Interesting RG Article on Labour

As stated in the announcement ‘Blogging will be light…’ I will be travelling for the next week, and I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to post during that time. However, I thought that this article in todays RG was interesting, and was interested in hearing anyones thoughts on the issues raised in it.

I do think the RG is – perhaps unconsciously – trying to portray the disagreements between organised labour and the PLP as worse than they truly are, I do believe that it is neccessary to evaluate the situation, and I agree with most of the sentiments raised in the article from labour representatives concerning the current ideological position of the Party.


6 thoughts on “Interesting RG Article on Labour

  1. This reporting by the RG is quite balanced. There is nothing in there that you have not posted here yourself. You have a habit of wanting to choose who may agree with you.

  2. Jonathan, I sent you a long message over facebook– assuming that’s you– about possibly working on a piece of writing together. We’ve never met, but you know my friend Catherine Whitaker and my sister Erika Woolsey. For the sake of the blog readers I won’t repeat the note here, but please give me a shout at when you get a chance.

  3. Well Zippy, I wasn’t actually attacking anything that the RG had posted at all. I continue to have a healthy suspicion of the RG on most things, but as you’ve said, the ideas put forward in the article are very similar to my general positions.

    Matt, I’ll be in touch shortly.

  4. the plp and the biu are in bed with each other and as a result the workers do not…i repeat …do not recieve fair and proactive representation on their issues. uninized or not. at the end of the day they only care about how much money is being made and not the issues of the working class to improve the work place. Im curious if u have done an investigation into the issues that the construction division of the biu have been faceing for some time in regards to this very issue of workers issues being left un addressed based on the conflicts of interest that exist with the biu n the so called plp

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