole the political centre from the Conservatives, so too did the PLP take the ground from underneath the UBP.

This project was of course helped in Bermuda by the infighting within the UBP following John Swan’s gamble on independence and his resulting resignation and the ‘burger wars.’ The UBP ultimately gave away the 1998 election as it lost much of its core support, disgusted with the UBP’s actions and willing to give the PLP (whose platform really wasn’t all that different from the UBP by then anyway) a chance.

Once the PLP was victorious in 1998 the UBP was essentially doomed to a downward spiral of increasing irrelevance. The UBP had only been successful in capturing the ‘swing voters’ – middle class Blacks – through a combination of internalised skepticism of the PLP being able to govern effectively, patronage (in as much as being associated with the economic and political powers that be was advantageous) and the unequal voting system at that time. With the PLP in power it essentially lost all of these advantages.

The PLP showed that, at the very least, it could govern as equally bad as the UBP. Similarly, with winning political power the PLP gained access to the levers of state that could lead to economic change. The UBP still retains the majority of economic power, essentially, but the aspiring Black middle class, opportunists as they are, would now realise the benefits of being associated with the PLP. Association with the UBP could still be of some use due to its relationship to economic power, but with the solidification of ascendant PLP hegemony in the past decade, it became ‘better’ to be associated with the PLP. The restructuring of the constituencies served as a final fatal blow to the UBP. Neither one of these in themselves would neccessarily have meant the terminal decline of the UBP, but combined, their decline has been irreversible.

Of course in Bermuda, as most things still do, race is a key factor here. The UBP, based on opinion polls and general observation, has an almost complete domination of the White vote, somewhere around 90% support. Of the Blacks they probably still retain some minority support, say perhaps 25%. The PLP is almost completely supported by Blacks, with only a few (1-2% White support – the non-UBP White voters seem to not necessarily translate into increased White PLP support). The number of Blacks supporting the UBP has been, and continues to decrease. I see no reason for this decline in Black UBP support to reverse. I also see the potential for the PLP to actually increase its White support by a handful of percentage points over time, partly due to mutually opportunistic reasons.

The Problem in the Political Equation

The problem with the ‘New Labour’ political equation that the PLP embarked on in the 1990s is that it assumed the support of the working class as absolute. Aside from a few generally housekeeping modernisations there have been suprisingly little progressive changes in areas that directly benefit the working class. I am not saying there has been none, but that the changes have been too little, too late. By assuming the working class support as absolute and generally disregarding their interests, the contradiction arouse that the traditional grassroots of the Party have resorted to industrial actions towards the ‘Labour Party’ and the perception has grown that the PLP today is increasingly elitist.

These criticisms seem to have struck a nerve with the current leadership with a flurry of generally pathetic attempts to argue that the PLP is still labour and not elitist, as seen in the recent pieces by Minister Derrick Burgess, PLP Chairman David Burt and PLP Senator Marc Bean. The only articles of any worth in my opinion are those of Julian Hall. Premier Dr. Brown has also be seen to react to this with a few PR bits and the latest You Tube propaganda.

David Burt and Minister Burgess essentially attempted to argue that the PLP remains organically connected to the organised labour movement, and that many Union related individuals serve as PLP MPs or apparatchiks. This ignores the fact that since its very first minutes the Party has been an uneasy alliance between labour and left-wing intellectuals and Black middle and upper class who were disadvantaged under the existing system. These different factions had different end goals, but one common enemy. The ‘left’ sought a national democratic revolution, the dismantling of both racism and the oligarchy and the expansion of popular economic and political democracy. The ‘right’ sought an end to the racist oligarchy, but not necessarily oligarchism itself. It could, and has, reached an understanding with the oligarchic system, but continues to push for increased ‘modernising’ of the oligarchy to become more representative of the country’s racial demographics.

For various reasons, the demoralisation of the ‘left’ following a series of electoral defeats at the hands of the UBP, and an internalised colonial mentality beholden to social hierrachies, the Party came to be dominated intellectually by the ‘right’ albeit with the occassional leftist rhetoric, as well as by an aristocracy of labour. As long as the PLP remained in Opposition it was forced by necessity to be closer to its grassroots in political expression; in many ways the grassroots provided the ‘muscle’ or ‘battering ram’ for the Black middle and upper classes goals. Once power was achieved the division between right and left was accelerated, and the leadership and the grassroots have become more divided as a result. Post 1998 PLP has shown itself to be ‘talk left, walk right’ in most things.

