‘A Vocal Critic’

Well, that was interesting.

Over lunch a co-worker came up to me and said he didn’t know I had a blog, and that he’d just found out from the paper. Naturally taken aback I asked him what he meant about reading about the blog in the paper today. He gave me a brief summary, and I was able to find a copy of the paper later on in the day.

It was a bit amusing. I’m not opposed to the RG advertising my blog, or quoting from it. By publishing articles on my blog I acknowledge I’m putting my opinions into the public domain. I also stand by what I wrote.

I was suprised that they didn’t contact me. There are several reporters there, as well as the editor and the assistant editor who know me one way or another, and have my contact information; at least two email addresses I use and my cell-phone number. I can’t check one email address at the moment, so maybe they did send a message there, but I’m still suprised they didn’t try to get a hold of me.

Anyway, anyone coming to this blog and interested in reading what I wrote in full, in context, and the responses to it, can find it here. I’m also of course willing to discuss my position further here, or on the respective thread.

I repeat here that I have my concerns about the RG in terms of bias, but feel a better way to deal with this would have been for the Government to facilitate a rival rather than unnecessarily giving its enemies ammunition with which to attack it, and that its cancellations of advertising and subscriptions with the RG are counter-productive, malicious and clumsy.


2 thoughts on “‘A Vocal Critic’

  1. That happened to me a great many times. They have a habit of quoting and producing what they like, in context or not. It’s not a unique thing done to just the PLP and those who are pro-PLP, they do it to everybody.

    My experiences are a large reason why I so heavily refute claims of overt anti-PLP bias on the part of the newspaper. While I agree that some inherent bias may exist with the individual writers, I largely feel that the newspaper’s bias is towards making money.

  2. Yeah,

    I wasn’t really meaning to imply that they were doing it because of my being PLP, I was just of the mindset that it would be the courteous thing to do, you know, give a little heads up and all.

    The way I was quoted comes across to me as if they are trying to use me as ammunition in their fight against the PLP/Government. Its true that I’m not alone within the Party for criticising the recent moves in regards to the RG, and I am, in this case sympathetic to the RG. Its also true that my writings being in the public domain are as such public, and they are free to quote me and of no obligation to contact me (I just thought it would have been the nice thing to do).

    Anyway, its really not that big a deal. I stand by my position on this topic.

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