State of the Bermy Blogosphere

Limey in Bermuda has announced its plans to return to dormancy, while has announced a state of semi-dormancy, as has 21 Square, both at least for the immediate time period. All three blogs have put forward their reasoning for doing so, and I will let them speak for themselves in this regard. Essentially the problem appears to be a combination of demoralisation and fatigue.

I am saddened by this news. Obviously this blog has political differences with the other blogs, with Limey being a self-declared supporter of the UBP (but I would gauge him as a ‘soft’ supporter and more of a liberal than a conservative), Politics being an avowedly UBP blog and 21 Square being a liberal blog. [Yes, I know I’m putting labels on them, but those are how I see them.] This blog is an avowedly liberterian socialist one. Despite this, I enjoy reading the other blogs, partly for the insight they provide from a different perspective, and partly from the fact that I find the best way to develop ones ideas is to enter into discourse with those who have a different ideology and so mutually raising consciousness all round.

I personally believe the semi-dormancy by 21 Square and will be short-lived; they are essentially political animals and cannot ignore this side of themselves indefinetely. I believe Phil will be back at some stage as well, but not for a long period. I believe he will still lurk around the existing blogs and occassionally post, but for the time-being I think he will generally enjoy not blogging for a while. On a related note, both Progressive Minds and the PLP blog seem to have also reverted to dormancy for now. I am hoping this is only temporary as well due to fatigue from election exertions.

However, with their exit (temprorary or other) this provides a vacumn within which the other Bermy Blogs will fill, either with the creation of new blogs (Vexedbermoothes, A Radical in Bermuda, Breezeblog for example) or increased pressure on the existing blogs to ‘take over’ their spheres of influence/readership. Thanks. As if blogging wasn’t already time-consuming and stressful. 🙂

My biology background is kicking in right now with comparisons of natural selection to the blogosphere by the way.

This blog remains critically supportive of the PLP. It however is loyal to the principles that founded and motivated the Progressive Labour Party, with progressive labour being to me synomynous with democratic socialism (although in practice the Party took on a form of authoritarian socialism). In other words this blog is loyal to its understanding of the principles of progressive labour and when I believe the Party of Progressive Labour is in contradiction of these principles I will not hesitate to affirm my allegiance to the principles and not the Party. I hope my past track record attests to this, and I will continue to operate accordingly. I for one will not be suprised if this sees this blog being increasingly critical (in a constructive sense) of the PLP.


11 thoughts on “State of the Bermy Blogosphere

  1. You can have your constructive criticism, just leave me the part about being harshly critical of the party to me :). It will be interesting to see if they even care that they are now being attacked from the left (being me), though it is a far-left posisition

  2. State of semi-dormancy? Uh, no I didn’t. I said it won’t be updated as frequently as people were used to in 2007.

  3. Sorry Christian, you are correct that I had misread you. I should have said that your site will be less active than before for the immediate timebeing.

  4. Cool. I was mainly trying to show that I did not percieve you as being within either of the two organised camps. I would like to hear more of your thoughts on Green politics as I am aware of some momentum towards forming a Green Party at the moment.

  5. I have a lot of good friends who are either members or supporters of Green Parties overseas, mainly in the US, Canada, the UK and Germany. I also consider myself an ecosocialist and as such share some of the ideas of the Green Parties as well. In my experience though the existing Green Parties tend to be a rather ecletic mix of ideologies, from ecosocialism to green capitalism and even eco-fascism. They seem to be predominated in my experience by politically centrist (more or less what I call liberal)green capitalists. I personally see Denis in this light, but I would prefer he describes his own thoughts rather than me labeling him as such. I would also envision any potential Bdian Green Party to be predominated by this liberal green capitalist ideology. There are certainly policies of theirs that I would support and there is room for mutual partnership up to a point. I have no illussions of the viability of their ‘reforms’ but would support them while calling for more radical ones.

    Its an interesting conversation to have though, what Green thought would mean, what the formation of such a Party in Bda would entail, what potential success it would have. While I have, as stated, been made aware of certain plans to organise such a Party it is not my place to name names though. I would invite any Greens however to contribute to a debate about what Greenism would mean in the context of Bermuda.

  6. Jonathan,

    Not a worry, I didn’t take ‘liberal’ with any offense, I just felt green was more descriptive of the ideologies in which I believe.

