The Abuse of the Homeless

Over at Bermuda Sucks there is a thread detailing the videographed humiliation of one of Bermuda’s, or rather Hamilton’s, vagrants, known as ‘Keith.’

The humiliation was video taped and posted on the popular site known as ‘Facebook.’ It can be viewed here – although one has to log on to the site to view it, and need the most up to date Flash players.

It appears that the main person behind this criminal act was one Antonio Belvedere. This person to me, through both their humiliation of this individual, compounded by their very public humiliation of Keith through posting the video on Facebook, is inhuman and despicable. This is one incident where I will advocate for the police to thoroughly investigate the incident to investigate any wrong doing and criminality, and hopefuly arrest this disgusting citizen.

I can fully appreciate the distaste many citizens have for the vagrants in Bermuda; we live in a job rich economy, and there is no reason why these people should be unemployed. I believe there are some serious substance abuse of mental problems that have led to these individuals living the lifestyle they do. I personally have the maxim of ‘don’t work, don’t eat’ and refuse to give money to them when they ask for it, but will share food with them if I have it on me, or buy them some food if I have the time. But this is beyond despicable.

There have been a rash of videos in the US exploiting the vulnerability of vagrants, from humiliation similar to the one seen here, to ‘bum fights’ and even the filmed assualt and murder of these people. I am firmly of the belief that this incident is a copy cat one, based on the precedents set in the US. What is worrying is that the deviant Antonio Belvedere even states that he would have moved the humiliation to the next level of a ‘bum fight’ should another vagrant been available.

What is more worrying is that this incident comes across as symptomatic of the degree of alienation in our society today, that a so called citizen such as the deviant Antonio could show such reckless compassion towards a fellow citizen and human being.

Antonio, you are disgusting, and I hope you recieve your just reward for this despicable act.

5 thoughts on “The Abuse of the Homeless

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  2. “de real crime is how homelessness still goes on in a rich country like BDA”

    To a certain degree I can agree with this, but not in every case, sometimes it comes down to the individual as well. We shouldn’t have homeless in a land of plenty, but in this land of plenty you can do something as non-skilled as pack groceries and still pull in over $50 a day. Many cases it’s up to the person.

  3. I understand that the individual responsible for this despicable act has chosen to remove the video from the Facebook site. He has been widely ridiculed by the blogosphere and I understand on Hott 107.5, to which he apparently called up to speak on it. I personally believe this ‘citizen’ should still be investigated from criminality and sentenced to some form of community service. At the very least he should seek penance for his actions through a public apology and voluntary community service. For now I continue to hold him in contempt.

  4. full fulish

    a lot of dem deh homeless people have some kinda mental issue…..the vast wealth of bda allows for the country to provide far better treatment of thoes indiviuals. I do agree with you though as far as the non skilled etc. but I bet theres no data on how many of the homeless have mental issues.

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