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’30strong’ over at the Progressive Minds site has initiated discussion over there on the UBPs continued lack of a leader almost exactly a month since the election. Vanz has very kindly initiated the same discussion over at the Bda Sucks site by alerting its regulars to the PM discussion. It seems that this discussion has caused Christian to defend the UBP over on his site.

I personally do side with some commentators over at Progressive Minds that it is suprising that the UBP doesn’t appear to have had a ‘Plan B’ or other contingency plans in the event of (a) losing the election; (b) losing their leader in the election or (c) both. While Christian is theoretically correct that until Parliament resumes in February the UBP really doesn’t need its leader in place. This is true, but really, it doesn’t look very good and hints at a larger malaise within the Opposition. It is no secret that the UBP machinery and its support base have been left bruised and demoralised by the results of the December election. There have been public calls, both from within their Party itself and from its general support base, for the Party to dissolve itself, that the Party can no longer win an election and it would be better for a new Party to arise.

My feeling is that the UBP is still going through a severe crisis over its very existence, and this, combined with its limited choices for the Leadership, have hampered any progress towards resolving this issue. I am imagining hushed conversations about which direction forward for the UBP among its membership and despair about the potential leader.

The night of the election itself, on leaving the polling station where we had been barricaded in observing the poll count, we got the news that Dunkley had lost. At that moment I told my friends who were with me that Mr. Richards will be the next leader of the UBP. I was laughed at and told that that was impossible, the UBP wouldn’t do that. I still stand by my prediction, and it does appear that he is now the most likely contender.

I personally believe that John Barritt would be the UBPs best choice for a leader, and stress that he is one of the few UBP MPs who I think commands genuine respect across the political divide. Alot of people say that the UBP cannot win an election with a white leader; I think this is mistaken, but I can understand where the belief originates. I actually believe they have more potential for success with a white leader than with a black one, but perhaps thats just me.

The longer the UBP wanders about leaderless the greater the sense of demoralisation and despair amongst its membership and support, and the greater the chances for increased movement towards split-offs. I am suprised the UBP hasn’t began regional townhall style meetings of its memberships, or a national convention at that, in order to thrash these issues out. Or perhaps they have and are just doing an incredible job of keeping mum about it all. But whatever they’re doing I don’t think its instilling much confidence within their support base, and that is unfortunate.

As to the rest of Christians post, I found it to be quite uncharacteristic of his usual blogging and was disappointed by its, well, reactionary tone and advice on how the UBP should operate in the coming period. I feel that he may have overreacted, but am sure he will return to form shortly.


5 thoughts on “UBP Leadership

  1. Yes, I would agree with Christian on this one, I think we can all tell he was not serious when he stated how the UBP should handle itself in the next parliment.

    I would also like to say though that I do also think the ongoing inability to select a leader may indeed be indicative of just how deep the election loss hit them. It will be interesting to see who they select, though I do not think it will have any effect on their viability as an effective oppostion.

    I do not think we need to hide behind misdirection, it is quite simple, whenever the UBP, or anyone for that matter, takes a crack at the PLP and their government they are dismissed as white racists, plantation owners, slave drivers, race traitors, foreign meddlers or (I am sure this in the mind of some PLP supporters simply evil. Though this does leave me wondering if they will even care about my own blog, being as that while I am ardently opposed to the PLP, I am neither white or black, a UBP supporter, and am a devoted left-winger.

    But enough about me, I do truly think that it matters not who the UBP picks a leader, they will simply be branded the way others have been. I think it is best they just resolve and let another party (or more than one) take their place opposing the government of the “PL”P.

  2. Relax Christian.

    Its obvious that you weren’t necessarily advocating that type of behaviour for the UBP, but it honestly came across as if you were lashing out – hence why I used the term ‘reactionary.’ As such it came across as kind of childish, which is quite a different type of humour than your more regular form, which is why I said it was uncharacteristic of your normal form.

  3. Todays paper has a very interesting article (http://www.royalgazette.com/siftology.royalgazette/Article/article.jsp?articleId=7d818bb30030001&sectionId=60) on the possibilities for the UBP that may come from their upcoming weekend retreat. I am still standing by my analysis from right after the election (https://jonnystar.wordpress.com/2007/12/23/the-ubps-future/) that the most likely scenario is for some of the ‘younger and blacker’ UBP MPs to split from the UBP proper. Donte Hunt, who is quoted extensively in todays article, is one of those MPs that I had in mind when I made that prediction, so it is quite interesting for me to see what he has said there on the issue.

    Importantly he has made an important statement concerning the race issue, which I feel has been a stumbling block for his current Party. While the UBP has advocated a policy of colour-blindness, his comments indicate a desire to move towards a ‘colour-reality’ in order to acheive the colour-blindness that the UBP formally advocates. I feel this is an important step and a key one for either the UBP or any upcoming split.

  4. Yes, this is a good thing. That’s why there is no rush. Because it is more important to look at the bigger picture than throw someone in as leader.

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