Just as John Smith in the UK is often lamented by Leftist elements within the UK Labour Party as being closer to ‘Old Labour’ than the New Labour model he advocated as an electoral tactic, so is Freddie remembered here. There are some that argue that had Freddie lived, the first PLP term would have been ‘business as usual’ in order to ensure stability, and that subsequent PLP terms would have realised more of the Party’s original ideology. This is always possible. Personally I doubt it. Freddie was one of the key architects of our version of ‘New Labour.’ Dr. Ewart Brown, who was brought in by Freddie very much as part of this electoral strategy, is perhaps the best representation of New Labour PLP, but style notwithstanding, the substance of New Labour is the same. I believe Freddie would have not alienated the labour wing as much as the current leadership, but I really don’t feel that there would be that much difference between a PLP led by Dr. Brown and a PLP led by, say Paula Cox. Stylistically, sure, Paula Cox would be more akin to Gordon Brown I think in style, but really there is little that separated Blair from Brown and Brown and Cox – as far as one can see – on a substantial policy position.

We are currently seeing in the UK the working class choosing not to vote at all, or making various protest votes or even giving some support to far right groups, all of which gives the Conservatives a chance to win the next UK general election. The Tory leader is very much Blairesque in style (and substance) which has given him an advantage over Gordon Brown’s lack of style (but shared substance).

It is not likely that we will see the same changing fortunes for the UBP here though. The historical memory of the Bermudian working class is too long to forgive the UBP any time soon, and while there may be some misgivings towards the PLP now, one has to agree that the Party is still organically connected to labour. In that I agree with David Burt and Derrick Burgess; my disagreement with their positions are how great is the strain on this connection and how does this ignore the fact that the Party has historically had a division between a working class grassroots and a Black bourgeois. [The only comment I have on Marc Bean’s article is that I agree, members should be consistent in their criticisms, privately and publically. I feel alot of the bluster is internal Party jockeying for power using the very real disconnect between the ‘left’ and ‘right’ as so much ammunition for their own opportunistic ends rather than actually seeing any real potential for change.]

As the Party is still organically connected to labour, labour can still influence the Party. As such the working class will continue to support the PLP rather than go to the UBP. Also, the Black middle and upper classes are becoming increasingly bound to PLP hegemony, leaving the UBP doubly electorally disadvantaged, both in total potential votes, and for obtaining candidates for their electoral tactics. [I have written on this many times before, a Party that opposes in principle the idea of affirmative action – ‘merit over melanin’ – but is overwhelmingly a White Party in membership but with a predominantly Black candidates list is both hypocritical and patronising in its approach to race and politics.]

The above fact alone renders the UBP a doomed Party. Politically they offer little substantial policy differences with the PLP, something that is being made embarrasingly obvious by recent PLP backpedalling on its election platform (with subsequent adoption of elements of the UBP platform…]. If the UBP is to win power ever again a number of factors will have to come into play, barring some catastrophic self-destruction of the PLP.

I believe that the UBP will have to both wait several political terms (say three at a minimum) in order for a new generation to both forget the UBP of old (real and percieved) and to grow weary of the existing PLP; and it will have to resolve the contradiction that is its entire approach to race. As long as it fails to practice what it preaches, especially in terms of opposing melanin over merit but in practice actively employing it, but also on its transparency and democratic structure, the UBP will have very little chance of future success.


I remain of the conviction that the UBP continues to be the ‘glue’ that holds the PLP left and right together. I believe that should the UBP dissolve, or at the very least split, it would serve as a catalyst for radical (in the sense of fundamental) political change in Bermuda. Without such action, political change will still come, but it will be delayed and its form will be unpredictable. [This is a belief I think held by others also. See Denis’ thread here for example.]

There are elements of the UBP that would be a better fit with some elements of the PLP, and it is not inconcievable that a UBP split would allow a new political equilibrium that would shatter the current dynamics largely bound by race.

