Off-island for about a week…

This is just a quick announcement that I’ll be off island for about a week. Not sure what the computer access is going to be like where I”m going, so I’m not going to make any promises about new posts. Most likely when I do have access I’ll be contributing to ongoing threads.

In the event that I do not reply to any questions, please bear in mind I most likely haven’t had a chance to see them. Feel free to point them out if I appear to have missed them. Any time lag in replying is not a snub, but a fact of limited internet options.

I hope that people will continue to discuss in my absence, I have no intentions of freezing the comments option in my immediate absence. I would ask again that all posters try to avoid using obscene language and avoid personal attacks. Should either of the above occur in my absence, I ask that people do their best to avoid retaliation. Stick to the arguments and not the arguer.

Thankyou everybody, and I’ll be back soon.

I just hope I don’t miss any more action while I’m away…

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