    As per what ‘green’ entails and as to my ideals, I think thats a much longer discussion that I’d welcome with you Jonathan as long as anyone else who is interested. Unfortunately I’ll be in regiment for the next couple weeks so perhaps we can arrage coffee/lunch after that?

    As per what I can describe now, I have always considered myself green and when I was a resident in Canada (I’m half Canadian) I voted Green. Subsequently I would readily be a green supporter in Bermuda if there were a green party here that matched green ideals. Sadly I’m forced to choose the most green amongst two very non-green options which is partially why I am usually quite insulted if people try to accuse me of being a UBP supporter.

    Jonathan is entirely correct about ‘green’ being a hodge-podge of aspects of many ideologies which makes green politics very difficult to describe in tradtional left/right classifications.

    Typically, there are core principals that all greens share that make up different aspects of varying ideologies, though sometimes specific green parties specialize with more policies inherited from traditional political classifications than others.. (green socialists or eco-socialism for example, or green capitalists).

    Without getting into depth with specializations let’s just focus on the common core principles and then delve deeper into my own ideals.

    It should come as no surprise that greens are far more environmentally conscious than other ideologies.

    Beyond that, there are such things as the six guiding principles of greens generally accepted internationally:

    Ecological wisdom
    Social jusice
    Partipatory democracy
    Respect for diversity

    Likely you’ll note that I’ve made efforts to champion along the lines of these principles in many of my writings. For further on my specific ideologies, here are some basic examples on taxation and social programs. While I am by no means set in them and am always evolving them, here is a basic outline.

    I largely believe in taxation of consumption and waste as is evidenced by my writings of increasing duty as a tax, introducing emissions taxes and similar taxes on waste while decreasing other taxes or supplementing with better social programs. My view on vehicles is that we shouldn’t license based upon size but instead on emissions levels and fuel economy ratings. Similarly with light bulbs, while I incorrectly suggested the PLP should ‘ban’ incandescents, my real belief is that duty should be raised on incandescents while lowered on compact florescents to encourage a phase out.

    I also support higher or sustained taxation on wasteful, less healthy and less ecologically friendly products and services while decreasing taxation of things that promote better living and sustainability (long term healthy living). Food is a good example, higher or sustained tax on foods that promote unhealthy living and decreased taxes on healthy staple foods.

    I place greater value in the happyness of a society than in it’s wealth (reading the ‘economics of happyness’ at the moment to build a better base in this regard)

    Along the lines of increasing duty (consumption tax) I prefer giving gains in taxation back to the people in various manners that gives more freedom to the people to designate how those savings are spent such as offering an equal rebate back to all people (equality) that allows them to decide how that rebate is applied. Basically either through choosing your own social program to support or some similar scheme along the lines of participatory budgeting of the rebates.

    Such a thought allows for redistribution of wealth from the wealthiest consumers to the poorest while penalizing wasteful and indulgent consumption (poor living) as opposed to saving and investing (thoughtful living). Such a tax would tax all equally and rebate all equally and would set a minimum bar of benefits for all people which goes along the lines of ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ (Read more on my fair tax writing from back in October, I think)

    Largely I am usually very adamant about not being painted into a PLP or UBP box because neither fit green ideals and I would just as readily criticize the UBP as I do the PLP for not matching those ideals. While I would not claim that my ideal’s specifically represent green ideals as expressed by others, I do feel that ‘green’ and the ideals portrayed by many green parties best represent my own.

    Ultimately, if you go back through most if not all of my writings after having read some of the green ideologies (wikipedia is your friend) you’ll likely note that more often than not my writings and proposals take a green slant, at least in the traditional green sense.

  7. I’ll have to make up a special email account for just that purpose, you know, suggestions and the like. For now I’ld say just put them in the ‘About’ section as it seems like the best existing location. Once I get the email address worked out I’ll post it there in the ‘About’ section also.

    Thankyou for the thought.

  8. [Response to Denis]
    That’s pretty interesting. I took one of those Political Quizzes (the one which defined you as Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian or Statist) and wound up just left of ‘center’, for lack of a better term. Unlike the straight line liberal-conservative scale theirs was 2-dimensional and seemed to allow for more types to be defined.

    The aspects of what you classify as green no doubt appeal to me, although Mr Starling has labelled my blog as liberal instead, hehe.

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