The main dangers that I see in the continued retardation of Bermuda’s political development is the risk for the social pressures currently affecting the working class to be expressed in xenophobic or even fascistic outbursts, as well as increased social alienation with its related social disorders.

It is also possible that a new leftist group could form in order to challenge the PLP and attempt to make make it more accountable to its working class base. I personally see a development along these lines occuring, but not necessarily in the sense of an organised political party, but rather in the form of some sort of hybrid between a political party and a grassroots social movement.

Ultimately I feel that the UBP is in a terminal decline and the sooner its members decide to pull the plug the better. As long as the PLP does not threaten the bottome line of international business, or true neocolonial masters, the UBP doesn’t have a chance. In the event of a left wing resurgence within the PLP by its rank and file, it is possible that a new Party, most likely a new Liberal Party would evolve in short order with the blessing of financial donations. At least this would break the racial dynamic and allow for progress in our political development.

As for the current UBP leadership, as much as I like Kim Swan personally, I really don’t see him as an effective leader of the UBP. I was suprised at both his and Cole Simons elevation to the top UBP positions. I intepret their election as a combination of no-one else really wanting the job at the time, the more capable contenders demoralised by the fall of Dunkley, and the potential future leaders being too fresh to lead effectively. While I see the UBP ultimately dissolving or being eclipsed by a new Party, I view the current UBP leadership as an attempt to give one of its newer MPs a chance to get enough experience in order to take over as a more capable leader, no doubt before the next election. In fact, I’ll give Kim Swan at most a year and a half before the knives are out.

And while in the past the UBP has excelled at stabbing in the back, I predict in the future it will take to stabbing in the front. And then hopefully it will go out, be it with a murmur or a bang, and a new political equilibrium can come about.


33 thoughts on “The Long Slow Death of the UBP

  1. I don’t understand how you think retaining 49% of the vote is the end of the UBP?
    I also believe every government is corrupt – unfortunately (for both sides) ours just sucks at it.

  2. ” a new political equilibrium can come about”

    And how can you possibly hope, that given the current circumstances ( that you ably and broadly describe) a “new political equilibrium” will be any better than the last one? The parties exist as projections of class aspirations in Bermuda. They have almost no material affect. Any apparent effectiveness can be ascribed to a combination of the threat of violence from people on the bottom and the consistent rise, since World War II, in the standard of living for everyone else,. The parties had almost nothing to do with it, except as reactive agents when their services were required. Want a change of equilibrium? Have five years in a row without growth in GDP. Thats what will cause change – not the disappearance of a feckless club of dilettantes.

    The parties have very little control over what makes change on this island – growth. The one real difference that the PLP could have made was education. Their failure is fantastic and by far their most characteristic achievement. A lot of money was spent on the system. A child’s best chance of being an empowered Bermudian was if his parents had the money to send him outside that system. The status quo has been secured for another generation. Thanks to the PLP.

    Thanks for the post. I liked it.

  3. Well Ferret,

    I certainly don’t deny that the UBP recieved 49% of the votes cast (which is different from the total population of potential voters). I believe that for at least the next two to three election terms that was probably their best chance to regain power. I believe they will have an increasingly difficult time to find adequate candidates to maintain their current election policy of melanin over merit, and they will find their support base shrinking for the immediate future.

    Their current farce of an Opposition only reinforces their irrelevancy for the immediate future, and this will contribute to their decline at the moment.

    I do not think that the 49% of votes cast is irrelevant, I think that the Party they cast their votes for is irrelevant. It is true that in general the White population seems to vote in a bloc for the UBP. There are various reasons for this, but I won’t go into that right now. Their remaining votes come from a section of the Black middle and upper classes, as well as a sizeable chunk that appears to have voted for the UBP more as a protest vote against the PLP than anything else. This occurred in reverse in 1998 – the protest vote against the UBP – but in general the PLP in the last decade has been able to capitalise on their victory and cement their hold over a significant proportion of formerly swing voters.

    The dissolution, or, alternatively, the eclipse of the UBP by a new Party may be a sufficient enough catalyst for a new political equilibrim, one that breaks the general dichotomy of our racial dynamics.

