The Whole Cement Issue

Quite honestly the whole issue of BCC is really beginning to become a bit of a huge question mark for government at the moment. I didn’t really research the whole matter too much, although as it came to a head around New Years, I did start reading up on it, but other matters took priority and I dropped the ball on it.

If the reccomendations put forward by WEDCO for site redvelopment were warranted in concern to the existing plant, then those reccomendations should still be relevant. I can understand if they are willing to give the new company/companies time to get settled, and its true that from the press the only breathing space confirmed is ‘five months.’ But this will, indeed has, stimulated further suspicion concerning the motivation behind the whole deal. In general I try to give a benefit of doubt to these issues, and I”m not jumping on any bandwagon that already exists decrying alleged corruption. But I think I can be forgiven for really beginning to wonder whats going on with this whole issue.

There will be many Party members who will warn me about relying on the media, especially the RG for information due to their percieved bias. There warnings are known to me, and irrelevant in that I largely agree with them, although I may have a different approach. But even if that is the case the Party has recently created the infrastructure with which to get its own message out unfiltered (and leave the polemics to the aftermath), be it in the government TV station (which is not Party, but in as much as this is a government issue, it is relevant) or even the Party website itself where the relevant Ministers can post. I hope they take the initiative. I will try to get a greater understanding of the issues involved myself, but the Party would be doing itself a favour to clear up some issues here.

There is a fishy aroma around this issue, and while it may be a red herring, it would be wise to dispel this conclusively ASAP rather than to let it linger.


2 thoughts on “The Whole Cement Issue

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  2. As you may Jonny, I have some close ties to what is going on with the BCC on the non-government side, I am looking into all of it when I have the time and plan to post on what info I can gather.

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