UBP’s Shadow Cabinet

Over on Progressive Minds ’30Strong’ has listed the Opposition’s Shadow Cabinet. I haven’t heard the news all day, and I’m not seeing anything on the RG or Bda Sun websites, but I’m of the opinion that his post is authentic. Cutting and pasting from his post, the new Shadow Cabinet is:

Senate: Michael Dunkley, Gina Spence-Farmer, Charlie Swan

New shadow cabinet
Kim Swan – Tourism
Patricia Gordon Pamplin – W&E
Darius Tucker- Community Affairs
Cole Simons – Environment
John Barritt – Justice; Legislative Affairs
Bob Richards – Finance
Louise jackson- Health and Seniors
Grant Gibbons – Education
Donte Hunt – Social Rehab Family Dev
Shawn Crockwell – Transport
Marc Pettingill – Attorney Gen
Jon Brunson – Sports
Michael Dunkley – Public Safety, Immigration, Labour
Gina Spence-Farmer- Housing, womens
Charles Swan – Telecommunications, NTB

To begin with I guess I was wrong about Ms. Pamplin-Gordon choosing not to sit on the Opposition Cabinet, although her move from Finance to Works and Engineering will, I think, be interpreted as a demotion.

I see that Mr. Kim Swan is trying to copy the Premier himself by taking on the Tourism portfolio, and I am suprised he didn’t take on Transport as well!

I am slightly suprised at Grant Gibbons’ appointment to Education, I still feel he would be their best choice for Finance.

I’m also a bit amused at the splitting up of the position of Attorney General, with Mr. Pettingil becoming the AG proper and Mr. Barritt becoming Shadow Minister for Justice and Legislative affairs.

Mr. Simons’ retaining of he Environment portfolio is unsuprising seeing as this is where he made his capital in the last term.

Mr. Dunkleys’ appointment to the Senate is also unsuprising, although his appointment to the portfolio of Public Safety is amusing in light of how much he in particular was attacked as being mister ‘law and order’ and a draconian one at that. I also don’t see him as being exactly the best choice for Labour and Immigration.

Well, those are my initial thoughts at least.


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