  4. The UBP is finished-they just don’t get it. They are so (I’m borrowing a phrase my mom used to use on us kids) HARDHEADED. They don’t want to hear what they do wrong-they think they’re so smart and have all the answers…this shows that they are still the same old arrogant party they have always been.

    During this last December election they were so convinced that they had us all fooled. They were sure they were going to win-so sure that they were so discombobulated when they lost…they couldn’t even come up with a leader because they were so sure Michael Dunkley would win. They had no back-up plan, no plan B-that alone shows that they are still arrogant.

    To all the people who say that the PLP are doing a bad job, I say to be specific. So some people don’t like the personalities-so what? You don’t have to like them as long as they’re doing a good job. I’m tired of the lie that Bermuda is in financial trouble or that the PLP is ruining the economy. If that is the case, why are the Banks giving out loans for individuals to purchase real estate, start businesses, etc.? Why do this if Bermuda is in trouble and the Banks stand to lose the money should the economy collapse and the properties devalue? Why are foreign companies still setting up here? No company wants to lose money-they are not going to set up in an unstable country. These things alone tell you that these rumblings are untrue. It also shows that the UBP thinks so little of our intelligence as black people that they think we’ll believe the lies.

    I believe Wayne F. when he says that Kim Swan was elected leader because no-one else wanted the job. I totally believe it. Kim S. seems like a nice enough guy, but is he the best that the UBP can do? Would we want Kim S. to represent us as Premier if the UBP were ever to get back in? He might do as UBP leader, but as Premier-no. I feel sorry for him because he is no Ewart Brown. I’m proud to have Dr. Brown as our Premier and to go off to represent us overseas. Kim S. needs a serious P.R. makeover-I’d be embarrassed for him to represent us. When first appointed he acted like a raving lunatic-I think he was aiming for ‘passionate’-he came across looking like a crazy person. Now? He looks like a sedated, raving lunatic. He’s toned it down some, but I cringe every time I see him on T.V. Someone needs to sit him in front of a mirror while he practices his speaking. First to go should be that crazed stare he uses, followed by eliminating the ranting and raving. The UBP needs to replace him-they are showing how desperate they are by having him as party leader.

    I really don’t think that it will make much difference whether they disband and start over or not. People just don’t trust them and I don’t believe that they have learned from their past mistakes as they often claim. They’re just telling us what they think we want to hear. The UBP tried instilling so much fear in us in the past-that some terrible thing would happen if the PLP came to power. I’ll never forget one supporter who claimed in 1998 that if the PLP came to power that the exempt companies would pull out ‘leaving empty shells in the ground’ from unfinished office buildings. This person was half right…as I look around town I see empty shells in the ground all right-but from all the new office buildings that are going up! I wonder what that guy thinks about that!

    The UBP’s scare tactics aren’t working anymore and it’s so, so clear how desperate they really are. What they have to say isn’t scaring us-those days are gone…we are no longer afraid!

  5. Jonathan,
    One thing you have to remember is that many of the children of working class of Freddie Wade’s era are now part of the middle class. Their parents worked hard to give them a college education and they are now the managers, etc. while their parents who are still in the workforce remain part of the “working class”. I just did a story in the Workers Voice the other day about twin brothers, one who works for the Corporation of Hamilton, and the other works for the Parks Department. Both have sons and daughters who are now in management positions. I don’t think that they will forget what their parents did for them and start voting for the UBP.

    The UBP is showing desperation. They still think that Gina Spence Farmer, who is now their spokespeson, will convince working class Bermudians to join her in the UBP camp. The last two times she was featured on the television she was pitiful as she knows little of what she speaks. She even tried to take on Minister Paula Cox on one occasion.

    I contend that UBP members spend too much time trying to attack Dr. Brown rather than the issues and as a result they continue to look at bumbling idiots. One only has to visit Bermuda Sucks or, the bastion of UBP support to verify this. All they ever do is criticise Dr. Brown. They seem to forget that Dr. Brown, although the present leader of the PLP and the Premier of Bermuda, is not the PLP, neither is he the glue that holds the PLP together. The glue that holds the PLP together are the ordinary members who believe what the Party stands for. That said, I, like the majority of PLP members, appreciate Dr. Brown’s leadership. The UBP thinks that if they keep attacking Dr. Brown they’ll change our minds about support the party. They have it all wrong. Dr. Brown predicted that the UBP will implode and it appears to me that his prediction was spot on.

