I’m back…

Well, I’m back. I was only able to access the site once for a ten minute interval during all of last week. I am not exactly amused by what I saw, and will have to spend a few days going through the comments before I respond in any depth.

I do want to make two points though.

Firstly, I am not at all impressed with the actions of at least two posters who chose to post under multiple aliases. This was determined initially by the internal style and substance of their posts and later confirmed by isp addresses. I will list the aliases used shortly, when I have more time. This action seriously reduces the credibility of the argument and I despise it.

Secondly, I would like to remind all posters to avoid personal attacks, especially slanderous ones. I have deleted a post (comment #201) which contained a slanderous comment about an individual (who was not even present in the discussion). I have saved the comment elsewhere and may release a ‘censored’ version later.

The only other note I would like to make is that while the thread did indeed deteriorate I do think it had and still has the potential for some much needed discourse, and I would ask all posters to avoid becoming reactionary and derailing the thread.

I will post more in the next few days as I review the threads and the news from last week.

Thank you for your patience.

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