Benazir Bhutto Assasinated…

I’ve just confirmed that Benazir Bhutto, leader of the Pakistani Peoples Party has been assasinated. She was shot twice and then the gunman detonated a suicide bomb vest, killing and injuring several others.

I’m sure more information will be flooding the news channels shortly.

This is going to have some serious repercussions for Pakistan. The anger that has been bubbling away in Pakistan on the part of the workers and the left intellegentsia is likely to reach boiling point. I envision a wave of strikes and riots throughout Pakistan now, and the likely collapse of the corrupt Musharraf regime.

Benazir had acted largely as a brake on the more revolutionary elements within the PPP. While the state will likely argue that she was assasinated by radical Islamists and attempt to use this as an excuse for a reimposition of martial law and a state of emergency, many within the PPP largely see the Musharraf government as complicit in the harrassment that the PPP has suffered, and will view the action as cynical on the part of the state.

I’m going to have to write more on this later.

The fight in Pakistan is one of progressive forces against fascism in the guise of a military and extremist Islamic grouping – there are some very real links between the two despite some superficial disagreements.

I would expect mass mobilisations to begin in Pakistan and internationally shortly.


2 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto Assasinated…

  1. Shot twice and blown up – death to be deemed “natural causes”; you really wouldn’t want to sit on a bus next to any member of that family would you?

    Sadly I had BB in my death pool for 2008 not this year – I’ll just have to hope my Castro/ Mugabe double header gets me some green early January.

    Up the workers.


  2. Not sure what you mean by ‘death by natural causes’ there Mambochazbaps. Doubt Mugabe is going to win you any cash either. Castro, it will be sad when he dies though, for despite all the problems of Castro’s Cuba, its advances and what he symbolised are of great worth. But it is important to note that humans are frail creatures, and only mortal after all. But the ideas that some people represent, even if this fails to translate into the reality (Bhutto, Castro for example), continue to live on.

    Here is an interesting interview that I finally found the transcript of. I don’t know how to link to the site from a comments page, but the address is:

    It is a transcript of an interview with Tarik Ali and Manan Ahmed discussing the repercussions and some of the history of the crisis in Pakistan today. I beleive you can also listen to the original audio from that link as well. I think many readers will appreciate it.

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