One Year Anniversary!!!

I just wanted to take the oppurtunity here to thank all of my readers and commentators for their support and contributions to this blog.

Particular thanks of course goes to Limey in Bermuda who was vital in laying not only the foundations of Bermuda’s modern blogosphere, but was also instrumental in assisting with the creation of this blog itself with the idea of increasing the diversity of opinion in Bermuda’s online community. This blog wouldn’t exist without his initial assistance as well as advice as I blindly fumbled about with the blog and slowly figured out how to operate it properly.

The last twleve months has indeed seen an increase in Bermuda blogs, with the Progressive Minds site, New Onion, the Bermuda is Another World and now A Radical in Bermuda joining the existing community. Unfortunately some of the more veteran sites seem to have become dormant, I think through exhaustion at the moment, especially after the election, namely Bravo Zulu, IMHO, 21 Square and Limey. I hope their dormancy will only be temporary as, however much the other blogs may benefit from increased traffic, the loss of diversity is detrimental to the overall discourse.

So, thankyou everybody! I look forward to another year of blogging!

3 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary!!!

  1. Congrats. Here’s to many more years! I think those who claim that Bermuda blogging will die down will be (hopefully pleasantly) mistaken. Besides, we all know that the newspapers will still rely on us for alternative insights into things!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Jonathan. I think you’ve done a great job in bringing an alternative perspective to the local blogging scene. Long may you continue.

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