Five Questions

The Royal Gazette is reporting that it emailed all candidates five questions and did not recieve any real response whatsoever from either Party. The questions and my own answers to them are:

1) Do you support independence for Bermuda?

Yes. I would advocate a British Federal Republic along the lines of the Britain Bill proposed by Tony Benn in the UK where each region has its own parliamentary body, and a federal parliament exists with representatives from all component parts of the British Federal Republic. However, after recently visiting the UK, I am of the opinion that while this will no doubt be the path that the British people will go I cannot see it legitimately working for people outside of the British Isles itself. I envision Bermuda ultimately becoming an independent nation within the next two decades, and ultimately part of a Caribbean Federation.

2) Do you support conscription for the Bermuda Regiment?

Yes. I served in the Regiment from 2003 to 2006. While I think the Regiment requires some radical restructuring more along the lines of a national service but complete with basic martial training and post-hurricane clean-ups, I do ultimately support it being mandatory. I do advocate universal conscription however, both male and female, and for everyone, not by a lottery – exception by medical reasons only. So while I do support conscription, I do not necessarily support the Regiment in its current incarnation.

3) Do you wish to see the words ‘sexual orientation’ added to the Human Rights Act?

Yes. I think its a no brainer. Yes.

4) Would you have approved the Southlands development in Warwick?

I doubt it. At least not by way of the SDO that it was given. I would have preferred a full environmental impact assesment, and had some serious reservations about the design and location of the hotel, as well as the tunneling of South Shore.

5) Would you support an independent inquiry into the Bermuda Housing Corporation scandal?

No. But I do support full publication of the files, as well as any other investigations of similar scope (public monies and power, etc. UBP and PLP).

But hey, I’m not a candidate. But its good mental practice all the same. 🙂

One thought on “Five Questions

  1. 1) Do you support independence for Bermuda?

    Yes and no. I support as the long term goal of Bermuda, all people have the right to determine their future without outside influence. I also would advocate for a British Federal Republic (a Worker’s Republic maybe?) but I too do not see this as working for those left outside of the home-islands. However I also do not see Bermuda fiting into a larger Carribean Federation anyway. We are too far removed geographically, and also despite some superficial coverings, we are very different culturaly. I also think the fact the Bermudian were overwhelmingly opposed to membership in the CARECOM shows that this may to be unworkable. I also do not support independence under the current regime we have. I personally do not trust what this lot may do if they were no-longer beholden to the European Court of Human Rights. But other than an extreme mistrust of the current national leadership, I do support independence.

    2) Do you support conscription for the Bermuda Regiment?

    No! Hands down, as an anti-militarist, I will not, and ethically cannot support regimental conscription, no matter what the equation may be for how it is done. Do I want the regiment done away with? Again no. I would like to see it become a fully volunteer outfit with the soul purpose of stuff like hurrican clean up. In a revolutionary worker’s state, a citizens militia (once again all volunteer) could handle defence. I do not think conscription of anysort gels with my concepts of socialism as radical democracy.

    3) Do you wish to see the words ’sexual orientation’ added to the Human Rights Act?

    Yes, yes, yes! I can not even believe that this is an issue, I am absolutely behind this, as well as being for the legislation of same-sex marrige and other LGBT-liberation causes. As an athiest/antithiest I do not and will not accept any sort of religious groundings for this sort of discrimination, hence I find this to be an excellent case into why Bermuda needs to adopt Secularism (Secular Humanism) as it’s guiding philosophy in government and the public sphere. I know this may shock some of our religious friends, but I think some of the rational ones will agree that this is necessary to advoid all kinds of discrmination.

    4) Would you have approved the Southlands development in Warwick?

    To put it simply, no. I am a devoted watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) enviromentalist/ecologist, and I could not justify destroying all the green forestry as well as a significant portion of the south shore, not to mention the assinine idea of putting a tunnel in.

    5) Would you support an independent inquiry into the Bermuda Housing Corporation scandal?

    Did they only put this one in because Dunelevy brought it up? No, but like you Jonny I so support full disclosure of all the said documents, as well as full disclosure of all documents in cases of similar implications. I also support legislating for wistle-blower protection, and updating our antiquated government corruption laws. This should serve as a lesson to the people of Bermuda that you can not trust a career politican, especially one with ties to the private sector.

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