  6. LaVerne,
    Open your eyes. You seem impressed that the UBP might implode, there is nothing scarier than having a weak opposition. Say you get what you wish for: I can’t think of anything worse than one party ruling without competition. Say then the PLP manage to muck things up, i’m sure you will have another justification for why things went wrong. And as usual, it won’t be your fault or Ewart’s fault or the PLP’s fault. It never is, right? All these scandals etc aren’t anyone’s fault and get swept under the rug – just UBP or RG propaganda. Wake up!
    Sadly, imagine if Bermuda IS having a slow death. Maybe once we have hit bottom will we return to respecting each other and not be so materialistic and hateful towards each other.
    Your government has done nothing to promote progress in education, our youth are attacking each other and everyone else is so busy trying to get as much money as they can out of the system. I say your government because it has alienated me from my country and unlike most of the population i don’t expect handouts or the government to give me housing on a silver platter. I intend to work for it.

  7. Ms. Furbert,

    Once again you fail to realize the functions of a democratic society. There needs to be an opposition to ensure a democratic state. And by you claiming that we all look like a bunch of “bumbling idiots” just shows how much you do not understand what comprises a democratic society. Please feel free to move to Cuba/China if you feel that way.

    But hey, you just might get your wish if the UBP disbands. No opposition and thus no criticisms. Then you can open yuor own newspaper and just speak all the wonderful things that the infalliable PLP does for Bermudians.

    Funny enough just trying to read one of your letters makes me feel like a “bumbling idiot” as well. You present no facts, just your opinion. Thus you are no different to Ms. Ferguson or her letters.

  8. I, for one, would like to counter the notion that if the UBP were to disband there would be no opposition. I contest that if such were to occur, not only would there be opposition, I believe it would be far stronger than what we have presently.

    Ms. Furbert suggests: “UBP members spend too much time trying to attack Dr. Brown rather than the issues and as a result they continue to look at bumbling idiots”

    Perhaps this statement has an element of truth, however the same could be said about PLP members attacking the UBP’s perceived legacy. There are simply too many idiots.

    Ultimately, one thing certainly is the case: too few are focusing on the issues.

    This lack of focus on what truly matters is why I believe the best thing the UBP could do is become a martyr for Bermuda’s future. Give the likes of Dr. Brown and his ilk exactly what they wish for. Turn the tables so that the UBP’s legacy can no longer be used as an easy excuse for failure and free our people to finally stand up as a real opposition to what is wrong with our isle.

  9. “I contend that UBP members spend too much time trying to attack Dr. Brown rather than the issues and as a result they continue to look AT bumbling idiots.”

    Gotta love Freudian slips…..

  10. Sorry guys for derauling for one post..

    Ms. Furbert,

    I was just reading BDASux site. It appears that one of their bloggers has posted a reply on the blog in regards to the RG “conspiracy.” He or she posted it early this morning and it still hasn’t appeared. Why is that? Is it because it doesn’t fit the posting (i.e. argues against your conspiracy theory) or is post reviewed and then deemed if it go on the particular site? Is that what you (as you constantly claim to have the inside scoop PLP) consider free speech? If that is what is going on in the PLP blog, then says alot about the democratic values that you and yours supposedly hold so high. PATI anyone?

  11. Hey 9ps,

    It was the bloggers on the Bermuda Sucks site that made my letter a conspiracy. The only thing I did was question the editor, Bill Zuill, as to how my letter appearedon Bermuda Sucks before it appeared on their on-line site or in their print version. I never used the word conspiracy. If I write a letter to the editor of the Royal Gazette and sign my name, do I care if the whole of Bermuda reads it? No way!! That’s my intention. The real problemy I had/have is that Bermuda Sucks had it before it was “publicly” published.

    By the way, I think that most of those people on Bermuda “Sux” really suck!! Few of them appear to have the courage of their convictions. I refer to them as cyber “Ku Klux Klansmen/women” as they hide behind cyber sheets.

