Reflections on the Bullet

Most people now by now that a package addressed to the Premier was intercepted containing a ‘threatening letter’ and a bullet. I’ve got to say, for Bermuda this is certainly a new low for our politics. I am totally suprised. Yes, I admit, I’ve heard UBP supporters drink toasts to Dr. Brown’s ill-fortune, but thought they were more in jest and desperation than anything else, and certainly have taken the speakers to task for their statements, frequently being told I have no sense of humour, which I always found quite amusing by the way (saying I have no sense of humour that is). But I never took them to be serious with intent.

The most remarkable thing however for me has been the reactions by people. Far from universal condemnation I have found most anti-PLPers pro-UBPers to laugh it off and argue that Dr. Brown sent it himself to build a pity vote; others allege that it was sent by his internal Party rivals. Almost universally PLPers have reacted in shock at the action, and without pointing fingers have condemned such actions completely.

My personal view is that this is the action definetely not by the UBP or by any supporters (proxies) over which they have any control or influence over at all. I certainly don’t feel that this is an internal Party thing – trust me, when we have issues we voice them loud and clear internally; its good fun and we all know where we stand – venting helps us anyway. 🙂

I do believe that this is either the action of a deranged anti-PLPer or the action of some idiot who thought it would be a funny joke and at the very least get a little rise and perhaps five minutes of fame out of it.

Sick. And extremely disappointing.

I am particularly amused by those who also continue to voice the delusional beleif that the PLP is somehow preparing to forment civil unrest in the event of an election loss as is mentioned in this thread discussing the bullet incident.


One thought on “Reflections on the Bullet

  1. I doubt Brown sent it to himself, or that anyone in the party would have done this. It will not garner a sympathy vote, and if it was done for politcal gain, well lets just say that one normally one burns the reichstag AFTER one has secured an election victory.

    I think it will be interesting to see whether there will be an attempt to put some government spin on this as we run up to the election though in a vain attempt to use it to their advantage, such as naming it a UBP plot to rattle the “solid as a rock” PLP just prior to people entering the polls, come election day.

    I agree, I hope the “authorities” apprehend whoever is responsible for doing this. We already have a reputation for declining stability, this will not help. I must say though that this is far from the first time that I know of this happening to important people here in Bermuda. A man who used to work for my father was actually arrested for threatening to blow up the Queen the last time she was on the island.

    Anyway, I would agree that this is sick and a new low for Bermudian politics.

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