Welcome Back Limey!

Its with great pleasure that I see that Limey has decided to resume blogging. He’s been on hiatus for pretty much the last nine months, but its great to have him back. I look forward to his insights.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back Limey!

  1. When I posted this I hadn’t actually read what Limey had posted on his site; I had only read the initial sentence at the time.

    I still welcome Limey back, but I was struck by the comment of his (I’m going to paraphrase here) that the reason he is coming back now is to ensure that the PLP doesn’t come back as Government after the election.

    Limey always tried hard to be impartial, neutral, and did indeed criticise the UBP when he felt they were wrong. I viewed him more as an anti-PLP (but one open to dialogue) and not pro-UBP. This comment of his I find disappointing to say the least. He is entitled to his free speech, and I welcome his contribution to the blogosphere, but I think he could have phrased his position in a much less confrontational manner.

  2. I also said, “That’s not to say that I will be playing down the Opposition’s faults. I have some serious problems with the UBP too…” and went on to explain why.

    No commentator is neutral, nor should they be. Indeed, anyone claiming to be so should be regarded with suspicion. As humans we all have a subjective point of view.

    Just because I think Bermuda would be better served with a UBP government does not mean that I will be distorting the truth to get them into power. I aim to construct logical arguments to back up my opinions, and invite you to judge them on their merits. If you feel that I am wrong or being dishonest, you have the ability to call me out on it here.

    As I’ve said before, balance in the blogosphere comes not through individual voices making artificial attempts to be impartial, but through multiple voices expressing their own subjective points of view.

  3. Hi Phil.

    Yes, I acknowledge that you are not a blind supporter of the UBP, that you have your issues with them. I said as much above. you have the right to freedom of expression and I defend your right to it; but I still remain disappointed in the confrontational manner with which you chose your return. It confirms in the minds of many who were already predisposed to view you as an agent of the UBP that you are indeed an agent of the UBP. I’m just saying you could have chosen your words more carefully and still had the same affect, if not a greater one.

    You are right of course that no commentator is neutral; it is clear that I am pro-PLP, although I hope that I am viewed as one that will not hesitate to take them to task when I feel necessary, just as you similarly take the UBP to task at times. I am after all loyal to the principles of progressive labour which trumps blind loyalty to the Party of Progressive Labour.

    I still welcome your insight; you have a lot to contribute to the benefit of us all.

    Best wishes.

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