Okay. I’m back. And I am not amused…

Alright, I’ve been super busy the last little while, with barely any days off at all for the last several weeks. As a result I’ve been spending my free time enjoying the liquid bread goodness of Guinness and various mindless entertainment as opposed to blogging and general political thought.

Having said that, I now have my days off back. And cos of the holiday I’ve got a three day weekend. While I’m still busy with a rather important side project that is going to reduce my activity for much of the next few weeks, I feel compelled to shuffle my free time a bit away from liquid bread and focusing on the political situation.

Point blankly, I am not at all amused with some of the recent developments. I’ll be expanding on some of these issues shortly.

They span from the playboy issue, to the parliamentary play, to the absolute asininity of the VRA on the clenched fist salute. Other than that there is the very interesting events in southern Africa, with the xenophobic mob violence in SA and the developing situation in Zim. And of course the troubles being faced by the New Labour project in the UK that, along with the SA ANC model, is all very illuminating for our own Bdian situation.

I’m gonna start typing now. Should be up soon…


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