  12. 9Ps

    I have left several comments on the PLP’s blog since it awoke from its slumber a few weeks ago. The only one that has been published is one in which I praised the party. The ones that had criticisms, however politely worded, never saw the light of day. In fact, I haven’t seen any other critical comments on there either.

    Meanwhile, the supposedly anti-PLP press continues to print letters from the likes of Laverne Furbert and opinion pieces from David Burt and Julian Hall.

    Oh the irony.

  13. come now Mr. Wells, a conspiracy is never fun if we bring up the facts.

    Here’s a fun one of my own invention:

    On the night after the big PLP win Smith and Gordon- Pamplin meet on the front lawn of Camden overlooking the lair of the nemesis Jack Tucker, across South Shore Road. At first they exchange vicious jibes. But then Gordon gets down to business. How will the UBP ever win again if Smith carries out her insane policy of reforming education? Smith laughs: The UBP will never win again! Gordon is smug: that maybe my pretty, says she, but how are you going to carry on the way you like with an educated voting population? Smith is stunned. She never thought of this. Gordon continues: ( hissing voice ) “As you can see, our education policy served it’s purpose. As Swan ( his name is ever holy ) said, Bermuda doesn’t need lawyers, it needs maids. He understood that ( she points at Jack Tucker’s house ) and so should you. You’re party is full of people out to make a buck. How are they going to do that if they have been taught to question your integrity? To think objectively and cultive their self-interest intelligently? Huh!? Girl!?” Smith stands there confounded and the logic of Gordon’s argument takes hold. “I see your point.” she muttered in disgust wondering how this fallen creature could have been the daughter of the extraordinary Dr. Gordon. Finally Smith speaks. “Let us make a compact, you and I. Let the parties be joined to both our financial interest. But it shall be a secret joining. In public we will appear to be separate. Bermudian fools, they will believe it. You will provide lousy opposition and we will keep those kids dumb.” “Agreed” says the hissing Gordon. Both of their mouths drop open and the peels of their raucous laughter roll down the hill to the lair of the old oppressor. In his deathly sleep he smiles. But what hope OH! Bermuda? Behind the cedar tree just there, who is hiding? Its Julian Hall! He has heard the whole thing. He holds his head in despair. If he were to tell of this, who would believe him? No one! As the two enemies, now conspirators move slowly apart and away, Hall comes from hiding, shaking his fist to the south! He is resolved. He can not speak out, yet there is work for him to do. Secretly he will undo this vile union! If it is with his last breath!

    Now thats a conspiracy. I’ve loaded it up with various fears of both white and black people. It has ancient good and evil – Dr. Gordon and Tucker. The new evil, Pamplin-Gordon, tainted by ancient evil. The unexpected evil: Smith. The reviled hero: Hall ( could have been Arthur Hodgson or Dale Butler – just as good ). A mysterious failure – PLP’s incompetance in education. And a sprinkling of questionable facts. And some crude but palpable characterization of the main players who are represented by themselves.

    Now that has legs. Live, conspiracy, live!

  14. “Few of them appear to have the courage of their convictions. I refer to them as cyber “Ku Klux Klansmen/women” as they hide behind cyber sheets.”

    I can’t speak for anyone else’s reasons, but if I wholly believed it would never happen that I’d be “seen off this island” or semi-officially harassed for daring to have an opinion unpopular with the powers that be, I’d drop the CiB bit. Naturally, since that idea doesn’t fit into your conveniently narrow view, we’re all cyber-KKK. Nice broad brush there, who’s racist now?

  15. Now, as for the “courage of their convictions bit”… that’s simple. Why would I stick my neck out for an island that officially doesn’t give two shits about me (well, other than when a scapegoat is needed)?

  16. Gah… accidentally hit submit

    Anyway, I’d be happy to stand behind everything I’ve written with my real name… but in the end I’m leaving, you’ll probably do a little happy dance for another expat gone, so what’s the point really?

  17. Ms. Furbert,

    Back to your old ways I see. Why didn’t you address my point of the PLP blog? Why are you onyl allowing pro PLP posts to be posted? Don’t you think that is censorship?

