Privvy Council – Initial Thoughts

I really don’t have time right now to write in much depth, but will do more later when I”ve had more time to think and also once more information is available.

I think everyon by now knows that the Privvy Council ruled against the Government’s Gag order, although the news story seemed to indicate that this decision was not final as the meeting was still going on; at least thats how I recall the story.

This site posted on this issue earler this year when the story broke. The position of this site remains that the files are public in that they cover public figures, and that irrespective of how the files came into the hands of the public, it should have been made available voluntarily prior to the leak. The position also remains that if the individuals concerned did indeed act unethically, albeit not illegaly, one must wonder whether or not such actions are befitting progressive labour and whether there should be repercussions as a result.

I do believe that this leak is politically motivated; and I do believe the Government acted wrongly, from a tactical point of view.

Obviously, if the files do contain private affairs, this should not be published; only those relevant to the public should be so published, and I think the media will abide by this common logic – it is more a bogey man by some to convince some that the files should be kept hidden.

I of course do not have access to the documents, so I can only speculate as to what they contain.

I imagine that the repercussions of this will be initially damaging, but will blow over with time, election wise.

I do also believe that there are indeed similar allegations of the UBP era government also being involved in corruption and scandals, and I do think more should be done to confirm this. I say this not to say that ‘well the UBP did it too…’ but rather to set a precedence towards greater accountability and transperancy for the future for the good of the people.

As I’ve said, these are initial thoughts, I look forward to having time to review the situation as it unfolds.

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