Make Women’s Day a National Holiday!

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. In Bermuda this was mostly recognised yesterday, Friday the 7th, but the Women’s Resource Centre asking people to wear purple, the official colour of international women’s day, as well as the more or less internationally accepted symbolic colour of feminism.

This day is increasingly becoming more and more known, and I do think it is only a matter of time before it assumes even greater importance than it currently enjoys. While in some areas the empowerment of women that this day was originally created for was bastardised into a form akin to Valentines Day, it is important to reinforce its original idea.

I would like to see it become a public holiday in Bermuda. Anyone have any ideas how to go about organising that?

And while we’re on the topic of public holidays, I see the Government has decided not to rename Bermuda Day. I was not opposed to the proposed name change, but I do think while the opposition to it did stem partly from general conservative reaction, I also think it indicated a general positive development of general Bermudian national consciousness, and that is important to recognise.

I still don’t know why we persist in celebrating the Queen’s Birthday. If there’s any holiday that deserves renaming and retooling, its this one, and we might as well make that our national heroes day.

Comrade Rowland by the way has put up a series of interesting posts on his site in relation to IWD, as well as links to some important sites, archives almost, such as the special IWD bit by the MIA. There’s alot to read, but very informative all the same.

Also, here’s some pictures from around the world celebrating IWD.

One might also find the coordinating website for IWD informative.


4 thoughts on “Make Women’s Day a National Holiday!

  1. I totally second you on need for IWD to be a national holiday, for that matter I would also like to see labour day moved from it current date to May 1st.

    As for national heros day, I disagree with you in part. I do not disagree with the desire to have a holiday to celebrate the lives of people like Dame Louis (so long as we do not deify them), I do feel that the picking of May 24th – Bermuda Day – as the day for national heros day was nothing more than a political ploy by the PLP, which in the long run had a result completely oppossite of what the party higherups probably expected.

    I always thought that we should rename the Queen’s Birthday as the national heros day, it makes more sense.

  2. While Queen’s Birthday may be the most appealing of the current public holidays to rename and rebrand as a National Heroes’ Day, it would seem strange for a dependent territory of the U.K. to not have the Queen’s Birthday holiday.

    If Bermuda was to go independent of course all bets are off, and one would immediately expect that holiday to go away or be renamed.

  3. It is true that most remaining overseas territories retain the Queen’s Birthday as a holiday (I know of Gibralter and Falklands doing so, don’t know for sure about the rest), and while Australia and New Zealand appear to also do so, I fail to see why the colonies should recognise it as a holiday while the imperial motherland does not.

    I’m not saying we get rid of the holiday in and of itself, just rebrand/rename it. I really doubt the Monarchy, nor the British as a whole, would really care too much about us jettisoning this relic.

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