  18. Ahhh…finally Ms. Furbert you come clean. Now it is obvious how your hateful son became that way. Any oppoistion or critics to the PLP are racist by your assumptions. Congratulations on finally showing yuor true colors. But as I said before it is intolerant people such as yourself and your son that suck for Bermuda. So continue to help maintain the racial divide in this island. You’re doing a top class job already!! I just can’t believe the voting public didn’t vote you in?!

  19. Sorry all…bit one more thing…

    Ms. Furbert,

    It appears that Mr. Zuill has answered all your questions on top of sending you a personal email inviting yuo to the RG to investigate his files. Why aren’t the responses posted on the PLP blog as of yet? Why haven’t you replied to Mr. Zuill’s personal invitation if you are oh so concerned about this matter? Wait a minute that’s right, it wouldn’t and doesn’t fit into your outrageous accusations and arguments. Silly me spin is for kids!!

  20. I wonder where your monies are invested Mrs. Furbert. Bank of Bermuda, Bank of Butterfield, or the BIU Trust Fund. Mabe Turks and Cookooz Island.

    When you write a check remember your dealing with us UBP people until such time as you have complete and utter control.

    Best wishes…..Rummy……………..:+)

  21. I think the discussions regarding the PLP’s blog and the issue of the letter to the editor much ado about nothing is getting enough play over at Bermuda Sucks and Bermuda Is Another World. I don’t think LaVerne is interested in replying on those threads, but she is welcome reply to any of those threads on this one if she so chooses. But I’ld rather not continue the discussion of it here as, well, I don’t see the point.

    I may set up a thread to discuss constructive criticism of the PLP and PM sites, but that won’t be anytime soon.

  22. Why would you do that Jonnstar? Why the about face? I know your both PLP but this is just more spin….eh?


  23. I find it hard to see how trying to keep a thread focused is tantamount to an about face. The same questions are posed to her on those other forums, she may reply here if she is unable or unwilling to do so on those forums. Thats all.

  24. I disagree Jonny, this is important. When you only allow replies of a favorable nature to be posted on a Government or any blog that is called censorship. You (not you personally) are denying the inherent right and freedom of free speech of democratic citizens and stifle any sort of constructive debate on a topic from taking place. Without the ability to debate the issues facing our nation then we no longer can be considered a democratic nation.

    This becomes even scarier knowing that this is occuring on a website that belongs to the Government in power at the moment. The PLP is the government of BDA and it is here to serve ALL Bermudians. Not just the ones that voted for them. Thus even the voicoe of the opposition needs to be heard. Even though we might sound like “bumbling idiots” or even in their tiwisted psyche as the “cyber KKK” to them.

    This Government has mentioned the idea of staring it’s own News broadcast and publish its own newspaper!! If this tyoe of censorhip and selective publication is taking place on a simple Govt blog, then imagine what will be spewed to the public through such Govt run media. It is scary to think of such a thing.

    The RG might be anti-PLP in their eyes, but they still print Ms. Furbert’s letters, political commentaries from PLP Senators and MPs and even commended the PLP this week on some of their iniatives. The fact that they refuse to do the same on their own blog reveals the complete and actually refers to the opposition as “bumbling idiots” displays the hypocritical nature of individuals such as Ms. Furbert. It makes them worse than the RG in my eyes.

    In the end if the PLP is going to start their own daily then call it “Granma II” and change the island to Cuba II and Ms. Furbert’s name to Raul. Patria o Muerte!!!

  25. I am not disagreeing with the criticism of the PLP blog in those respects; I am saying that I don’t see how it is relevant to this thread. Once I do set up a thread dedicated to the constructive criticism of the two PLP controlled blogs, then that would be the site for such discussion.

  26. Fair enough. But as you said that won’t be for quite some time. By then it will all be forgotten and the PLP admin will rewrite history in a way that this had never occurred in the first place. Sort of like how they rewrote their manifesto to suit their 2008 actions (free day care for MEANS TESTED Bermudians). Yayyy for transparency and holding people accountable!

  27. Your ‘sum chiel’ Jonnystar………Every thread you confirm my beliefs about your agenda and the protection of certain of your party’s member views.

    This is paramount and tantamount to what we see happening in areas in the northern middle east.

