RG – Waste of Space

I do try hard to abide by the childhood maxim of ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’ but after flicking through todays RG I have to be honest and say that this article quite frankly is a total waste of space. If this isn’t a prime example of junk-food news I really don’t know what is.

So the Premier’s wife got in an accident. Who bloody cares! I mean like, haven’t all of us at one point in time? Obviously I hope that the gentleman now in hospital is okay, recovers quickly, and that Ms. Brown isn’t too shook up about it and all, but how does this ‘news’ justify its inclusion in the daily? Seriously. Its just like the whole issue about Britney Spears. Sure, I feel sorry for her and the whole situation, but it hardly qualifies as news. Doesn’t the RG have better things to spend its time investigating and reporting on? Is it going to devote whole articles to every single accident from now on? Perhaps if Ms. Brown was say incapacitated or something, or injured herself seriously I could see some sort of logic to this report, but really, the RG should be ashamed of itself here. What a total waste of space, labour and capital.

Okay, rant over.


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