    Whats next? St. Georgia? The land will be arid soon or mabe not. What other seeds will you plant? Years ago we used cowshit and chickenshit but apparently bullshit has a higher percentage on the local stock market. I need a rum……………

  28. I don’t know which is worse the liberal apologists or the leftist useful idiots ?
    I share many of Jonnystar’s views on social justice,however I think Jonathan,is an idealist,and is being used by the Black Beret Taliban to defend the rabid racist jihad being waged with OUR TaxPayer’s money by the current thugs,the same Black Beret , who murdered grocer Rego,the Governor and chief of police in the 70s.

    Who is making mega millions from our sweat and land ,besides Brown’s relatives and inner circle, Dennis Corea,Zane Desilva,John Jeffreys ?.

    These are not hotels, the Arab and Armenian land developers are building condos to sell off our land to rich foreigners.

    Where are the tourism workers coming from,what happened to the hotel college? The “labor” PLP party flooded this 19 sq. miles with 12,000 foreign workers and their families,4 times what the UBP let in, they are forcing Bermudians to live in caves,trees,cars and containers.

    Tourism is dead,Hamilton is dead, nightlife is dead ,and without cruise ships,shops are going out of business every week.

    Inflation is out of control,as is traffic,crime,the drug underworld,and gangs,while hundreds of homeless live in trees, tents and wherever they can find shelter.

    There are hundreds of empty , condominiums,for sale,but no buyers, this island does not have a shortage of housing, only a lack of affordable housing.

  29. Well…not for long. He’s jumping ship and going to Scotland. Wonder how many Otties and Laverns they have there? Then again, Scotland…not too many…………

  30. People make comments about the social problems in Bermuda, youth attacking each other, crime, etc. and blame it on the PLP and say that it is proof that the PLP is somehow failing Bermuda. To those people, I’d like to ask a question.

    Is it possible to plant a seed and the next morning see a full grown tree outside your window?

    If you saw that, you’d be seriously freaked out, wouldn’t you? Freaked out that the laws of nature were somehow suspended to allow this anomaly to occur… because we all know that it takes time for seeds to mature into full grown trees.

    The same with the situation here in Bermuda. Many of the social problems we see are due to seeds that were planted long ago. We just happen to see the results of those seeds now that the PLP is in power. No doubt we’d be seeing these same social ills even if the UBP was ruling.

    The UBP planted the seeds that are resulting in these problems, and then have the nerve to attack the PLP for the results of what they did/didn’t do when they were in power. For starters, look at what they did to the education system. They totally ruined it and ignored the pleas of parents to just improve on the current system, but not to make the drastic changes that they did. Did they listen-NO. They ignored us. They didn’t care because it didn’t impact on them or their precious children-they didn’t give a rat’s behind about black children. They felt that black children would never amount to anything but to be their servants anyway so what difference did it make if our children got a proper education or not.

    The UBP could not afford to see so many black children succeeding. Who would pick up their trash or clean their houses or take care of their children if all the blacks became doctors and lawyers? Who would wait on them in restaurants or do their dry-cleaning if all blacks were accountants and actuaries? They didn’t want us to become so educated that we stopped believing their lies. They couldn’t allow us to become so confident that we started questioning what they told us. They didn’t want a bunch of ‘uppity’ blacks walking around feeling empowered enough to want to chart our own destinies. They realized that they only way to keep us in our place, demoralized, and dependent on them was to go back and do what was done in slavery days and keep us uneducated. So fast-forward and here we are seeing what they set out to do.

    The only thing that they didn’t count on is us finally opening our eyes and realizing that ‘white isn’t always right’ and taking control of our own destinies. Yet they still carry on with the lies and insults because they just can’t stand to see us in charge. It just eats them up inside to not have the firm grip on power that they always had. It eats them up to see a strong, intelligent, no-nonsense man at the helm of Bermuda who can see through all the b.s. they still try to feed our people. Well-to the UBP I say-get over it! You had your time, you had your chance and you blew it. You are more to blame for the social ills we see today than the PLP is and you know it. If you want to try and revive your party, you should start by atoning for all your mistakes instead of trying to pretend they never happened. But I doubt that you will ever do that because your arrogance will never allow it. So you can continue to be the opposition for the next 1000 years.

    Yes-I will say it again whether Heresiarch likes it or not:


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